Controversial National Academy of Sports Philippines

Quite recently a bill was passed Senate Bill 1086. While there is some merit in this idea as it will train up people for sports careers in admin, coaching, officiating, etc. Pinoyathletics will discuss why its a bad idea. As it will impact badly on grass-root coaches from other regions in the Philippines. With NCR and STCAA private schools already poaching athletes from provincial coaches. It could end up with NCR, STCAA, and the sports school which will be built in CLRAA doing the poaching.

How to teach starting blocks

starting blocks in track

16 Amazing Steps on Block Starts – Positioning the Starting Blocks in track Why are starting blocks important? Starting Blocks can make a huge difference in a race. When a race is separated by milliseconds a good start can make the difference between coming first and last in a close race.     Do Starting … Read more

Extreme Sports in the Philippines

Extreme Sports in the Philippines

Extreme Sports in the Philippines : Every Pinoy Kid Should Try Contributed by Jane Sandwood First Published 2020 All over the world, Filipinos and half-breeds have succeeded in the world of soccer, golf, basketball, boxing, extreme sports, billiards, and many more. While from university athletics to global tournaments, enthusiasts will gladly mention the rising number … Read more

Carlos Kevin Tan

Carlos Kevin Tan

The Mystery of Quarter Miler Carlos Kevin Tan Our newest inductee to the hall of fame is a name shrouded in mystery; early Fil-Heritage sprinter Carlos Kevin Tan.  Carlos Kevin Tan’s name was listed on the world charts as Filipino even though he never represented the Philippines or ran at the National Championships.     … Read more

Best Recovery for Athletes [updated 2022]

Best Recovery for Athletes

Recovery in Sports more important than Quantity of Training First Published 2020   Training Effect = Work x Recovery. In simple terms, if we take T (training) to be one unit for a typical session, then to make the TE (training effect) actually show the benefits of the training, the R (recovery) needs to be … Read more


PHILIPPINE SPORTS SINGLETS BUY PHILIPPINE SPORTS SINGLETS Pinoyathletics enters the Apparel Business partnering with MASIV Sports. We are looking at releasing our own Pinoyathletics shirts in about a month. We will be taking orders now for T-shirts. Please note that we prefer postage delivery. A pickup is an option, and delivery also depends on location. … Read more

Benjamin Silva Netto

Benjamin Silva Netto Photo: Ben Silva-Netto, in his younger days pounding the cinder tracks as one of the countries’ best Middle and Long Distance Runners. First Published 5 May 2018 By Andrew Pirie ATFS Statistician    Athlete, Coach, and then PATAFA Secretary-General for many years. Benjamin Silva-Netto devoted over half a century to Philippine Athletics. Yet … Read more

The Rise of The University of Baguio as a Collegiate Power in Philippine Athletics

University of Baguio

The Rise of the University of Baguio as a Collegiate Power in Philippine Athletics PinoyAthletics was delighted to observe the recent impressive performances of the University of Baguio. During the last 2 weeks during the PATAFA Weekly Relays on the 18th and 25th of September. We are particularly pleased to see  The University of Baguio … Read more

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3 Full Results (September 17)

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3   PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Allcomers 3 WHAT TO DO? Read Information Below including the Guidelines Make Payment of 150 PHP to GCASH Account # 09053117155 Kimberly Jane Moneda. Email All to [email protected] Email Events and Team Lists with proof of payment. Attach COVID Vaccination to Form Email Sign waiver and email   … Read more

400 Meter Training Articles


400 Meter Training Articles Undoubtedly, 400-meter training is challenging. Vomiting is most likely to occur during this sprinting event, and the training itself can be taxing. The sole drawback is that the event’s training is unclear. Nobody seems to concur on what is most effective. The following is a 400-meter training program based on the … Read more

The Extraordinary Josephine de la Vina and her records that still stand after 50 years

de la vina asian champs

Josephine de la Vina This is a revision of an article I wrote for Pinoymiler on March 8, 2012, titled ‘Filipino Junior Records in Chaos and Collision: The Philippines Greatest Female Thrower and the Oldest JuniorRecord. More revisions as some info were incorrect. This week we will look at the Philippines Women’s Discus record. I want … Read more