Maximizing Performance in Long Jump and 100m Sprint

Introduction In the world of athletics, the synergy between different disciplines often goes unnoticed. One such fascinating relationship exists between long jump training and 100m sprint performance. For athletes striving for excellence in both arenas, understanding this connection can be a game-changer. The Relationship Between Long Jump Training and Sprint Performance Both long jump and … Read more

Regino Ylanan – The Father of Philippines Sports

Regino Ylanan

Regino Ylanan The Father of Philippines Sport Filipino athlete, doctor, sports official, physical instructor, and sports historian (7 September 1889–23 August 1963). Three gold medals in Pentathlon, Shotput, and Discus track and field at the 1913 Far Eastern Championship Games in Manila helped him become famous. Additionally, he earned two more medals at the 1915 … Read more

Female Sprinters vs. Male Sprinters: Breaking the Speed Gap

Female Sprinters vs. Male Sprinters

Female Sprinters vs. Male Sprinters Introduction When it comes to the 100-meter sprint, one might wonder how the world’s fastest female sprinter would fare against the average male. The answer? She would outpace the majority, especially when considering the global male population irrespective of age, athletic ability, or training. Olympic Benchmarks: Women vs. Men In … Read more

23.07.23 PATAFA Weekly Relays: Shiloh gets ready for Chengdu

Shiloh Corrales-Nelson

As the World University Games in Chengdu approach, the PATAFA Weekly Relays showcased top-tier performances from Filipino athletes. Fil-Heritage star, Shiloh Corrales-Nelson, known as the Filipino Shotput Record Holder, clinched a win with a 13.31m throw. Although this was 2.5 meters short of her 15.94m national record set during the Big West Championships in Fuller, … Read more

High Jump History of Evolution (revised)

High Jump Evolution

High Jump Evolution High Jump Evolution: History of the Evolution of the High Jump and 4 Differents The High Jump Evolution: Spotlight on the Scissors Technique Tracing back to Scotland in the 1800s, the inception of the Scissors technique played a pivotal role in the high jump evolution. Early pioneers predominantly opted for a straight-on … Read more

Does Height Influence Performance in Female Sprinters?

Female Sprinters Height Performance

Female Sprinters Height Performance Airnel T. Abarra “Female Sprinters Height Performance: How Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce and Sha’Carri Richardson Challenge Athletic Norms” Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, standing at 4’11”, defies the common belief that taller athletes perform better, especially when she outpaced 5’11” Blessing Ogkabre. Her unique somatype, is characterized by pronounced glutes and quads. … Read more

Best Hamstring Exercises

best hamstring exercises

When it comes to strengthening and developing the hamstrings, several exercises stand out. Deadlifts are a compound movement that targets multiple muscle groups, including the hamstrings. Romanian deadlifts specifically emphasize the posterior chain, including the hamstrings. Other effective exercises include hamstring curls, both lying and standing variations, as well as glute-ham raises. These exercises isolate and engage the hamstrings, promoting strength and stability. Incorporating exercises like lunges and step-ups can also engage the hamstrings while working other muscle groups. It’s essential to maintain proper form and gradually increase resistance to challenge the hamstrings effectively. Additionally, stretching exercises like seated or standing hamstring stretches can improve flexibility and prevent tightness. Remember to listen to your body, start with appropriate weights or resistance, and consult a fitness professional for guidance on proper technique and programming. By incorporating a variety of these exercises into your routine, you can target and strengthen your hamstrings effectively.

20.08.23 PATAFA Weekly Relays 2023 – Batalla vs Ellis

PATAFA Weekly Relays 2023 *For Previous Writeup 13.08.23 Pasig 20.08.23 Rising Stars of Filipino Women’s Middle Distance: Batalla and Ellis Ignite the Track at 2023 PATAFA Relays In a thrilling revival of Filipino Women’s Middle Distance running, two teenagers showcased their prowess at the 2023 PATAFA Weekly Relays in Pasig. Both achieved personal bests as … Read more

Benefits of Jumping Rope – Does it make you taller?

Benefits of Jumping Rope

Skipping is a heart-pumping exercise. When you skip, you are alternating your legs by keeping it on and away from the ground. It is also a high-speed activity. While skipping the entire muscles and ligaments in your body are stretching and contracting. This causes them to be elastic and eventually they stretch.

When you are skipping your body is completely erect stretching the spine and the back muscles too. The constant bending of the knee while skipping causes the calf muscles to expand vertically.

Skipping also adds to bone mass by making them longer. That is why skipping can help in gaining a few inches.

Another effect of skipping is that it makes our entire body slimmer. When you have a slimmer body, you look taller.

Optimizing Speed Training: Unconventional Techniques & Results


Speed Training Techniques Training for Speed: Maximizing Potential in Diverse Settings Effective training is not solely about access to the best facilities but the adoption of versatile techniques tailored to various scenarios. Here, we delve into training methods that, while not always conventional, have achieved notable results across different environments.   The Power of Adaptation: … Read more

Elevating Athletics in the Philippines: A Collaborative Approach

PATAFA Ignored

Elevating Athletics in the Philippines In a recent virtual gathering, a poignant message was conveyed emphasizing the importance of collaboration and strategic planning in the realm of Philippine athletics. Ensuring Equal Representation To begin with, the idea of ensuring everyone has a fair share in the decisions and activities of athletics was underscored. It’s vital … Read more