2023 PinoyAthletics Summer Series (Jan 29, Lingayen)

2023 PinoyAthletics Summer Series The Event was proudly brought to you by PinoyAthletics, LGU Pangasinan through Governor Guico, PDSMC through Mr Arnaiz, VMUF, Masiv Sports, and Ace Cuda. 160 Athletes participated. PinoyAthletics will be posting videos and writeups from the event here. Stay tuned. Late Update: January 29th, from the PinoyAthletics Summer Series. 100m Ramos … Read more

Daniela Quintero Philippines 1000m Indoor Record

Daniela Quintero Daniela Quintero Philippines 1000m Indoor Record 2019 PinoyAthletics Junior Female Athlete of the year Daniela Quintero erased her older sisters’ records in both the Philippines 1000m Indoor and Indoor Junior Records. Quintero, 18 clocked 2:53.24 at the Boston University David Henry Valentine Invite (Feb 10). It took a staggering 13 seconds off the … Read more

Mark Harry Diones – Harry Holics

Mark Harry Diones #HarryHolics #DoseofDiones #VitaminD Profile: Born: 3 January 1993 Coach: George ‘Jojo’ Posadas (from college onwards) College: Jose Rizal University (Graduated in Criminology) Member of National Team Since 2013 Based in Manila Hometown: Camarines Sur, Bicol Performances: Triple Jump: 16.70m +0.8 National Open, Ilagan, 2017 Long Jump: 7.12m National Games, 2013 High Jump: … Read more

2023 Davao PATAFA National Trials

2023 Davao PATAFA National Trials

2023 Davao PATAFA National Trials Held at the University of Mindanao, Davao City. Wind Reading and Electronic Timing Device Present. Please Share this Article Like our Facebook Page         xosotin chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng đá atalantabundesligacầu thủ haalandUEFAevertonxosokeonhacaiketquabongdalichthidau7m.newskqbdtysokeobongdabongdalufutebol ao vivofutemaxmulticanaisonbethttps://bsport.fithttps://onbet88.ooohttps://i9bet.bizhttps://hi88.ooohttps://okvip.athttps://f8bet.athttps://fb88.cashhttps://vn88.cashhttps://shbet.atbóng đá world cupbóng đá inter milantin juventusbenzemala … Read more

Cebu City Marathon 2014-2023 Results

Cebu Marathon 2023

The Cebu Marathon is an annual event that brings together passionate runners from around the globe. Held in the vibrant city of Cebu, Philippines, this marathon offers participants a unique and challenging race experience. Runners navigate through scenic routes that showcase the city’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historic landmarks. From the energetic atmosphere to the enthusiastic support of locals lining the streets, the Cebu Marathon promises an unforgettable journey for both seasoned runners and beginners alike. Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or simply looking to soak in the vibrant running community, the Cebu Marathon is an event not to be missed. Lace up your shoes, embrace the challenge, and join the thousands of runners who come together to celebrate this incredible event year after year.

James Wong Tuck Yim

james wong

      He holds the honor of being the most bemedalled athlete in South East Asia for a single event (discus). With 10 SEA Games Gold Medals spanning two decades from 1993-2011. To bet on such a tremendous athlete, one can go to sites like 벳엔드 먹튀. He also currently holds the SEA Games … Read more

Nguyễn Thị Oanh

Nguyễn Thị Oanh

Nguyễn Thị Oanh continues to amaze 1:15.24 Half Marathon Thi Oanh Nguyen, 27 continued to amaze opening the 1st day of 2023 with a 1:15.24 at the Herbalife Vietnam International Half Marathon in Hanoi. Nguyen’s mark of 1:15.24 smashed the National record of Pham Thi Binh set 10 years ago. The distance was 21.09km standard … Read more

EJ Obiena 2022 Archives

EJ Obiena

EJ Obiena 2022 Archives Continued from EJ Obiena 2021 Archives Obiena – Makes it 5 in a row PinoyAthletics Male Athlete of the Year Dec 2, 2022 For the 5th Year in a row, Ernest John Obiena has secured the coveted PinoyAthletics Male Athlete of the Year award. The only sports award that matters is … Read more