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2019 Milo Marathon Results Finals

Held at Tarlac City on January 19, 2020


2019 Milo Marathon Results Hallasgo ends the 6-year reign of Tabal at Milo Marathon

Hallasgo and Tabal

Christine Hallasgo (left) with Mary Joy Tabal (right)


2019 Milo Marathon Results Hallasgo ends the 6-year reign of Tabal at Milo Marathon

19.01.2020 Tarlac City

2019 SEA Games Champion Christine Hallasgo proved that she is the New Marathon Queen of Philippines Athletics by winning her first National title at the 2019 Milo Marathon Finals in Tarlac City.  Hallasgo ratified this again with another victory over Mary Joy Tabal. Mary Joy Tabal is an Olympian, National Record Holder in the Marathon, and the 2017 SEA Games Champion. But as the dust settled on this occasion, it was Hallasgo, the rising star from Bukidnon. That put to an end the 6-year winning streak of the legendary Mary Joy Tabal of Cebu.

Hallasgo clocked yet another Personal best of 2h52.23, improving again on her Personal best of 2h56.56 set at the SEA Games just last month. Tabal finished second with 2h58.49, and Christabel Martes, a former 2x SEA Games Champion, came third in 3h05.40. Tabal’s time of 2h58.49. It was identical to the time she registered at the 2019 SEA Games to secure the silver medal.


6th All-Time

Hallasgo time of 2h52.53 places her 6th on the All-Time List of Filipino Women Marathoners. Behind Tabal, Banayag, Martes (all former SEA Games Champions), Mary Grace Delos Santos, and Arsenia Sagaray.

Hallasgo qualified for the national team earlier last year and is now training with the legendary Eduardo ‘Bertek’ Buenavista, a former Olympian, and 4x SEA Games Gold Medalists, who still holds the Phi Record in the Men’s Marathon. Under Buenavista, she improved her PB from 3h04 to 2h52.

Hallasgo, who was earmarked by PATAFA as a contender to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics later this year, still has ‘a a long way to go’.  The Qualifying standard is 2h29.30, and Hallasgo needs to make this by June 22. This means in 5 months; she has to improve by 23.23 minutes or 4 minutes 41 secs each month on average.


2019 Milo Marathon Results Zabala wins his first national title

Hallasgo and Zabala

It was a good day for Mindanao Athletics. When Jerald Zabala, who hails from Cagayan De Oro, crossed the line in a blazing sprint finish in 2h31.16. Zabala time was a slight personal best improvement on his 2h31.25 set last year.

While he won over Richard Salano narrowly in 2h31.17. With 2016 Milo Marathon Jeson Agravante pursuing them for third in 2h31.55. All 3 are members of the national team. Anthony Nerza, who represented the Philippines in the SEA Games, faded to 10th place with stomach problems.

Zabala was runner up last year to the late Rafael Poliquit.

Hallasgo and Zabala both netted 150,000 pesos each for winning the prestigious Milo Marathon.

Former Milo Girl, Nheann Bharcena at the age of 38, won the Womens Half Marathon (21.1k) in a New Personal best of 1h26.51.


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Milo Marathon 2019 Cebu 10K Overall

1 13729 Eric Chepsiror M 35-39 00:33:38 00:33:34
2 13561 Gemar Magdalino M 18-34 00:35:35 00:35:32
3 13559 Jemar Morales M 17 Below 00:35:53 00:35:50
4 15567 Edzel John Ardiente M 18-34 00:38:11 00:38:08
5 15553 Arcelo Oswaldo M 17 Below 00:38:16 00:38:13
6 13523 Jewin Ochea M 17 Below 00:39:51 00:39:48
7 15233 Jemar Alberio Maghanoy M 18-34 00:39:52 00:39:48
8 15558 Peter Canumay M 18-34 00:40:20 00:40:17
9 15055 Darwub Tabal M 18-34 00:41:32 00:41:26
10 15520 Elison Mejares M 18-34 00:41:40 00:41:37

Milo Marathon 2019 Cebu 21K Overall

1 23124 Prince Joey Lee M 18-34 01:11:59 01:11:54
2 23221 Aries Saballa M 18-34 01:14:29 01:14:26
3 23125 Florendo Lapiz M 18-34 01:14:40 01:14:37
4 24132 Joseph Arnel Emia M 18-34 01:15:27 01:15:23
5 24309 Ruel Algufera M 18-34 01:15:32 01:15:30
6 23207 Azlan Pagay M 18-34 01:17:19 01:17:16
7 23123 Jerome Casinillo M 18-34 01:20:07 01:20:03
8 23220 Noel Tillor M 18-34 01:20:57 01:20:56
9 23184 Michel Largo M 35-39 01:21:39 01:21:38
10 23122 Desiderio Engine M 45-49 01:21:52 01:21:47

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2019 Milo Marathon Elimination Results

Today July 28, in Manila. 21K Milo Eliminations National athlete Richard Salano Seasons Best 1.11.29, Wagdos 2nd 1.14.10 and James Kevin Cruz 3rd 1.15.41.

The Performance ranks Salano 10th in the SEA Rankings for 2019. Led by Thai Nattawut Innum with his run of 1:05.19 on July 19. Buenavista, who coaches Salano, holds the Phi Half Marathon Record at 1:02.58.

Nhea Ann Barcena won the Women’s 21k at the Milo Marathon Elimination in 1h34.52. The time is well outside the 1h27.59 threshold to place Top 10 in the 2019 SEA Rankings.

Cindy Lorenzo was second in 1h37.44.


2017 Milo Marathon Finals: Titles and Tears for Tabby (Top 10 Results)

A Tough Day for Tabby. Mary Joy Tabal crosses the line for her 5th Milo Title. Photo Credits to Milo Philippines

It was a tough day for Mary Joy Tabal. Who had to cope with the sad news that her beloved father had passed away yesterday. Asked whether she wanted to continue to run. Tabal responded I would as my father will be waiting for me past the finish lines. Tabal, 28, fought her emotions the whole race winning her fifth Milo Marathon title. And dedicating the win to the memory of her late father.

Truly a piece of History under the most unfortunate of circumstances. Tabal tied the record of the Arsenia Sagaray, sharing 5 Milo Marathon wins.

She cheered on in front of her home crowd. The popular dainty 4’11 runner took time off her training in Tuscany, Italy, to give back to Milo and was cheered on Cebu’s the phoebe every step of the way. Tabal really proved once more she is ‘The Peoples Champion.’ 

Tabal took the title in 2h58.01, 10 minutes shy of her Milo Record. But with the circumstances entirely understandable. 2001 and 2005 Games Champion Christabel Martes took silver in 3h04.20, and 2009 SEA Games Champion Jho-ann ‘Banayag’ Villarma took bronze in 3h11.26.


Womens Results


Tabal looking for a fifth title, Milo Marathon a few days from now, Women’s Review and


Nov 30, 2017

Milo Marathon Women’s Review

Article by Andrew Pirie

ATFS Statistician

The Peoples Champion Returns to Cebu to defend her title.

SEA Games Champion and Olympian Mary Joy Tabal look to make it five for five golds in the Milo Marathon.  Tabal is the only woman to win the Milo Marathon 4 times in a row2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. If she can make 5, she will draw the record of Arsenia Sagaray and 2001,2005 SEA Games Champion Cristabel Martes. A piece of History for the Milo Marathon.

Tabal will fly back from her training camp in Tuscany, Italy, having run half Marathons in Spain and Singapore to prepare for the Milo. While Tabal focus remains on the Asian Games in 2018. She is excited to perform in front of her home crowd if she launched her running career.

The 41st Milo Marathon will be held in Cebu in a few days on December 3. And the course starts at the Cebu Normal University.

Cristabel Martes

Tabal, although expected to romp off with her fifth Milo Marathon fairly easily. Battle will surely be for the minor places. Perhaps the biggest challenge will come from 38-year-old Cristabel Martes.

The Baguio-based Martes part of the legendary long-distance running stable of Mario Castro. While Martes’s times of 1h23.45 (Milo, Urdaneta) and 3h03.28 (Run Rio Series) Manila this year pale in comparison to Tabal’s 1h16.28 (Scotia Bank, Ottawa, National Record) and 2h48.26 (SEA Games Gold Kuala Lumpur).

Martes can still hold her ground against the other woman in the race as she is the only other entry that has a PB below 3 hours in the Marathon.

Using a Runners World Marathon predictor, we compared Half Marathon and Predicted Marathon times.

Ailene Tolentino of Philippine Army

Another top contender is Aileen Tolentino of the Philippine Army, who has run 1h26.18 (CDO leg), which converts to 2h59.56. It will be interesting to see if Tolentino can join the Sub min club and land a top 3. Other contenders include Ruffa Sorongon (Tagbilaran Leg, 3h04.31 est).

Former Milo and SEA Games Champion Jhoann Banayag-Villarma (Lucena Leg,  est 3h06.24). And the promising Christine Hallasgo, who has returned after giving birth, to win the Butuan leg (est. 3h09.12).

Womens 21k
1 1h16.28 PHI Mary Joy Tabal
2 1h23.45 BAG Christabel Martes
3 1h26.18 Ailene Tolentino
4 1h28.30 Ruffa Sorongon
5 1h28.58 Nhea Ann Barcena
6 1h29.13 Jho-An Banayag Villarma
7 1h30.45 Malaybay Christine Hallasgo
8 1h31.28 Esterlita Organiza
9 1h32.07 Judelyn Miranda
10 1h32.35 Alexandra Ganzon
Womens Marathon
SEA GOLD 2h48.26
SEA SILVER 2h55.43
SEA BRONZE 2h58.17
1 2h48.26 PHI Mary Joy Tabal
2 3h03.28 Cristabel Martes
3 3h15.36 Lany Cardona
4 3h16.15 Cinderalla Lorenzo
5 3h18.30 Lizane Abella
6 3h22.18 Maricar Camacho
7 3h23.29 Lany Cardona
8 3h32.48 Jennlyn Nobleza
9 3h35.51 April Rose Diaz
10 3h37.42 Maria Josephina Liao

2017 Milo Marathon Mens Rankings Whole Year

Mens Marathon
1 2h35.18 PAF Rafael Poliquit
2 2h37.12 Cebu 95 Rafael Pescos
3 2h39.34 Davao Joerge Andrade
4 2h39.36 Jeson Agravante
5 2h39.39 Maclin Sadia
6 2h39.57 Eugene Postrado
7 2h42.10 Eric Panique
8 2h43.34 Eduardo Buenavista
9 2h44.34 Erinio Raquin
10 2h45.04 Eric Laurel
11 2h45.16 Azlan Pagay
12 2h46.59 Jerald Zabala
13 2h47.31 Noel Tillor
14 2h49.17 Richell Laguido
15 2h49.25 Elmer Bartolo
16 2h50.16 Bryan Quiamco
17 2h52.30 Bobby Tadlas
18 2h52.34 Ramil Neri
19 2h52.51 John Ray Onefa
20 2h55.49 Joseph Somera

Article Coming on Poliquit, Agravante, etc.


With the Milo Marathon tomorrow, Pinoyathletics.info catches up on the Men’s  Review for the Milo Marathon. With the quality of our Men dropping significantly, having not secured a SEA Games medal of any color since 2013. The race looks to be an open field.

With no certain favorite for the Milo Marathon crown. The Milo Marathon will kick off tomorrow in Cebu.

Jeson Agravante 2016 Milo Champion arrives in Cebu to defend his title.

Looking to defend is last year’s Champion Jeson Agravante, who holds a PB of 2h35:13. Has not run any Marathon or even Half Marathon races since the SEA Games in August. So far this year, back in March, Agravante clocked 2h57 at the Scotia Bank Marathon in Ottawa Canada, he did not finish at SEA Games due to cramps. It’s hard to access how well Agravante will go tomorrow as his current performances are unknown, and he has focused mainly on training.

Please note ‘The Master’ Rafael Poliquit, who was the 2014 and 2015 Back to Back Milo Champion and has the fastest time in 2017 of 2h35:18, will not be joining. The fans will have to wait another year for The Masters moment.

Someone who has an excellent chance is Richard Salano, whose Half Marathon time would equate to a 2h31 Marathon. According to Runners World Calculators.  

Also in contention for a Top 3 slot is Gerald Zadala, Bryan Quiamco, Bobby Tadlas, Cesar Castenato, who have registered good Half Marathon times, and local favorite Rafael Pescos, who has run 2h37:12 which won the Milo NCR Marathon.

Mens 21K
1 1h11.32 ARMY Richard Salano
2 1h12.42 Gerald Zadala
3 1h13.12 Bryan Quiamco
4 1h13.13 Malyabay Bobby Tadlas
6 1h13.28 Cesar Castaneto Jr.
5 1h13.29 Jimboy Lugay
7 1h14.32 ARMY Jujet De Asis
8 1h14.36 Cam Sur Jeric Payong
9 1h14.37 ARMY Gilbert Laido
10 1h14.45 Romnick Dago
Mens Marathon
1 2h35.18 Rafael Poliquit
2 2h37.12 Rafael Pescos
3 2h39.57 Eugene Postrado
4 2h43.43 Eric Panique
5 2h45.16 Azlan Pagay
6 2h47.31 Noel Tillor
7 2h52.30 Bobby Tadlas
8 2h52.34 Ramil Neri
9 2h54.16 Eugine Postrado
10 2h55.49 Joseph Somera

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2017 Milo Tarlac Leg – De Asis beats Buenavista in 21K

Aug 15, 2017

Jujet De Asis

TARLAC CITY – Jujet de Asis took a stunning win over 2x Former SEA Games Marathon Champion Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista. In winning the 41st National MILO Marathon qualifying race Sunday morning (August 13). At Maria Cristina Park.  It was a tight race that was decided in the final stretch.

De Asis finished the 21-kilometer course in 1:14:33. A good 16 seconds faster than the five-time MILO King Buenavista, who checked in at 1:14:49.  Third Place went to Jomar Angus with a time of 1:16:07.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Division. Shane Acosta finally ended years of frustration with her first championship in a clocking of 1:44:00 to ease out Angielyn Pablo (1:49:54) and Maricar Gammad (1:51:48).  Acosta started racing 21 kilometers in 2014 and settled for runner-up finishes after winning the 2013 Tarlac 10-kilometer category.

Others who went home victorious that morning were Philip John Gongob (36:49) and Merry Joy Trupa (40:09) for 10 kilometers, from Maria Lyca Sarmiento (41.25).

Mitch Fulgado (17:27) and Maria Angelica Yabo (24:24) for five kilometers and Jericho Tacutaco (11:50) and Joana Marie Gagarin (14:25) in the three-kilometer kiddie race.

PFC Mary Anne Cperez 10Km 3rd place (F) at 41st Nat’l Milo Marathon, Tarlac City Leg last Sunday.
Source: http://www.justrunlah.com/2017/08/14/de-asis-shocks-buenavista-in-milo-tarlac/

Master Endurance is now the Milo Marathon Champion; Tabby Defends her title

Dec 14, 2014

After years of hardship, Rafael Poliquit of the Philippine Airforce, also known as ‘Master Endurance,’ finally won the Milo Marathon crown in 2014. The 25-year-old who is a UAAP Standout for FEU and former national champion over 5000 and 10000m bested some of the sport’s legends. Poliquit won in a personal best time of 2:32.29, finish fourth behind three Kenyans who all registered 2:21 but was the first Filipino athlete home.

The second was National Record Holder, and former SEA Games champion Eduardo Buenavista, 36 (Airforce) was second, Milo Marathon Manila Leg champion Erinio Raquin was third 2:35.60. While SEA Games bronze medalist Eric Panique faded to fourth place with 2:37.24. Followed closely by Noel Tillor and National 10,000m Champion Julius Sermona.

The Womens Division saw a battle of four former Milo Marathon Queens. However, last year’s champion Mary Joy Tabal, 25 of Cebu, dusted off the field with a win in 2:51.55, which was well ahead of her nearest pursuer.

Former multiple Milo women’s champions. Double SEA Games champion and National Record Holder Christabel Martes (Baguio), 34, a mother of one. Made a remarkable comeback to improve this year to second place with a time of 3:03.49. She held off 2011-2012 Milo Champion/ National 10,000m Champion and PATAFA training pool member Mary Grace Delos Santos (Airforce), 27, who clocked 3:05.34 for third place. Jhoann Banayag (Army), 32, a former SEA Games champion, multiple milo champion, and mother of one, made a return this year to finish fourth in 3.07.59. Following closely behind was national triathlete Miscelle Gilbuena (Airforce). And Criselyn Jaro (Airforce) one of the three famous Jaro sisters.


Tabal Trebble, Poliquit defends title in Milo Marathon Finals

Dec 6, 2015

Same Winners from last year
Tabal and Poliquit in the center. With Afro Haired Rio Dela Cruz on the Left.


Milo Marathon 2015 Results in Full Results Here



Tabal Third Straight Title

26-year-old Mary Joy Tabal of Cebu notched her third consecutive win in the Women’s Division of the Milo Marathon. Tabal, who is the SEA Games Silver medalist in Singapore, took the win in 2h48.16. Just outside her meet Record of 2:48.00 established two years ago. Tabal finished second behind a Kenyan runner who clocked 2:43.

In wet miserable conditions, Tabal took her third win. Only two women have more with Arsenia Sagaray with five titles 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, and 1997. And Christabel Martes with four titles in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2009.

Tabal started joining Milo Marathon events in 2010, playing second fiddle to Martes, Banayag, Manipol, and Mary Grace Delos Santos to begin with. Tabal is a former member of the national team after resigning from PATAFA a few months back. Tabal will next do the Cebu and Boston Marathons to hit the tough Olympic Standard, now 2h42. Tabal and her coach Philip Duenas are working towards that.

Three for Tabby

2011 and 2012 Champion Mary Grace Delos Santos clocked in second in a time of 3h02. Grace, who had two SEA Games with no medal in 2013, wasn’t able to qualify. And then in 2015, a disappointing last in the 10,000m after failing to qualify for the Marathon event.

Bounced somewhat with a time under the slow 2015 SEA Games Gold medal-winning time of 3h03.25. Which should see her retain her spot in the national team as it meets the criteria required for an athlete with 2 SEA Games in a row with no medal? By hitting the SEA Games gold medal standard.

Also hitting the SEA Games, the gold medal standard was Christabel Martes (who in 1999 became the youngest champion in Milo Marathon history at 19). Martes, now 35, also clocked 3h02.

Just a few seconds behind Delos Santos. However, she took a wrong turn towards the 21k finish line, which caused her to lose around a minute. The Philippines can only select two athletes for the SEA Games per event. Which will be held in Malaysia in 2017.

Rafael Poliquit defended his Milo Marathon title in 2h36. Under the SEA Games bronze qualification mark of 2h37.10. Poliquit, who last year moved up to Marathon from 5k and 10k. I was the surprise winner of last year’s Milo Marathon. The late Rosito Andaya coached the former FEU athlete. Not blessed with speed but relies more on surging tactics.

Coach (Dick) Beardsley told me its not the fastest who wins the (Marathon) but the smartest. Today wasnt about the time it was about the win.


National Record Holder and Multiple SEA Games champions in several events Eduardo Buenavista, 37. He faded out of the picture entirely and never really featured in the race. 2011 SEA Games Silver Medallist Eric Panique, who has been unable to train much due to the Philippine Army duties, wound up around 8th place.

The Milo Marathon was held in Clark this year due to two other road running events at MOA and Luneta.

“Turn out was quite good this year we had around 15,000 entries. I’m quite happy without everything turned out today.”


Said Milo Race Organizer Rio Dela Cruz had been a key driving force behind this event for many years now.


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SEA Games selection Women Cut and Dry / Men’s Difficult

The Women’s selection is fairly cut and dry for the 2015 SEA Games. As the qualifying period is December 2013 to March 2015, only one athlete has run below the 2h49.01 bronze standard of the 2013 SEA Games. Mary Joy Tabal clocked 2h48.00 during the 2013 Milo Marathon in December, which is the fastest ever time recorded for that course. Even though at the Milo Marathon, she was only able to clock 2h51.55. She was still undefeated by locals, and the delay in scheduling the race by one week would have affected her performance.

As there are now only six months to go before the next SEA Games. There is not really ample time for another Marathon to be run as two Marathons a year is usually the maximum. Any further attempts to qualify may lead to exhaustion for the SEA Games Marathon, scheduled on June 7.

The two other place getters at the Milo Marathon still have a good chance to qualify in the National Open March 19-22 in the 10,000m event. With Mary Grace Delos Santos only 6 seconds outside the standard at the Philippine National Games last May.

While the Women’s is cut and dry on selection for the 2015 SEA Games. The men’s is a bit more complicated. Only two athletes have gone under the Bronze standard for the SEA Games in the qualification period.

Eduardo Buenavista 2013 Milo Marathon in December registered 2.27.14. Bertek’s time was actually faster than the winner of the last SEA Games, Mok Yin Reng of Singapore, who timed 2:28.36.  While Eric Panique, who clocked 2.30.30 last SEA Games to win the bronze, has medalled at the last two SEA Games.

While Poliquit has defeated both the SEA Qualifiers, his time of 2:32.29 is outside the SEA Standard of 2.30.30 by nearly two minutes.

The question is now who to send out of three as only two can be sent to SEA Games 2015 in Mens Marathon

Poliquit, who was removed from the training pool after finishing fifth behind four non-national athletes at the national games, should strongly be considered for reinstatement. He should also be commended for the win over two SEA Games veterans.

However, it would be up to the selectors’ discretion and the task force whether to include him in the SEA Games. As if one athlete who has not made the bronze medal standard is allowed. It may cause other non-medal standard athletes also to appeal and then put inconsistency in the selection methodology. If other factors are to be considered, then it’s worth an appeal, other factors such as the athlete’s age, the course type, and his newness to the event.

Milo Marathon Eliminations: Erinio is King of the Raq!

July 29, 2014

Milo Elimination winners Erinio Raquin and Mary Grace Delos Santos.

Erinio Raquin took out the Mens Milo Eliminations with a win in the Marathon with 2 hours 31.15. Raquin is from the training stable of National Coach Luisito ‘Ojon’ Artiaga (which includes SEA Games steeples champion Christopher Ulboc and multiple SEA Games silver medalist Mervin Guarte).

He has the best time of 2 hours 30.21 from last year’s eliminations were he narrowly lost to Eric Panique, the 2013 SEA Games bronze medalist in this event.

Raquin was very close to getting the second spot to the 2013 SEA Games but was removed in the last round of cuts by the PSC-POC taskforce last year. The second was Davao’s Jeson Agravanate (2h38.36), ahead of last year’s 5000 and 10000m National Champion Rafael Poliquit (2h44.15).

The womens side was won by multiple former Milo Marathon winner and National Games 10000m Champion Mary Grace Delos-Santos (3h08.15), who needs a time of 2h49.01 to qualify for the SEA Games. Like Raquin, Delos-Santos was also removed from the last round of selections for the SEA Games by the task force. Jennelyn Nobleza (3h17.43) and Aileen Tolentino (3h33.04) completed the top three.

In the Womens 21K, former SEA Games Marathon Champion Jhoann Banayag won in 1h30.33. Banayag, who ended her stint with the national team after giving birth last year, is on the comeback trail. Former Milo girl and national athlete Ann Barcena finished third in  1h33.53.

Road Running Philippines – Buenavista, Dela Torre conquer Milo Tarlac 21k

By MST Sports | Jul. 14, 2014, at 12:01 am

TARLAC City—­Reigning MILO Marathon King Eduardo Buenavista and FEU Manila varsity runner Mary Grace Dela Torre bested their rivals in the 21K division run at the 38th National MILO Marathon on Sunday in Tarlac City.

Almost 13,000 runners joined this leg, and 39 qualified for the National Finals.

Buenavista and Dela Torre were awarded a cash prize of P10,000, a trophy, and a  spot in the National Finals on Dec. 7. MILO will be sending this season’s MILO Marathon King and Queen to compete alongside elite runners from across the globe in the 2015 Tokyo Marathon.

Five-time MILO Marathon titlist Buenavista emerged victorious with a time of 01:10:30, finishing ahead of Ferdinand Corpuz (01:14:36) and Jujet Pacsis De Asis (01:15:34). 21K first-timer Dela Torre posted a time of 01:46:38, beating contenders Rowena Valdez (01:48:30) and Shane Acosta (01:49:58).

The two-time Olympian and three-time SEA Games gold medalist Buenavista persevered through the hot and dry weather conditions and pushed on to claim another sweet victory.

“The weather today was challenging. I’m used to the cold weather in Baguio, where I train with the national team. Thankfully there are adequate water stations throughout the race to help us cool down,” shared the athlete fondly called Vertek by his friends.

The 35-year-old native of South Cotabato is a sergeant of the Philippine Air Force and a member of the Philippine National Team. “I am really focused on my training, and my target is to win in the finals. Because of MILO, I was able to experience running in the 2014 Paris Marathon. I would like to defend my crown as MILO Marathon King and run in the Tokyo Marathon next year.”


Road Running Philippines – Master Endurance – Poliquit – very serious about defending his 10k title at PNG

April 14, 2014

Camino, Poliquit, and Salano with the fuzzy-haired race organizer Rio Dela Cruz on the left.

25-year-old Rafael Poliquit was the surprise winner of the National 5k and 10k titles beating the legendary Eduardo Buenavista in blanket finishes at last year’s National Games in Manila. Poliquit, who missed out on a slot to the SEA Games, then was dealt a defeat by Richard Salano of UE in the 5k and the 10k at the UAAP.

The Master, who recently was able to beat 3K Steeple Chase Champion Christopher Ulboc in a 5k run, continued show fine form leading up to PNG with a win at the Del Run organized by Rio Dela Cruz in Marikina, winning a race just over 10k on Road in 33.06 minutes, this time he held off NCAA Newcomer Immuel Camino of Arellano who was runner up in the 1500,3k steeples and 5k during that event (Camino has the best time of 15.08 which is better than Poliquit PB) and Salano. The race started in the oval and then went out onto the road and then back into the oval.


Road Running Philippines – A Strong field at PNG

Poliquit, who is coached by 2001 SEA Games Marathon Champion Roy Vence, wants to show he is earnest about defending his 10k title at the National Games and his win last year was not just some one-hit-wonder. It will be a strong field with Poliquit expected to go head to head with National Record Holder and multiple SEA Games gold medalist Buenavista, former multiple sea games medalist Julius Sermona, UAAP Champion Salano, and SEA Games 2013 Marathon Bronze Medalist Eric Panique, among others in what will be a strong field.

While Poliquit’s best time of 32.02.49 to win the National title pails in comparison to his older opponents’ best times, he had the fastest time last year in the 5k and 10k. Poliquit hopes he can lower his best performance at this coming PNG.

Poliquit with Coach Vence


From Manila Times, Oct 31, 2013, by AFP
Rowell Hulleza and Alexandra Ganzon took advantage of the fair weather to top the Iloilo qualifying leg of the 36th National MILO Marathon.

Over 12,200 athletes and running enthusiasts ran the difficult course around Iloilo City for the thirteenth installment of the country’s premier foot race. Negrense Hulleza dominated the 21k men’s division race in 1:15:56 to pocket the P 10,000 top prize.

The West Negros University Criminology undergraduate finished ahead of runners Bennie Murillo and Jorge Sepida, who finished in 1:16:38 and 1:22:24, respectively. Completing the top 3 casts in the distaff side are Ganzon, who triumphantly crossed the finish line in first place at 1:44:59, Mellina Jane Jaroda at 1:52:34, and Mary Antonette Nuñez at 1:57:45.


2013 Milo Marathon Finals


Veteran Eduardo Buenavista finished behind 3 Kenyans to win the local division of the meet in 2h27.14.

Buenavista was supposed to be part of the Team Philippines to see action in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar but was removed from the list at the last minute by the coaching staff.

“This victory at least proved that I deserve to be in the 2013 Myanmar Sea Games. I really wanted to win this race to prove my point. I am not yet fading,”

Said Buenavista, a bronze medalist in Indonesia’s 2011 Sea Games and gold medalist in the 2009 Laos Games marathon.

Rene Desuyo finished at 2:32:34 to place second in the local division and earned P100,000, while Ireneo Raquin was third in 2:32:57. He received P75,000.

Milo sports executive Andrew Neri said that a total of 26,681 runners participated in the 37th edition, which was more than the targeted 20,000.

“Last year, there were 214,000 participants throughout the country, but this year, we have 220,000 runners,” said Neri.


Top Placers Open

BIB Name Gun Time Chip Time Age Group Country

  • 1st 42548 Joshphat Kiptanui Chobei 02:18:23 02:18:19 X Kenya
  • 2nd 42571 James Tallam 02:18:41 02:18:36 X Kenya
  • 3rd 42580 Alex Melly 02:22:30 02:22:26 X Kenya

Top Placers Local

  • 1st 42796 Eduardo Buenavista 02:27:14 02:27:11 X Philippines
  • 2nd 42680 Rene Desuyo 02:32:34 02:32:29 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42636 Irineo Raquin 02:32:57 02:32:51 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 4th 42648 Jeson Agravante 02:33:13 02:33:12 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 5th 42733 Anthony Nerza 02:33:42 02:33:41 X Philippines
  • 6th 42775 Cresenciano Sabal 02:36:06 02:36:05 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 7th 42805 Julius Sermona 02:36:54 02:36:52 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 8th 42802 Arnold Unabia 02:38:00 02:37:58 B:35-39 Philippines
  • 9th 42681 Alley Quisay 02:38:18 02:38:17 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 10th 42619 Cesar Castaneto 02:41:38 02:41:31 X Philippines



Top Placers Open

BIB Name Gun Time Chip Time Age Group Country

  • 1st 43005 Margaret Njuguna 02:42:18 02:42:16 X Kenya
  • 2nd 42859 Mary Joy Tabal* 02:48:00 02:48:00 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42647 Mary Grace Delos Santos 02:54:27 02:54:26 X Philippines

Top Placers Local

  • 1st 42886 Christabel Martes 02:57:15 02:57:12 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 2nd 42696 Luisa Raterta 03:07:18 03:07:17 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42786 Mirasol Abad 03:07:46 03:07:43 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 4th 42828 Cynthia Jaro 03:14:09 03:14:08 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 5th 43047 Lany Cardona 03:18:54 03:18:50 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 6th 42734 Monaliza Ambasa 03:19:37 03:19:33 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 7th 42823 Miscelle Gilbuena 03:20:53 03:20:50 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 8th 42776 Ailene Tolentino 03:22:05 03:22:03 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 9th 42386 Janette Agura 03:22:52 03:22:50 B:35-39 Philippines
  • 10th 43041 Berna Pulmano 03:23:03 03:22:59 A:18-34 Philippines

* Broke the Women’s Record 02:48:16

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