Natalie uy

Natalie Uy back in drivers seat moves to #1 in SEA Rankings

Last Updated on May 7, 2023 by Andrew Pirie

After a disappointing 2021 SEA Games where she failed to clear a height. A then distraught Natalie Uy contemplated walking away from the sport for good. I mean with an engagement it seemed time to move on to the next area of her life. However, she decided to give SEA Games one more try. Natalie started her season very late with a 3.85m clearance to win the Philippines National Open. Natalie is the 2019 SEA Games Gold Medalist and Record Holder and shares the SEA Record with Chayanisa Choemchundee of Thailand.

The Bubbly 28-year-old then cleared 4.11m at the South Carolina Open at Columbia (US) on April 22 which puts her at #1 in the SEA Rankings.

Expected to challenge is 21-year-old Divi Renatta Jaydai of Indonesia who leaped 4.15m last December, and 4.10m this year. And reigning SEA Games Champion Nur Sarah Binti Adi of Malaysia.

Pole Vault
SEA GOLD 4.00m
1 4.11m PHI Natalie Uy
2 4.10m INA Jaydai Divi Renata
3 4.01m THA Khabut Chonthica
4 4.00i MAS Nur Sarah Binti Adi
5 3.90i THA Chayanisa Choemchundee
6 3.88m PHI Alyana Nicolas
7 3.61m THA Anika Chatikavanij
8 3.60m INA Beby Alia Putri
9 3.40m THA Chirannan Sangthong
10 3.40m SGP Rachael Yang

Natalie Uy December 4, 2021 Finishes 3rd in International Golden Fly meet in Phuket

Natalie Uy June 6, 2021

Women’s Pole Vault – Natalie Uy 4.01m at American Track League on June 6 in Nashville. 11th of 13. Katie Nageotte won in 4.85m. Natalie did 4.20m last week at American Track League in Jacksonville.  After breaking her Philippine Record and tying the SEA Record 2 weeks ago at Praire View.

Natalie Uy 3rd time lucky breaks Phi and ties SEA Record in Pole Vault

May 26, 2021

Finally, Natalie Uy has shattered the pole vault records for the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Uy, the SEA Games champion in this competition, recorded a leap of 4.30m on May 25 at the USA T&F Open in Prairie View.

Morgan Leleux, a fellow American, won the competition at 4.60 meters, followed by Olivia Gruver and Kortney Ross, both of whom finished at 4.50 meters, and Anicka Newell, a Canadian, who came in fourth at 4.40 meters. Natalie placed fifth out of nine competitors.

The 26-year-old, who was recovering from a hand injury, had no heightened on May 2 in Chula Vista.

On March 1, 2020, Natalie broke her indoor Shelbyville Phi Record of 4.26.

*Please note any media wishing to use this or any articles on our website must provide a citation to Pinoyathletics as I have done with a link provided to Phil Star. I obtained some of my information for this write-up.

Uy Clears 4.30m Again??

Natalie uy 1
Natalie Uy

On the IAAF Website, Natalie Uy’s performance at the Acadia Invitational, Piedmont, is reported on August 15. and staged it on July 17, and that is the same 4.30m performance, not another performance over 4.30m.

According to the IAAF website, the performance of 4.30m is still Unconfirmed until ratified. 4.25m outdoors and 4.26 indoors remain as the Phi national records. Uy, the SEA Games Record Holder, and Champion lead the SEA Rankings for 2020 Regardless.


Natalie Uy returned to competition after a hand injury in training.

Marietta -GA- (United States), 14.8.2020 -American Track League 6-

PV 1 Katie Nageotte 4.70; 2 Megan Clark 4.42; 3 Olivia Grover 4.27; 4 Anicka Newell (can) 4.27; 5 Natalie Uy (phi) 4.11; 6 Robin Bone (can) 3.96

Results courtesy of Trackinsun


Natalie Uy – 4.30m Pending Ratification from World Athletics

According to two senior statisticians, Natalie Uy’s leap of 4.30m, which surpassed the National Record and SEA Record, is pending ratification by World Athletics, Formerly known as the IAAF. 

As per emails, USATF had certified the course in Sandi Morris’s backyard; now, World Athletics would be investigating the officiating to ensure it’s in line with IAAF standards.

WorldAthletics decided NOT to value the performances, while all other sources accepted the results.

(incl. Ratification of the results by USATF).

We did NOT finally decide whether 4.30 by Natalie UY will be listed as an NR in our National Records database (for World Athletics publications) or to be listed under “notes” as a regular performance not to be valued; as an NR under “World Athletics conditions.”

Overall no doubt that her result should be listed as regular in the 2020 Rankings.

The pole vault facility built by Sandi Morris was ratified by the USA track & field. 
  3. world-class-pole-vault-competition/5430168002/
  5. world-best-height-2020/5438663002/

while also advised that Natalie Uy had sustained a minor wrist injury in training in which a pole had snapped.

Natalie Uy 2020 Performances

Natalie Uy leaped 4.11m to win the American Track League in Atlanta on July 25. Winning on countback from Marissa Kalsey and Megan Zimlich, who both registered the same mark. Kalsey and Zimlich have Personal bests of 4.30 and 4.40m.

Waiting to see if the 4.30m Leap in Sandi Morris’s backyard was sanctioned as the IAAF seems to have ignored the result.

Natalie Uy ties SEA Record in an attempt to Qualify for Tokyo 2020ne 

17 July 2020

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician 

SEA Games Women’s Pole Vault Champion  & Record Holder Natalie Uy of the Philippines broke her own Philippine National Record and tied the South East Asian Record of Chayanisa Choemchundee of Thailand (set in 2018) with a 4.30m jump. Uy is a Fil-Heritage athlete; her father is from Cebu. She will turn 26 in September.

Uy leaped 4.30m at the Acadia Invitational in Piedmont. To place 6th behind Sandi Morris (US), the 2016 Olympic silver medallist registered 4.81m. Morris has a personal best of 5.00m set in Belgium in 2016, the US National Record.

2018 & 2019 US Indoor Champion Katie Nageotte (USA) also scored 4.81m but had to take an extra attempt.

The mark improved on the 4.25m marks she had registered at the 2019 SEA Games in New Clark City. Uy had also jumped 4.26m Indoors at Shelbyville on March 20.

Uy’s second competition was back after COVID with a 4.11m effort at Marietta, where she placed 5th.

Uy has been training through COVID, which has deeply infected the United States with 142,746 deaths and 3.8 Million total cases as of press time. But she hopes to make the tough Olympic Games Standard of 4.70m. 

Natalie is looking at moving her training to Atlanta, Georgia. She had trained in Spain a few years back.

Natalie Uy

“It was really, really hard to train during quarantine. You train by yourself in the gym or in the tracks so having that motivation to have that real workout was really, really tough during that time,” Uy said on

“To be able to be back, match my PR (personal record), be around people, have that motivation again, it really makes all the sacrifices I made during the quarantine worth it,” she added.


Looking at Joining Other Qualifiers

Uy seeks to join fellow pole vaulter EJ Obiena in the Philippine Olympic team, including gymnast Carlos Yulo and boxers Eumir Marcial and Irish Magno.

Athletics peers Kristina Knott (200m), Willie Morrison (shot put), and Eric Cray (400m hurdles) are also similarly vying for berths in Tokyo.

Below is a video link to Natalie Uy’s interview with Trackspace after her 4.30 National Record (c/o) RunnerSpace Photo Credit from Runnerspace Video.


*Please note any media wishing to use this or any articles on our website must provide a citation to Pinoyathletics as I have done with a link provided to Phil Star. I obtained some of my information for this write-up.


Natalie Uy – Polevaulter Track Talk Tuesday Feature

As part of T..T.T Track Talk on Tuesday, April 12, 2020, with Professor Airnel T. Abarra.

Airnel Interviewed Fil-Heritage Athlete Natalie Uy. She is

  • SEA Games Champion in Women’s Pole Vault in 2019
  • Asian Bronze medalist in 2019
  • Philippine Record in Indoors and Outdoors for that event.

Natalie is currently based in Kentucky, USA.

Remember to Tune into our Track Talk Tuesday session at 5 pm Manila Standard Time on Tuesday 14th of April via the Zoom Cloud Chat APP, where Airnel will tackle the issue of synchronizing the Filipino Athletics Calendar after COVID-19.

Natalie Rose Seinlage Uy of the Philippines won the gold in the Pole Vault women. Photo by ROY DOMINGO

Natalie Uy Breaks own National Indoor Record (March 1)

SEA Games Champion Natalie Uy broke her own Philippine National Indoor record with a leap of 4.26m at the 2020 KTCCCA Indoor State Pole Vault Championship Whelan/Nault Vault Center Shelbyville Indiana on March 1. Competing as the only open women entry. And taking a while to warm up, only clearing 3.96m on 3rd attempt. Before comfortably clearing 3.98m and 4.26m on the first attempts. Raising the bar to 4.28m, which she had 3 failed attempts.

Uy had set the previous mark of 4.25m on 24 January and tied that mark again on February 14.

A far cry from the 4.75m marks required to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics by June 29.

Meanwhile, the other Fil-Heritage Pole Vaulter Alyana Nicolas, who finished a disappointing 8th place at the 2019 SEA Games, has not been active since her last jump of 3.70m on January 18.


Week 2 – February 9, 2019

Natalie Uy continued her Olympic Campaign with a 4.22m winning jump at Cedarville, Ohio, on February 7. She needs 4.75m to qualify for the Olympics. Also, she has leaped 4.25m while representing the Philippines a few times now.

Natalie Uy
Natalie Uy competes during the pole vault event in the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha. (AFP)

January 2020, Week 4 Uy Breaks Phi Indoor Record

SEA Games Women’s Pole Vault Champion Natalie Uy added the Philippine National Indoor Record to her titles. And the 25-year-old Uy leaped 4.25m at Rod McCrary Memorial at Lexington on January 24. Also, Uy surpassed the 4.11m national indoor record of another Filam Deborah Samson set 12 years ago in Seattle.

While paralleling her 4.25m outdoor record national and SEA Games Record during the 2019 SEA Games in December. Also, Uy had taken Bronze at the 2019 Asian Championships. Simultaneously, she needs 4.75m to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 4-5 months.

**NB Any Media outlet using information from this site, please reference, or we will be pointing this out.





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