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Pawie Fornea – Balanced Military and being a National Athlete

Last night, Manolo ‘Bong’ Pedralvez of Malaya and ABS CBN News interviewed upcoming Duathlete Mary Pauline ‘Pawie’ Fornea. 

Attached is the Full Video below. 

This ties in very well with our Virtual Women’s 60m Dash for cash event. In support and recognition of the Filipinas in Sport.


US Naval Academy

26-Year-old Pawie Fornea is a very well-organized person whose promise to her dying father in the Military was to graduate from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, United States.

A dream she accomplished, graduating with honors. The petite dainty shy Filipina standing at 5’2 often joined the track team in training. 

Guam National 100/200m Record Holder and 2X Olympian Regine Tugade of Guam, two Filipino parents, and one of her teammates. 

Of course, Tugade was invited to join the Junior division at the 2015 National Track and Field Championship.

Hailing from Davao City.

Pawie Fornea’s life was full of ups and downs.

pawie forneaPawie Forneaa


Two Inspirational Mentors

She lost her mentor and coach, the late Great Rafael Poliquit ‘Master Endurance’, the 2X Milo Marathon Champion. 

 Wherever he is now, Rafael Poliquit would be incredibly proud of Pawie Fornea.

Who also took Poliquit’s Mantra of inspiring others to be the best they can be. 

Pawie Fornea works with the Great Christabel Martes, a 2x SEA Games Marathon Champion and National Record Holder in the 10,000m, to improve her running times.

Pawie Fornea
Pawie Fornea with Christabel Martes in Baguio


Improving Running Times

Pawie’s goal is to reduce her 5km and 10km times from 19 and 39 minutes. 

She wants to run 17 minutes for 5km, beyond the SEA Games Bronze mark of 17:52 from the 2019 SEA Games in Athletics. 

There is unlikely any Triathlon event at the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam, as the host does not see the event as a strong chance. 

The Philippines won all the medals last time. 

If this happened, Pawie does not rule out the chance of running in the 5000m Women’s Athletics if she qualifies. 

And to prepare even looks at joining some 5000m track and road races.

Pawie Fornea is a 3X PNG Champion in the Triathlon; she fulfilled her dream of representing the Philippines at the 2019 SEA Games, taking the bronze in the mixed-team relay event.

Pawie Fornea
Pawie Fornea and her teammates at the 2019 SEA Games.


Standard Insurance

Sponsored by Standard Insurance, which backs Cycling, Sailing, and Duathlon.  While Standard Insurance was covering Pawie Fornea’s allowance during the lockdown when PSC froze funding.







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