Milkha Singh Dies at age 91 from Covid Complications

Milkha Singh Dies at age 91 from Covid Complications

19 June 2021

“The Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh dies at 91 due to post-COVID complications
Legendary Indian sprinter Milkha Singh passed away at the age of 91 after a month-long battle with post-COVID-19 complications.
Five days ago, Milkha’s wife, Nirmal Kaur, a former India volleyball captain, had lost her battle with the virus at the same hospital where the legendary runner breathed his last on Friday.
From beginnings that saw him orphaned and displaced during the Partition of India, Milkha Singh has become a sporting icon across the world. He is the only athlete to win gold in 400 meters race at the Asian Games as well as the Commonwealth Games. He also won gold medals in the 1958 and 1962 Asian Games. He represented India in the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, and the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour, in recognition of his sporting achievements.

20 Mind-Blowing facts about Milkha Singh


1. During the communal riots that followed the Indo-Pak partition, Milkha lost his parents at the tender age of 12. It was then he ran for his life and came to India.

2. Every day, he used to walk a distance of 10 km barefoot from his home to a village school in Pakistan.

3. He wanted to join the Indian Army but was rejected thrice. He never gave up and got selected in his fourth attempt when he had enrolled himself in the engineering department.

4. In 1951 when he joined Secunderabad at the EME Centre. It was here that He discovered his talent as an athlete.

5. During his fatigue time (when the soldiers performed odd jobs), he often trained himself by racing against the meter gauge trains.

6. He used to spit blood, urinating blood, and even go unconscious during his practice sessions. In fact, there were times when he had to be supplied with oxygen as he was on his deathbed for more than a couple of times.

7. His very first competitive race was a cross-country race, where Milkha finished 6th amongst 500 racers.

8. During the 1958 Asian Games, he won a gold medal for both the 200m and 400m race with a clocking time of 21.6 sec and 47 sec.

9. At the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games, he won a gold medal in 400m with a clocking time of 46.16 sec. Here, Milkha became the first to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games from Independent India.

He changed 11 after his unbeatable success in the 1958 Asian Games in Tokyo, his designation in the Army to Junior Commissioned Officer from a Sepoy.

10. During the 1960 Olympics in Rome, he finished second in the 400m race before the final race.

11. Unfortunately, Milkha lost the bronze in the final 1960 Olympic race by just 0.1 sec.

12. He became extremely popular during the 1960 Rome Olympics. The actual reason for his popularity was his long beard and hair. Before Milkha, the Romans had not seen any athlete with such unique headgear. In fact, people in Rome were so much fascinated by his headgear that they thought he was a saint and wondered how a saint managed to run so fast.

13. In 1962, Milkha Singh defeated Abdul Khaliq, the fastest Pakistani runner, and it was then that he was sobriquet the title of “The Flying Sikh” by Pakistani General Ayub Kahn.

14. In 1999, Milkha adopted the seven-year-old son of brave Havildar Bikram Singh, who had died fighting in the battle of Tiger Hill during the Kargil War.

15. He sold his biography to Mehra, the Producer, and Director of ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,’ only for Re. 1.

16. Milkha claims that he had not watched any movie since 1968. After he saw “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,” he was in tears and was happy that Farhan Akhtar did full justice in playing his character.

17. In 2001, Milkha Singh declined the prestigious “Arjuna Award,” saying it came ‘40 years too late.

18. He was once caught on a train traveling without a ticket and was sent to Tihar Jail. He was released only after his sister sold off her jewelry to get him bailed.

19. His last desire before leaving this world is to see an Indian boy or girl win an Olympic Gold Medal for the country.

Milkha Singh

Bhaag Milkha Baag the Milkha Singh Movie


Indian Olympic running legend Milkha Singh — otherwise known as the Flying Sikh — gets the lavish biopic treatment in “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,” a rousing and handsomely crafted sports drama that’s on sure footing when it sticks to the track. 

The movie tells Milkha Singh Story.

However, it falls short of its ambitions to turn Singh’s life into a metaphor for fraught Indo-Pakistani relations in the years following the 1947 Partition. Boasting an appealing lead performance by director-turned-actor Farhan Akhtar.

And the sturdy direction by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who explored similar themes of personal and national identity in his 2006 “Rang de Basanti.”

This global July 12 release should post solid returns for producer Viacom 18. If somewhat less than portended by the pic’s high degree of advanced hype.

Singh and his daughter, Sonia Sanwalka, co-wrote his autobiography, titled The Race of My Life.[12] The book inspired Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Singh sold the film rights for one rupee and inserted a clause stating that he would share the profits to the Charitable Trust. The Trust was founded in 2003 to assist poor and needy sportspeople.

Bollywood Hungama‘s Taran Adarsh predicted that it would “win accolades, admiration, respect, and esteem, besides emerging as a champ.” Simultaneously, Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7 gave a thumbs up, saying that the film is “truly epic” and that “despite the prestigious Olympic glory eluding him.

Mehra deservedly honors the runner’s other victories and impeccable talent, allowing us to applaud the prodigy.” 

Desimartini, with almost 5000 ratings by the end of the weekend, stated the following: “Superbly directed, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is an outstanding film.

With an incredible performance by Farhan Akhtar. Though long, it keeps you hooked throughout. Don’t miss this patriotic tribute to Milkha Singh.”

How many medals milkha Singh won?

He won four gold medals in the Asian Games from 1958-1962 in the 200m, 400m, and 4X400m relay.

Is Milkha Singh alive?

Yes, he is around 90 years of age.

Did Milkha Singh ever have an Australian girlfriend, as shown in the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’?

Because Milkha Singh himself has had a say about what has gone into the storyline and might lead one to believe that the little fling with the Australian girl during the 1956 Olympics did really happen.

Rather, the voyeuristic sense in us might WANT it to be true. But honestly, it’ll be hard to gauge the truth in the story. It was an obscure event in an otherwise illustrious career. Back then, the paparazzi weren’t up every celebrity’s arse, hoping for a sensational photo. So whatever had happened might have happened quietly, without anybody other than Milkha Singh and his girlfriend knew about it. Besides, this little part of his life finds no mention anywhere. Not even his autobiography. All the other sources say that he lost at the ’56 Games because of a lack of international experience. So, nobody can tell for sure.

Go through his interview, where he has given a bit of a diplomatic answer regarding this.


How is Milkha Singh as a person?

 I calmly waited for a few minutes, and another person came from the gate, and I asked him the same thing, and he said that he is in the park nearby and I can go there, and he told me that Sir would be coming anytime soon. so I preferred to wait there only instead of going to the park. (In between, a whiter than white BMW came into his house, Driver unloaded a golf kit, and the car was parked at the main door where watching me an elegant lady sitting on the back seat asked the driver when he got back that who I was and left. (Later on, I came to know that she was his wife, and I was dumb enough not to recognize her at that time). While I was standing, a Gentleman even offered me a chair to sit (Must be his P.A).

Then I saw (MILKHA SINGH JI) coming from a road opposite his house. I rushed there and touched his feet, and he blessed me, and then he asked me almost everything that a known person asks. He, in fact, took me inside the gate and asked what my father do and was completely interested in my answers. Asked about my town. He asked about my education and where I was staying, and how much I was paying, how the food was. Inquired if I like running and which sports I play. I have had never met any person as humble as him. In the entire conversation, he was referring to himself as uncle and calling me son. He even very affectionately said, ‘Thank you, son, that you took time out of your schedule to meet me; you are lucky that you have to see your uncle. Otherwise, I am not very available.’ He several times Thanked me for my time. The best thing he said was,’ He asked me that have I ever seen God to which I said No. So he continued, that do you know that Is God there or not? I again said No. So he said a wonderful thing. He said, your parents are your god who gave you birth.

He said that Hard-Work is the key in whatever I do. He said that Whatever your uncle today is, Is because of Hard-work. He asked me If I watched his film and how I liked it. He himself asked me if I had a camera, to which I said that I have my phone. He then called his guard and asked him to click our photo which I didn’t saw and kept my phone in my pocket to which he said, Show me the photo‘WOW’, How is it. He kept a hand on his forehead and drew the phone closer to see the photo. I was mesmerized by his humbleness. He then asked his guard to get me Tea/Coffee, which I refused, and then he blessed me, and I bade Goodbye. This was my meeting with The Flying Sikh.


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