Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa fastest man South East Asia 2020 100/200 Double

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa fastest man South East Asia 2020 100/200 Double

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa proved his 10.40 the other day was no fluke when he came out with a beautifully executed 20.92 in the 200 to beat the 2019 SEA games mens 400 champion Trần Nhật Hoàng.

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩais now the Topman in 100 and 200 in the 2020 SEA Rankings.

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa mark put him ahead of 16-year-old SEA Youth Champion Malaysian Sensation Mohammed Azim Fahmi, who had run 21.04 at the Perak Allcomers on February 22.

With just the Thailand National Games left next month, it looks like Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa has a good chance of retaining 100/200 times in 2020. 

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa time came just .03 seconds away from breaking the 20.89 National Record of Lê Trọng Hinh, who ran that as a 19-year-old to win the 2015 SEA Games.

Le Trong Hinh bombed out of the heats finishing 6th in heat 2 in 22.59, well off his best time.

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa won heat 1 in 21.60.

Tranh Din Son the SEA Games Silver medalist in 400 won heat 2 in 21.75.

Trần Nhật Hoàng recording the fastest time in heat 3 with 21.58.

The final went to the advantage of the short sprinters, with Võ Minh Triều and Nguyễn Văn Châu crossing the line together for silver and bronze in 21.18 and 21.19.

Trần Nhật Hoàng was well behind in 4th in 21.40.

What made the performance more interesting was that Nhia had already run 100 heats, 100 final (10.40), 4×100, 4×200, mixed relay, and 200 heats.

So it was his 8th race in the tournament. Looking a bit tight coming off the bend, Nhia probably could have run more along the lines of 20.70 if he was fresher.

Vietnam 200m Mens Final

4 1 64 Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa 1999 Công An Nhân Dân 20.92 HCV
7 2 38 Võ Minh Triều 1999 Bình Dương 21.18 HCB
6 3 36 Nguyễn Văn Châu 1999 Bình Dương 21.19 HCĐ
3 4 445 Trần Nhật Hoàng 2000 Khánh Hòa 21.40
8 5 153 Nguyễn Bá Kiên 2003 Hà Nội 21.41
5 6 406 Trần Đình Sơn 1997 Hà Tĩnh 21.60
1 7 338 Lương Văn Thao 1995 Thanh Hóa 21.66
2 8 378 Nguyễn Đăng Khoa 1999 TP Hồ Chí Minh 21.80

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa puts Vietnam in the top 10.40! SEA Season Lead

Vietnam is better known for its Sprint Queen’s Le Tu Chinh and before that Vu Thi Huong in the short sprints.

On Day 1 (November 10) of Vietnam’s National Trials for the SEA Games in Hanoi.

It was Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa who had the most outstanding performance clocking a personal best of 10.40 seconds.

Which surpassed the mark of Van Huynh Nguyen 10.41 (0.0) set in 2008.

And passing his own PB of 10.47 (+1.2) set in Hanoi in 2018.

He had clocked 10.58 leading the heats.

The mark, of course, is awaiting the wind report reading before it can be officially ratified.

The 22-year-old got out even with the leaders, but around 70 meters to go pulled away from the rest of the pack in the race’s maintenance phase.

Showing outstanding improved leg turns over.

And in the process, Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa helped himself to the SEA Season lead for 2020, probably the first time a Vietnamese Male has led the 100 meters for a year.

With Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia historically dominating the century dash over the last half-century. 

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa fastest man South East Asia 2020 100/200 Double 1

Despite having represented Vietnam as a youth since 2015, Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa has never participated in the South East Asian Games.

As the Vietnamese Athletics Association tends to focus more on 400 meters and up for men.

Nghia, who was pipped to the line in the 60, went onto win the 100/200 double in 10.62 and 21.63 at the Speedy Cup in Ho Chi Minh City back in June, the first meet for the second half of 2020 for Vietnamese who have chosen to train through and hold meets through COVID in preparation to hosting the 2021 SEA Games.

Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa will probably line up for the 200 Meters at the Trials.

Also making a resurgence of some sort was 2015 200m SEA Games Champion Le Trong Hinh. Hinh was the surprise winner at the 2015 SEA Games, clocking 20.89.

I was in a motorcycle accident and wasn’t quite able to come back successfully. Although he finished 6th in the 100m in 10.87, he is expected to fare better in the 200m against Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa and the 400m guys.

HCV – Ngần Ngọc Nghĩa/ 1999/ CAND/10.40 (kỷ lục QG)
HCB – Trịnh Việt Tú/ 1995/ Quân Đội/ 10.733
HCĐ – Nguyễn Bá Kiên/ 2003/ Hà Nội/10.74
T4 – Ngô Thế Anh/ 2002/ Hà Nội/ 10.79
T5 – Lê Quyền Lợi/ 1994/ HCM/ 10.869
T6 – Lê Trọng Hinh/ 1996/ Thanh Hóa/ 10.870
T7 – Lê Trung Kiên/ 2001/ CAND/ 10.92
T8 – Nguyễn Anh Bằng/ HCM/ 10.93



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