2023 World Athletics Budapest : Womens 100m Dash

Female Sprinters 2023

Female Sprinters 2023 Female Sprinters 2023 :  Sha’Carri Richardson Despite the absence of World Championships or Olympics under her belt, Sha’Carri Richardson stands as the most celebrated star in American track & field. Her vast following, with over 2 million Instagram admirers, and her known catchphrase, “I’m not back, I’m better,” emphasizes her dominance in … Read more

Athlete Poaching: Philippines’ Development Challenge

Athlete Poaching

In the world of athletics, talent is a prized commodity. Countries, institutions, and organizations constantly search for the next big star who can bring them glory on the international stage. The Philippines, with its rich tapestry of diverse talent, has been a nurturing ground for many such prodigious athletes. However, a phenomenon that has been … Read more

Nutrition for Athletic Injury Recovery

Nutrition for Athletic Injury Recovery

The Vital Connection Between Nutrition and Athletic Injury Recovery Athletes worldwide know that nutrition isn’t just about fueling their bodies for performance; it also plays a pivotal role in injury recovery. A balanced diet ensures the body gets the essential elements for tissue repair, inflammation management, and restoring vitality. Let’s delve into the nutritional considerations … Read more

Is BMI Really Accurate? Debunking Body Measurement Myths!

Understanding BMI and Its Limitations

A BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator is a useful tool to assess your body weight relative to your height. By inputting your height and weight, the calculator provides a numerical value that categorizes your body composition into different BMI ranges, such as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. While BMI is a simple and widely used measurement, it does not account for individual variations in muscle mass or body fat distribution. Nonetheless, it serves as a starting point to gauge general health risks associated with weight. It is important to note that BMI is not a diagnostic tool and should be interpreted in conjunction with other health indicators. Consultation with a healthcare professional can provide a comprehensive assessment of your body composition and overall health

Noah Lyles will he break Bolts 200m at Worlds?

Will Noah Lyles Break Bolts Record? It’s impossible to predict the future with certainty, but based on current performance and records, it’s unlikely that Noah Lyles will break Usain Bolt’s record shortly. Usain Bolt’s current world record in the men’s 100-meter sprint is 9.58 seconds, which he set in 2009. Noah Lyles is a talented sprinter and … Read more

2023 World Athletics Championships Budapest Schedule

2023 World Athletics Championships Budapest Schedule

2023 World Athletics Championships Budapest Schedule Pinoy Athletics’ co-founder and PhD Candidate “Prof”. Airnel Talatala Abarra will be covering on-site for the 2023 World Athletics Championships, in Budapest, Hungary!! PINOY ATHLETICS: THE ONLY FILIPINO MEDIA COMPANY PRESENT AT THE 2023 WORLD ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!   2023 World Athletics Championships Budapest Schedule DAY 1 – Saturday 19 … Read more

13.08.23 PATAFA Weekly Relays – Lorana new JR Record

Philippine Athletics Performance 2023

Philippine Athletics Performance 2023 13.08.23 Pasig Back Tracking on Previous Weekly Relays Issues. Please remember to read our “PinoyAthletics Report on 20.08.23” and “PinoyAthletics Report 23.07.23“   Sprints, Hurdles and Relays The Highlight of the event which has now been well covered was Hussein Lorana breaking the Philippine Junior Record of Alhryan Labita from 48.75 … Read more

Improved Lane Draw Rules at the World Athletics Championships

Lane Draw Rules

Introduction to World Athletics New Lane Draw Rules In the world of athletics, ensuring fair competition is paramount. Lane draw rules play a significant role in maintaining this fairness, especially in track events. World Athletics, recognizing the need for evolution, has recently introduced new lane draw rules. These rules, set to debut at the World … Read more

Jonelle Halog is strong at 28!

Halog clocks 10.67 Davao Born Jonelle Halog has improved his Personal best from 10.72 to 10.67 (+0.8).  Placing third at a meet in Ottawa. The 28-year-old is now ranked 3rd in the Philippine Rankings behind 16-year-old Brandon Martinez (10.53) and Anfernee Lopena (10.55).   Halog is strong at 28! Davao Born sprinter Jonelle Halog clocked … Read more

Optimal Fats for Athletic Performance: Nutrient-Rich Choices

Optimal Fats for Athletic Performance

Optimal Fats for Athletic Performance Fueling your body with the right fats can enhance athletic performance. Fats not only make food delectable and creamy but also serve as a vital energy source. Experts suggest fats should comprise 25-35% of your daily caloric intake. For someone on a 2,000-calorie diet, this translates to 45-75 grams of … Read more