Women’s Athletics Olympic Qualified Update

Women’s Athletics Olympic Qualified Update

Women’s Athletics Olympic Qualified Update

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Lots of action in the Women’s

20th April 2021 Update

Women’s 200m
Sha’Carri Richardson (USA) 22.11 in awful wet conditions moves up from 7th to 5th.


Womens 400m
Christine Mboma (BOT) 49.24 to 49.22 (will this world junior record be ratified, or does she have to wait till
World Juniors or African Champs


Womens 800m
Athing Mu (USA) moves up to 4th on the rankings at 1:57.73. World Junior Record Pamela Jelimo at 1:54.01


Womens 100 Hurdles
Some interesting stats from the 100 Hurdles Womens this week, which was the big change event

  • Jasmine Camacho Quinn (PUR) from #19 to #2 or 1st= with 12.32 with Jamaica Danielle Williams (2019) In the case of a tied time, I honor the performance registered earlier as ahead.
  • 5 New Olympic Qualifiers
  • 40th fastest time during the Olympic Qualifying period from 13.09 to 12.97


Women’s Athletics Olympic Qualified Update : 100 Meter Women’s Olympic 

Proof Edited by Dr. Vic Salas

The Olympic Qualifying Period was

  1.  1 May 2019 to 5 April 2020
  2. 1 December 2020 to 29 June 2021

The Women’s 100 Meter Olympic qualifying is wide open, with 31 Olympic athletes qualified.

56 Slots would mean seven full heats of eight, then Semi-Finals and Finals.

That still leaves 25 slots wide-open, possibly for bonus slots for athletes who run slower than 11.15

Two Additional athletes Uibo and Del Ponte, have run under the standard outside the qualifying period, so if they repeat that performance, there will be 33 athletes out of 56 Olympics qualified.


The Breakdown is as follows for Olympic Qualified

  • Great Britain, Jamaica, and the United States all have more than three female Olympic qualifier
  • China and Germany have three Olympic women qualified.
  • Ivory Coast, Netherlands, South Africa, and Switzerland have two Olympic qualified.
  • All other countries have one Olympic qualification each.

Ran after 11.15 Outside Qualifying Period

Shaunae Miller-Uibo (BAH) 10.98

Ajla Del Ponte (SUI) 11.08

Gabrielle Thomas (USA) 11.10

Jenna Prandini (USA) 11.10

Rebekka Haase (GER) 11.11

Hannah Cunliffe (USA) 11.14

Tamari Davis (USA) 11.15


Athletes Qualified for Jamaica

  1. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce 10.71
  2. Elaine Thompson 10.73
  3. Briana Williams 11.02
  4. Kiara Grant 11.04
  5. Angelina Angelus 11.06
  6. Caitland Smith 11.08

Qualified for Great Britain

  1. Dina Asher-Smith 10.83
  2. Imani Lansiquot 11.09
  3. Asha Philip 11.10
  4. Daryl Neita 11.13


Athletes Qualified for the USA

  1. Sha’Carri Richardson 10.75
  2. Kayla White 10.95
  3. Twanisha Terry 10.98
  4. Teahna Daniels 10.99
  5. Kiara Parker 11.02
  6. Aleia Hobbs 11.03
  7. Natalliah Whyte 11.09
  8. Dezerea Bryant 11.09
  9. Tori Bowie 11.09
  10. Ka’Tia Seymour 11.10
  11. Tawanna Meadows 11.15


Knott is out of qualifying yet

Kristina Knott 


Kristina Knott of the Philippines recently set a new national record of 11.27 last year outside the Penn Relays’ qualifying periods. In the process beating top-ranked Tianna Bartoletta, the reigning Olympic Long Jump Champion and frequent USA Women’s 4×100.

11.27 performance ranks Knott 27th in the world in 2020 or 20th if we consider three athletes per country, which could see Knott with a good chance of qualifying for the 200 meters. She started off her season with a 7.32 National Indoor Record in the 60 Meter Dash at the KMS Invite on January 24 in Birmingham, Alabama.


200 Meter Womens Olympic Qualifying Update

The Olympic Qualifying Period was

  1.  1 May 2019 to 5 April 2020
  2. 1 December 2020 to 29 June 2021

Below is a list of who has made the standard so far in 200 Meter Dash Womens

The Womens, 200 Meter qualifying, is wide open with 25 athletes qualified. 

56 Slots would mean 7 full heats of 8, Semi-Finals, and Finals.

There are 4 additional athletes (3 athletes per country rule) who have hit the standard outside the qualifying period.

That still leaves 27 slots wide-open, possibly for bonus slots for athletes who run slower than 22.80.

The Breakdown is as follows.

  • Great Britain and the United States have more than 3 athletes who have hit the standard to choose from
  • Jamaica has 3 athletes who hit the standard.
  • Bahamas and Germany have 2 qualifiers.
  • All other countries have 1
Shaunae Miller Uibo
Shaunae Miller Uibo


Shaunae Miller-Uibo had the fastest qualifying time with 21.74 in 2019. 

Ran after 22.80 Outside Qualifying Period

Jasmine Camacho Quinn (PUR) 22.45

Like Klaver (NED) 22.66

Antonique Strachan (BAH) 22.67

Manqi Ge (CHN) 22.69

Lyrna Irby (USA) 22.47*

Shericka Jackson (JAM)  22.70*

Quanera Hayes (USA) 22.80*


Athletes Olympic Qualified for Great Britain

Dina Asher-Smith 21.88

Amy Hunt 22.42

Beth Dobbin 22.50


Athletes Qualified for the USA

  1. Anglerne Annelus 22.16
  2. Sha’Carri Richardson 22.17 (22.00 outside qf period)
  3. Brittany Brown 22.22
  4. Cambrea Sturgis 22.40
  5. Dezerea Bryant 22.47
  6. Teahana Daniels 22.51
  7. Kayla White 22.52
  8. Jenna Prandini 22.53
  9. Ka’tia Seymour 22.55
  10. Abby Steiner 22.59
  11. Lanae Tava-Thomas 22.65
  12. Phyllis Francis 22.65
  13. Gabrielle Thomas 22.69 (22.63 outside qf period)
  14. Kyneddy Flannel 22.71
  15. Anavia Battle 22.72 (22.54 outside qf period)
  16. Bri’Anna Branch 22.74
  17. Caitland Smith 22.75
  18. Tamara Clark 22.78
  19. Daniel Whyte 22.79


Not 1 but 2 from the Philippines have a chance of qualifying.

But who will be the first Filipino woman to break 23 seconds?

Kristina Knott of the Philippines, the SEA Games 200m Champion, and SEA Record Holder lead the chances of qualifying for this event, having twice broken the Philippine Record with 23.07 and 23.01 2019 SEA Games in New Clark City, Philippines. Knott ran an 11.27 at Penn State last year during COVID. We assume she runs both 100-meter legs/split times in 11.27, which is not the case; this will usually be 0.5 seconds slower; is it instead, t? I will read that 22.80 is within reach if she gets into a good race under the right conditions.


Zion Corrales-Nelson
Zion Corrales-Nelson


The other potential qualifier is Zion Corrales-Nelson. Nelson held the 200M National Record before Knott, with times of 23.24 and 23.16.

She set the record earlier in 2019, whereas Kristina broke it at the end of 2019.

Just 22 years of age, Zion has represented the Philippines in international meets since she was 15 and is now a member of the powerhouse USC team.

Knott ranked 75th in the world in 2019; Nelson ranked 114th.

If we consider the 3 per country rule, Knott ranked 38th in the world in 2019. Zion ranked 56th.


Marathon Womens Olympic Qualifying Update

The Olympic Qualifying Period was

  1.  1 January 2019 to 5 April 2020
  2. 1 December 2020 to 31 May 2021

The Marathon Women’s event is overflowing with a total of 79 Qualifiers for 75 slots.


Now Does this mean they will take the top 75 times? or they will take 79 qualifiers, plus whoever else hits the standard of 2h29.30 by May 1, 2021.


This means all slots are taken with an excess of 4. ABSOLUTELY NO WILD CARDS, IAAF POINTS, OR BONUS ENTRIES AT ALL.

The Olympic Standard going from 2h43 to 2h45 to 2h29.30 may not be even tough enough due to the overflow of athletes in this event, unlike any other women’s event for the 2021 Qualifying. They might need to make the standard 2h28 or even 2h27 for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. 

It’s staggering to think how many more women might qualify by May 1.

Such is the depth in countries such as Kenya that defending Olympic Champion Jemima Sumgong could not qualify in the top 3 for her country.


The Breakdown is as follows

  • 14 countries had 3 athletes or more qualify (some of them have declared there 3 athletes, some of them had more than 3 qualify and are yet to decide), a total of 42 athletes.
  • 20 countries had 2 athletes qualify a total of 20
  • 18 countries had 1 athlete qualify (because Russia is banned); this is a total of 17
  • So up a total of 79 athletes have qualified for 75 slots.


Christine Hallasgo
Christine Hallasgo wins gold in the SEA Games women’s marathon in New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac, on December 6, 2019. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News



Christine Hallasgo, touted by PATAFA President Philip Juico as a chance to qualify for Tokyo, has the best time of 2h52.53, 23 minutes away from the Olympic qualifier of 2h29.30. She now must hit the standard as the event has too many qualifiers to gain entry to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics by May 1.


Pole Vault Women’s Olympic Qualifying Update

Anicka Newell of Canada added the most recent qualifying performance in the Women’s Pole Vault, clearing the Olympic qualifying mark of 4.70m on January 2 at the Expo Explosion in Belton, Texas.

Newell beat Canadian Record Holder Alysha Newman (4.65m), who had already qualified for the Olympics. The 27-year-old Newell beat her PB from 3 years ago in San Marcos, Texas.


The Olympic Qualifying Period was

  1. 1 May  2019 to 5 April 2020
  2. 1 Dec 2020 to 29 June 2021


Women’s Athletics Olympic Qualified Update : Below is a list of who has made the standard so far.

Please note a total of 18 qualifiers. Newell also qualified so 20 of 32 slots. 

As they are banned for 2 years, Minus Russia includes the 2021 Olympics, 20 of 32 slots.

The USA has more than 2 qualifiers but can only pick 3. As 3 athletes per country rule.


The USA can choose 3 between

  1. Katie Nagleotte 4.92m
  2. Sandi Morris 4.91m
  3. Jennifer Suhr 4.85m
  4. Olivia Gruver 4.70m
  5. Morgann Romero 4.70m

Eleni Klaoudi-Pollok of Greece leaped 4.70m, but it was on July 18 outside the qualifying period.

My Prediction is with 18 qualified 25-26 over 4.70m, and then the remaining 6-7 slots will go to the next best with a cut-off mark of about 4.60m.

Natalie uy 2
Natalie uy


Natalie Uy of the Philippines ranked #61 last year with 4.26m.

She had leaped 4.30m (outside the qualifying period), which would have ranked her #52= in the world. But the IAAF hadn’t ratified the performance due to officiating.


  1. World Athletics Rankings
  2. Trackinsun



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