World Athletics Schedule and Results Oregon 2022

World Athletics Schedule

World Athletics Schedule and Results Oregon 2022 Event Schedule for the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon from 15 to 24 July.   Event schedule time US Pacific = GMT -7 DAY 1 July 15 Morning Time EVENT ROUND 09:05 M Hammer Throw Qualification – Group A 10:10 M High Jump Qualification 10:30 M … Read more

Does Height Matter for a female sprinter? Amazing #1 Guide

Female SPrinter

Does Height Matter for a female sprinter? Airnel T. Abarra* Top Female Sprinters 5’0 Fraser Pryce Olympic Women’s 100m Champion beating 5’11 Nigerian Blessing Ogkabre. Look at the physical development somatype of Fraser Pryce with larger glutes and quads, resulting from genetics giving more advantages than height in the short sprints. Does Height Always Makes Might?  … Read more

Hurdling Hurdles for 100 and 110? an amazing guide


Basic Hurdling Hurdles Training We are hurdling the ability to apply movement or new movement speeds over hurdles while maintaining optimal sprint form. This article will explain some fundamentals of Basic Hurdles Training. ; The Differential to 100m sprints is Males add 1.8 to 2.0 seconds for 110m Hurdle Time Conversion. Females add 0.9 to … Read more

Ice Bath Benefits #1 amazing faster recovery

Ice Bath Benefits

What is Ice Bath Benefits? From footballers to runners, the ice bath has become one of the most frequently used forms of recovery used by athletes today.  We have all seen the pictures of rugby players jumping into ice baths after a match.  We have seen the pictures of Craig Mottram.  And other elite athletes immersing themselves in … Read more

Sprinters How to increase stride length? #1

stride length sprinters

Shoulder Rotation: The Secret to Longer Stride length sprinters, Faster Running By Adarian Barr In 2009, I wrote about Arm Action in Sprinting on how you can gain a full meter with the same number of strides by proper shoulder rotation and hip rotation. This article is guest blogged by two authors: movement specialist and Track and Field coach Adarian … Read more

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