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Noli Eala – Shortest ever Reign in PSC History

Noli Eala will go down as having the shortest chairmanship in PSC History his 120-day leadership of the country’s sports agency. Eala has surpassed Aparicio Mequi who held office for less than a year. But longer than the 4 months of Noli Eala PSC. Thus fulfilling his promise of “Like No Other” in which he unlike any other Chairman had the shortest tenure in the job.

Eala who was appointed by dismissed presidential executive secretary Vic Rodriguez. The PSC was advised by a memo from the palace earlier this week. Eala would be replaced with Richard Bachmann.was advised by a memo that sent to the PSC from the palace earlier this week he would be replaced with Richard Bachmann.

Noli Eala Letter
Noli Eala Letter

Dino Aldegeur

Early speculation from the inquirer was pointing toward Dino Aldegeuer yet another Basketball focused leader. While Inquirer was wrong with that prediction. It was correct in pointing out from its anonymous sources that Eala would be replaced before the end of the year. So what happened was perhaps Noli Eala doomed to be temporary due to guilt from association with Vic Rodriguez?

While the Office of the Press Secretary officer in charge and undersecretary Cheloy Garafil. Announced to reporters on Wednesday that Bachmann will replace Noli Eala as head of the government’s sports funding agency.

And Eala took to his Twitter account. Confirming the rumors were true that his Chairmanship with the PSC was over. And he thanked President Marcos for the opportunity for his short stint. Eala had talked about the ambitious revival of the Gintong Alay which now will not push through.

Dickie Bachmann

Bachmann recently served as commissioner of the UAAP Season 85 basketball tournament, and was concurrent chairman of the PBA 3×3 circuit, and is expected to drop these positions as he takes the role of the country’s sports minister.

“Just received the news about the PSC appointment. I will be meeting with Comm. Willie Marcial (PBA3X3), Exec Director Rebo Saguisag (UAAP), and FIBA LOC Management to discuss the next steps as soon as I get back. It’s a huge honor, and I would like to thank the President for his trust and confidence,” said Bachmann.

Richard Bachmann
Richard Bachmann


Mr. Bachmann, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and Major in Business Management, will bring in his expertise that came mainly from his basketball experience as a former player, a commissioner and even as an executive.

More than that, he is the son of the late Kurt Bachmann — one of the basketball giants in the country for being a member of the team that saw action in the 1960 Olympics in Rome.

His brother, Robert head of the Squash association of the Philippines however, assured that Bachmann will hit the ground running and pick up where Eala left off.

Eala faced an incomplete board with a party of two with just him and Bong Coo. Two new PSC Commissioners were appointed including former Cebu Sports Commission leader Edward Hayco and Walter Francis Torres the secretary general of the Philippine Paralympic committee.

Noli Eala now gets to go back to his radio show Power and Play. 

Bong coo
1 become three Bong Coo centre is joined by Hayco and Torres (left and right).



Dickie Bachmann replaces Noli Eala as new PSC chairman






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