Mary Joy Tabal 2015-2019

Mary Joy Tabal 2015-2019

Mary Joy Tabal eyes Tokyo spot via Tokyo 42K.

CEBU’S top marathoner Mary Joy Tabal gets ready for another international competition. She laces it up in the 2020 Tokyo Marathon. A qualifying race for the Tokyo Olympics.

The Tokyo Marathon is set for March 1, 2020. Unfortunately, Mary Joy Tabal will leave for Japan a week before the Marathon. In contrast, The Tokyo Marathon will gauge Tabal’s healing progress after suffering from Iliotibial band syndrome.

“I’ll be careful with my injury because it’s not yet 100 percent. This coming run will evaluate my fitness and how far I have recovered,” she said.

The 2017 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games gold medalist sustained the injury three weeks before the Milo Marathon National Finals in January.

“The target is to get me to better shape physically and mentally,” said the many-time national champion.
Also, the participants in the Tokyo Marathon will get Olympic points depending on their finish.   

Mary Joy Tabal

By Dennis Scott

FOR ALL PHILIPPINE RUNNERS: Please know that they make it tough to qualify for the Olympics, considering there were 235 women who ran the 2:29:30 qualifying standard in 2019, and there may be even more running within that time in the first part of 2020.

Our Philippine women’s record of 2:43:31 would only be good enough for a #902 world ranking for 2019.

World Athletics (formerly the IAAF) only shows two listings for the Philippines for 2019:

Anthony Nerza’s 2:32:50 was good enough for #3,604 in the world marathon rankings (results score of 789) that limit ranking times up to a max of 2:35.

The other is for Mary Joy Tabal 2:49:57, suitable for a #1,349 ranking (results score of 945) if limited to 3:00:00.

For the half marathon, men must run 1:11:00 or faster to be world ranked. Women must run at 1:24:00 or quicker.

This all shows that we need to do more here in the Philippines to develop quality distance runners that can compete at the elite levels on the world stage. So praying for more government, LGU, corporate, and individual support at all levels from high school, university, and beyond and that some miracle lets Joy find her way to Tokyo.

Pinoyathletics Response to Mary Joy Tabal’s situation

Are Men Marathoners have not got any medals at the SEA Games level since 2013? 2015, 2017 athletes DNF 2019 5th and 6th place. The Olympics are pretty wishful thinking.

If Mary Joy Tabal is not going to qualify, Christine Hallasgo will certainly not allow it as I’m not sure what effort is being made to find her races, which are difficult to find; her PB is 2h52.

Despite PATAFA forwarding Hallasgo as a very likely candidate, did they look that the standard was 2h29.30?? Good research Dennis and excellent stats on your part, though well thought out. 

The Olympic cut-off is June 26 for qualification; after that, it’s pens and papers down and passes your notes to the front of the class.

At least Inquirer got this right with Phi Records in Marathon and Half Marathon. But, unfortunately, several prominent Philippine newspapers get their facts wrong by quoting Christabel Martes 2h38 as the Phi Record. I have already checked with Asian athletics, who correctly cited the course as undersized or not measured by IAAF officials, hence invalidating the mark.

National Training Pool Recommendations from 2017 September

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Mary Joy Tabal Mary Joy Tabal SEA Games 2015[/caption]

After a roller coaster of two years Mary Joy Tabal, 26 proved she deserved her place in the SEA Games lineup by taking the silver in the women’s Marathon. Tabal is trained by Triathlete Philip John Duenas of Cebu a local coach who is not on the national coaching staff of PATAFA. In wet slippery miserable conditions, Tabal timed 3:04.39 (well outside her personal best of 2:48.00 set in the 2013 December Milo Marathon Finals in Manila. Tabal was not happy with her time. The last time the Philippines won a medal in the SEA Games was back in 2009 when Jhoann Banayag became the SEA Games Champion.

The win went to Thailand, but surprisingly it was not race favorite and Olympic qualifier Thai-American Jane Vongvorachoti, who according to sources was forced to pull out due to leg pains. 35-year-old Natthaya Thanaronawwat was the victor in a time of 3:03.25. Outside her best of 2:50.02.

Since the Women’s Marathon was introduced at the 1983 SEA Games when it was won at 3:02.46. The winning time in 2015 Singapore is the slowest winning time in SEA Games History.

The bronze went to Thi Thanh Hoang, 21 in 3:07.14. Last time the Bronze was 2:48.00. This will make it easier for the Philippines to qualify two women in this event in 2017 as 3:07.14 will serve as the new Bronze standard, compared to the 2015 Standard which was 2:49.01 from the last SEA Games.

SEA Games 2013 Silver Medalist Myint Myint Aye now 38 years old ended up fifth.

Tabby in the call room
Mary Joy Tabal SEA Games 2015
Credits: Photos by National Coach Sean Guevarra & Official Results from SEA Games Official Website.

Initial Records

Record Mark Name Location Date
AR 2:19:12  

Berlin (GER) 25 Sep 2005
GR 2:34:29  

Chiang Mai (THA) 13 Dec 1995

Start List



Finished (Official)

Kallang Practice Track – 7 Jun 6:00


Rank Bib
Rank Bib Name     Result Time


1 296  

2 150  

TABAL Mary Joy
    3:04:39 +1:14          
3 338  

HOANG Thi Thanh
    3:07:14 +3:49          
4 339  

LAM Thi Thuy
    3:14:10 +10:45          
5 106  

AYE Myint Myint
    3:16:02 +12:37          
6 216  

SEE Boon Lay Rac.
    3:18:14 +14:49          
7 308  

    3:23:38 +20:13     PB    
8 209  

NEO Jie Shi
    3:35:54 +32:29          

NAPOLEAO Juventina


Jan 27, 2015

Meanwhile, Mary Joy Tabal was just outside her personal best with a time of 1:20:37 in the Marathon placing second behind an Australian. Tabal is preparing for the SEA Games Women’s Marathon in Singapore.

*This is not a media release, only information that can this is not unique to this article may be used. Please refer to the copyright information.

  1. Guessing Game

Picks for Tabal time in HK Marathon (January)

actual 1.20.37

  1. 1.23 enzo
  2. 1.25 ojon
  3. 1.30 Maulas
  4. 1.31 Dodong 2

Bertek actual 2.24

  1. 2.20 Dodong 2
  2. 2.29 dodong
  3. 2.31 Maulas
  4. 2.34 enzo
  5. 2.35 ojon


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