2013 New York Marathon Cancelled

2013 New York Marathon

2013 New York Marathon 2013 New York Marathon Cancelled     (Nov 9) NEW YORK—Organizers, police and even athletes called Friday’s cancelation of the New York Marathon the correct decision in the wake of the devastation caused by killer superstorm Sandy. Mayor Michael Bloomberg axed what would have been the 43rd annual race after complaints … Read more

Bruce Ventura athlete – Legendary Thrower 1

Bruce Ventura athlete

Bruce Ventura athlete Photo Caption: Bruce Ventura athlete in 1991 Bruce Ventura athlete – Legends of the Throwers Circle First Published  September 14, 2013 Today we add another Legend to our circle of champions of the past. Fil-Heritage Thrower Bruce Ventura will be immortalized forever among the legends of our sport.  Bruce Ventura was the Philippine National … Read more

Nanette Lusterio (1954-2012)

nanette lusterio

Nanette Lusterio Remembering Nanette Galarrita Lusterio (1954-2012) Article by Nicky Lusterio, Ignacio Dee, and Pirie Enzo Above all, I Would like to thank Nanette’s daughter Nicky for permitting me and contributing photos to this article.  Also, Mr. Ignacio Dee for his insight as a long time follower of Track and Field in this country. ‘ Nanette … Read more

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