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Michael Johnson Track

3. Books for Sprinters – Michael Johnson Track – Slaying the Dragon

I have always been a massive fan of Michael Johnson track both for his performance on the track and his thought-provoking commentary for corporations such as the BBC.

This book is a fantastic guide into the mindset of a World and Olympic champion, with advice that far transcends athletics.

It is applicable to any aspect of life that requires setting and achieving goals, whilst also providing more insight into Michael’s own, personal story.

I originally read this in the library and tracked down my own version of the book via Amazon.

I particularly enjoyed Michael’s story about struggling with finite maths at college, as he was determined to excel at business, and how he almost gave up but persevered.

He states that the dream outcome would be that his hard work paid off and he achieved an

A. But the reality was he passed which was all he needed. And sometimes that is what Slaying the Dragon is for you.

For Sport’s fans, it also delves into Michael’s key races and details the preparation and training involved.

I read this at least a few times a year and still discover new pearls of wisdom and cannot recommend this highly enough.

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