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Will Matthew boling beat Usain’s 200 and 100-meter record?

No sir

I got to give Matthew Boling credit. To be that fast at his age is really impressive. There are three factors people are forgetting concerning his 9.98:

It wasn’t wind-legal

Boling had 4.2 meters of wind at his back running that 100m time of 9.98. The amount of wind that is legal in a 100m, as sanctioned by literally every governing body of track and field, is 2.0 meters of wind. If you adjust his 9.98 to be legal w/wind, it would be around a 10.1, which is more than half a second from Bolt’s record

He’s White

The race is only being brought in this to show a point. In Track history, there has only been one white man to break 10 seconds (legally) in the 100, and that was Chris Lemaitre from France, whose PR is a 9.9. Matt Boling may get under 10 seconds, we’ll see.


Once you get under about 11 seconds in the 100M as a Male, genetics start to come into play, and genetics only get you so far. Usain Bolt has mad genetics, getting him the WR. The lowest I can possibly believe Boling go is about 9.85–9.9

There are 2 white men that have broken the 10-second barrier Lemaitre at 9.92 and Ramil Guliyev at 9.97, Filipo Tortu of Italy 9.99.

The fastest 200m for a white male is 19.72 By Pietro Mennea at 19.72.

For Boling to get below 19.19, he’d have to run 100m WR (9.58) twice just to get that.

I love Mat a great deal but he he still has a long way to go before he can enter the bolt class. The odds are against him to do what bolt has done and i certainly dont think he can do it especially knowing that bolt never did the best he could especially bolt could have run 9.4 and even broken 19 sec for 200m.

I see him as a future olympian with an outside chance od medaling but he is not even in the top twenty world sprinters for now.

If he does, it will surely be good for the sport. Nothing impossible in him medaling like Jeremy Wariner proved that whites can dominate a sprint like he did the 400m. Only time will tell but i certainly dont think he will break Bolts records. The same went for wariner who was way off johnsons 400m record.

It is possible… but not likely. It is extremely rare to see any high school athlete break 10 in the 100 meter and it is super impressive. Usain Bolt at age 15 was already running a 10 flat in the 100 meter. Mathew Boling is 18 years old. If he hasnt fully peaked yet, then he has a very good chance at breaking his record. Usain Bolt was always injured so as long as he can stay healthy, Mathew has a chance at beating his 100 meter record.


Will we see Matthew Boling run at the 2020 Summer Olympics Tokyo?

In my opinion he will have a tough time qualifying. Although he is a very talented runner and I’m excited to see this new group of young outstanding sprinters, his times are not on the same level as the more experienced sprinters he will be competing against. This opinion is based on the assumption that no one gets injured or false starts out of the rounds.

The several rounds of qualifying will certainly test not only his physical endurance but his mental level as well.

Having said that I think that he is the future of our nation and has the potential of Carl Lewis. There hasn’t been a Sprinter/long jump threat since Carl I believe. There may have been some with the talent, but they didn’t compete in the double.


Matthew Boling Track athlete Clocks 9.98 fastest time ever by a High schooler in any conditions

Boling Blazes Track Yet Again: 10.11w 100 Meters
By Todd Grasley for DyeStat

Matt Boling

University of Georgia signee Boling continues to approach an all-time speed level on tracks across Texas.
Three weeks after running a wind-aided 10.20 seconds to win the 100-meter dash March 30 at the 92nd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, the Strake Jesuit (Houston) senior lowered his best with a windy time of 10.11 at the UIL 6A Area 19/20 Meet. 
Boling’s 10.11 ranks 16th all-time for a prep athlete under any conditions. 

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