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Filipino sprinter Nolan Crespo clocks a new PB of 21.41 (+0.0) improving on his PB of 21.42 (+1.8). He took first place in Heat 3 at the Titan Tune-up at Fullerton. Crespo started off with a 21.88 PB in 2019 as an 18-year-old high schooler and has run twice both times it’s been a PB of 21.41 and 21.42.

Crespo also clocked a 10.47 (+1.2) 100m as well (not in video) to place 2nd in heat 4 at the same meet. He started the year off with a 10.76 PB and ran 10.58, 10.55, and 10.47. Crespo who has 2 Filipino parents misses the SEA Games due to NCAA College commitments.

The ‘Crispy Man’ Nolan Crespo clocks 10.55!!!

Fil-Heritage sprinter Nolan Crespo clocks a new personal best of 10.55. The race was won by Japanese National Sprinter Yuki Koike in 10.22. Crespo’s previous best was 10.58. His time of 10.55 just misses out on the SEA Games bronze medal qualification time of 10.52.

The ‘Crispy Man’ Nolan Crespo clocks 10.58!!!

Filam Sprinter Nolan Crespo clocked a New PB of 10.58 +1.4 to emerge the fastest man at the Rossi Relays, Claremont on February 26. Crespo who has 2 Filipino parents was just .06 off the SEA Games bronze medal mark of 10.52. He improved his PB from 10.73 to 10.58. The 20-year-old the summer Crespo is from UC San Diego and works with Academy of Speed coach Jon Gilmer. Gilmer of course is better known as the guy who worked with the Richardson sisters in High School.

Another sub 11 second run for ‘The Crispy Man.’


Although not as good a run as 2 weeks ago. The ‘Crispy Man’ Nolan Crespo followed up with another Sub 11 100 meter clocking for the Philippines Ranking list, this time with a run of 10.88 (+1.8) at Azusa Pacific. He finished 2nd in heat 2 behind Wakili Bennett at 10.71. And 9th overall. The A Race was won by Felipe Bardi of the Brazil national team in 10.13.


“Was nowhere near how my run two weeks ago felt. I just wasn’t feeling the best and my start took a hit. Rest of the run felt ok though.”


That was his last meet for the Collegiate season.

Nolan will now work with ‘The Greatness Maker’ coach Jon Gilmer of Academy of Speed during the summer.  Gilmer was instrumental in developing the Richardson twins, which led to Kayla Richardson becoming SEA Games Champion at 17 years of age in 2015 in 100m.

Top Athletes from Battle of Butuan. Lyka Sarmiento won the 3000m and Jerome Sarinas won the 100m in 11.17. Displaying Pilipinas singlets the won from our sponsor Masiv Sports.


So far, no other Filipino athlete has broken 11 seconds in the Men’s 100 Meters for 2021. The closest was Jerome Sarinas, who ran 11.17 officially (hand-timed at 10.6-10.8) at the Pinoyathletics Mindanao Track League Battle of Butuan on April 24. Sarinas, whose PB is 11.09, and others will have a shot at breaking 11 seconds at Pinoyathletics Mindanao Track League Butuan 2.0 on May 23 (entries close May 20).

The ‘Crispy Man’ Nolan Crespo Storms to Top of Phi Rankings in Mens 100m in covid ravaged 2021

A new talent has emerged for Philippine Athletics. Nolan Crespo ‘The Crispy Man’ in these tough COVID Times stormed to a new Personal Best of 10.76 into a -1.2 headwind. The fastest performance by a Filipino athlete for the covid ravaged the year 2021 so far. 10.76 is worth around 10.60 with up to about a legal 2.0 m/s.

Crespo is still only 19 years of age but informed Pinoyathletics he would turn 20 next month (born 2001). He is a student-athlete representing the University of San Diego, California.

He will get another shot at breaking his Personal best, hopefully with more favorable conditions, next week at the State Conference Meet.

While the SEA Games bronze medal standard for the 100 Meter Dash is 10.52, Nolan is sticking up his hand for the 4×100 Meters and not ruling out the possibility, if needed, of racing in the Philippine National Championships, which is tentative for September once the PATAFA confirm the exact dates and venues.

In the last SEA Games, the 4×100 Mens Team of the Philippines consisted of 400 Hurdles Champion Eric Cray, SEA Games 110 Hurdles Champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista, National Champion Anfernee Lopena, and Francis Medina.

Both his parents were born in the Philippines and came over as children. Nolan acquired Dual as his mum still had citizenship when he was born. So now it’s just a question of Nolan waiting on his Philippine passport to arrive, which he has already applied for.

Nolan and Coach Jon


The connection with Nolan was coached before going to college by ‘The Greatness Maker’ Jon Gilmer of the very famous Academy of Speed group. Who was the same coach behind the early success of the Richardson Twins Kayla and Kyla

He is looking to work with Jon after the College season is over and further improving his performances.

Nolan’s previous best 100m time was 10.85 set in 2019. He also had run a wind-aided 10.83. He has a 200 PB of 22.14 and a wind-aided 21.87 +3.4. Nolan was ranked 4th in the Philippines rankings in both the 100 and 200 in 2019. In 2020 Nolan topped the Philippine Rankings with 11.08, with nobody dipping under 11 seconds in the COVID Year.

He had also run 6.78 this year, just behind National Record Holder Eric Cray’s 6.75. Nolan, before the 10.76 runs, had clocked 11.01 at Long Beach on April 16. He is yet to run a 200min 2021.

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Mens 100m Rankings for Philippines 2021

1 10.76 *** -1.2 Nolan Crespo
2 11.17 BUT Jerome Salinas
3 11.22 LEY Alhryan Labita
4 11.22 BUT Christian Dave Evanoso
5 11.24 CDO Janry Ubas
6 11.24 MB John Araneta
7 11.26 CDO Clint Nino Neri
8 11.33 KOR Miller Manulat
9 11.33 ILO Joseph Humpay





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