Mico Del Prado surprise win in 400m B-Race in Japan Grand Prix

PATAFA Athletes in Japan 2023

Mico Del Prado surprise win in Mens B-Race in Japan Grand Prix

It was a proud Moment for the Del Prado Family. As Michael Del Prado (Mico) takes a surprise win in the 400M Mens B-Race at the Japan Grand Prix on April 22. Mico clocked a new Personal Best of 47.25 improving on his 47.41 (bronze medal) set last month at the Philippines National Open in Iligan City.
Mico time ranked 6th overall. The Mens A-Race was won in 46.19. Mico representing the Philippines was the only Non-Japanese athlete of the 15 in the event.
Mico’s win in the 400m came as a surprise as he had the slowest PB of the 15 entries. He beat Athletes who had PBs of 46.61-47.16.
Mico is the 2nd son of Phi Record Holder Isidro Del Prado Sr. who also happens to be his coach.

Meanwhile, Kristina Knott faded to 5th in the Womens 200m her season opener time of 24.64 was well off her PB of 23.01 set in the 2019 SEA Games.  Riley Day of Australia took the 200m in 23.65.

Official Results 200m Womens Wind -1.0

1. Riley Day (AUS) 23.65

2. Remi Tsurata (JPN) 24.26

3. Shuri Adno (JPN) 24.40

4. Georgia Harris (AUS) 24.60

5. Kristina Marie Knott (PHI) 24.64

6. Sayumi Yoshida (JPN) 25.11

7. Kirari Watanabe (JPN) 25.32

Mei Kodama (JPN) DNS

Bernalyn Bejoy ran 56.20 just outside her 56.02 PB to place 6th in Womens 400m

Official Results

1位 (60)

KUBOYAMA Haruna(96)
佐 賀・今村病院
2位 (16)
[R.T. 0.156]
IWATA Yuna(97)
静 岡・スズキ
3位 (7)
[R.T. 0.194]
TAKINO Miku(05)
京 都・京都橘高
4位 (67)
[R.T. 0.279]
SETA Haruna(06)
5位 (8)
[R.T. 0.190]
FUKUI Ayano(05)
京 都・京都橘高
6位 (57)
[R.T. 0.195]
BEJOY Bernalyn(01)
7位 (39)
[R.T. 0.206]
INAOKA Mayu(96)
HIRANO Riho(05)
愛 知・中京大中京高

  • DNS:欠 場

PATAFA has entered Mico Del Prado (400 Mens), Kristina Knott (200 Womens), and Bernalyn Bejoy (400 Womens) to help them prepare for SEA Games 2023. They will compete in the Japan Grand Prix on April 22 in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, SEA Games Shotput Champion Willie Morrison will be sent to Kobe for the Hyogo Relay Carnival.

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