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Istvan Gyulai Memorial – Noah Lyles Does Sprint Double  Székesfehérvár (Hungary), 19.8.2020 -István Gyulai Memorial-

Noah Lyles

Noah Lyles took the sprint double in Hungary at Istvan Gyulai Memorial with 10.05  and 20.13. Beating Adam Gemili in the 100m 10.28 and Elijah Hall Thompson 10.31.  Lyles then won the 200m from Desalou (Ita) 20.35 and Adam Gemili (GBR) 20.56. Following up from his 19.76 world lead in Wanda Monaco Diamond League. However, his brother Josephus settled for second in the 400m in 46.08 behind his countryman Kahmari Montgomery who clocked 45.50.

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Donovan Brazier (USA) missed out on his 600m world record attempt by nearly 2 seconds with a run of 1:15.05, winning the race.

Orlando Ortega of Spain continued with another win in the 110 Hurdles after his Monaco victory with 13.21, narrowly heading off World Champion Grant Holloway (USA) 13.22


In Bydosgz Poland Irena Szewinska Memorial August 19

PV 1 Sam Kendricks (USA) 5.80; 2 Piotr Lisek 5.80; 3 Menno Vloon (ned) 5.70; 4 Torben Blech (ger) 5.60; 5 Robert Sombra 5.60; 6 Pawel Wojciechowski 5.40; 7 Dan Barta (cze) 5.20

Two men who have already qualified tie the Olympic qualification.



100m (1.3) 1 Ajla Del Ponte (Sui) 11.18; 2 Ewa Swoboda 11.24; 3 Rebekka Haase (ger) 11.30; 4 Marije van Hunenstijn (ned) 11.30; 5 Daryll Neita (GbR) 11.31; 6 Klaudia Adamek 11.52; 7 Marlena Gola 11.60; 8 Martyna Kotwila 11.69; in heats: Katarzyna Sokolska 11.87 (0.7) 4h2

Alja Del Ponte continues her consistent winning form with her third win of the year after beating Talou at the Diamond League in Monaco

800m 1 Noelie Yarigo (ben) 2:00.11; 2 Sofia Ennaoui 2:00.26; 3 Laura Muir (GbR) 2:00.34; 4 Alexandra Bell (GbR) 2:00.40; 5 Anna Sabat 2:00.61; 6 Katharina Trost (ger) 2:00.82; 7 Angelika Sarna 2:00.89; 8 Joanna Jozwik 2:01.44; 9 Weronika Wyka 2:04.23

A very close 800m race between the top 7 competitors.

100mh (1.3) 1 Karolina Koleczek 12.98; 2 Anne Zagre (bel) 13.11; 3 Klaudia Wojtunik 13.25; 4 Beate Schrott (aut) 13.32; 5 Zuzanna Hulisz 13.39; 6 Marketa Stolová (cze) 13.67; 7 Urszula Bhebhe 13.69; 8 Adrianna Sulek 13.72; 9 Martyna Skierkowska 13.74

Koleczek under 13 seconds


Lyles Retakes World Lead
Monaco, Diamond League August 14

Noah Lyles re-took the world leader in the Men’s 200m. Lyles stormed away to a convincing win at the Monaco Diamond League in a season lead of 19.76 (0.7). Lyles, who had run 19.94 on 25 July but lost the season, lead to fellow American Kenny Bednarek, who had clocked 19.80 on August 10 in Florida. 

The 23-year-old Lyles is the 2019 World Champion. And has a PB of 19.50. The 4th fastest ever behind Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, and Michael Johnson. Lyles also holds the meet record at 19.65 from 2018, having the prestige of breaking a legendary Usain Bolt record.

At the start of the race, with a black glove and his hand raised in the air, Lyles paid respect to the 1968 Olympic 200m Champion Tommie Smith and John Carlos. In strong support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Of course, the great Tommie Smith was the first man to break 20 seconds in 200m with a 19.83 run.

Lyles showed just how great a runner he was as he led a very high-quality field off the bend and nearly tripled in a margin of victory the last 60-70m. Lyles has shown he has magnificent top-end speed, having run 9.93 so far this year. He even runs a good 300m when the need arises.

It was a complete family affair with his younger brother Josephus Lyles his younger brother, by just one year in second in 20.30. Just .06 seconds outside his personal best. The Lyles brothers took some big scalps. 

Surprisingly it was Dennis Almas of Germany who helped himself to third place with a PB of 20.64. Improving on his 20.88 last month.  Adam Gemili of Great Britain and Turkey’s Ramil Guliyev, the 2017 World Champion in 200m, had a strong start but faded out of the picture down the home straight. 



+0.7 m/s 26 °C 78 % Sky Clear
Rank Name Nat Date of Birth Lane Result Reaction
1 LYLES Noah USA 18 JUL 1997 7 0.193 19.76 WL
2 LYLES Josephus USA 22 JUL 1998 4 0.173 20.30
3 ALMAS Deniz GER 17 JUL 1997 8 0.131 20.64 PB
4 GEMILI Adam GBR 6 OCT 1993 5 0.212 20.68 SB
5 GULIYEV Ramil TUR 29 MAY 1990 6 0.143 20.80 SB
6 BURKE Mario BAR 18 MAR 1997 3 0.144 20.91 SB
7 RENÉ Marvin FRA 11 APR 1995 1 0.143 20.97 SB
8 FALL Mouhamadou FRA 25 FEB 1992 2 0.174 21.20 SB


18.90 but denied a world record – Inspirational Games Diamond League

Noah Lyles after running ‘200 meters’ in Florida during the Inspiration Games virtual meet.CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES


American Noah Lyles was denied a new 200 meters world record in the Inspiration Games after it was revealed he ran only 185m.

For a brief moment, it certainly looked like American sprinter  Lyles had made history at the 2020 Inspiration Games. His time in the 200-meter race was 18.90 seconds, a full 0.21 seconds faster than the world record that sprinting legend Usain Bolt set at the World Championships in 2009, where he’d surpassed his previous world record set in 2008 by 0.11 seconds.

But even before the truth came out, the result looked too good to be true for Lyles. Broadcaster Steve Cram, who set a few records himself in the 1980s, was heard incredulously saying, “That cannot be right! That cannot be right!” after it went down.

The 22-year-old’s time of 18.90 seconds would have usurped the 19.19-second mark set by Jamaican great Usain Bolt in 2009.

Lyles set the time racing alone against competitors simultaneously sprinting on tracks in Europe. Given his personal best is 19.50, and immediately challenged the time.

World champion Lyles later tweeted: “You can’t be playing with my emotions like this….Got me in the wrong lane smh.”


COVID Modifications

It was interesting due to COVID Restrictions; races were confined to single athletes. Running on different tracks around the world.

There were only 3 men in the Men’s Pole Vault. With Sam Kendricks (USA) winning with a 5.81m jump. 

Sandi Morris (USA) won the Women’s Pole Vault in 4.66m from Angela Bengston (SWE)  4.46m. Again only 3 entries.

In Triple Jump, Pedro Pichardo (POR) beat the Great Christian Taylor (USA) 17.40m to 17.27m.

Alyson Felix (USA) won the 150m in  16.81.  From Shaunae Miller (BAH) 17.15. 

Andre De Grasse of Canada took the 100 Yards in 9.30 into a powerful -3.4 headwind to beat French Man Jimmy Vicaut 9.43.

Full Results








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