managing sports organizations by ruben acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta

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Rubén Acosta, Ph.D. is president of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). During his tenure, the volleyball association grew from a $100,000 operation into a powerful $200,000,000 organization, making it one of the most successful marketing efforts in modern sport. Beach volleyball has also been recognized as an official Olympic medal event, while the FIVB has been under his guidance. 

Dr. Acosta is currently serving on the International Olympic Committee. In the past, he served as the CEO of three major world championships in Mexico, the secretary-general of the Mexican All Sports Confederation, and an executive member of the Mexican National Olympic Committee.

Dr. Acosta has received the Cross of the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the highest distinction of the French government. He has also been inducted into the International Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame. Dr Acosta resides in Mexico but spends a great deal of his time in Switzerland. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, playing golf, and listening to opera and classical music.

About the Book Managing Sports Organizations

Dr. Rubén Acosta has built the International Volleyball Federation from a $100,000 operation to a $200,000,000 organization through his great understanding of sports marketing and management. In his book, Managing Sport Organizations, Dr. Acosta conveys his marketing and management insights and expertise. As a result, you will be able to build a successful sports management program on the local, national, or international levels.

Dr. Acosta offers straight forward advice to improve communication objectives, public relations goals, and promotion efforts—areas that many organizations fail to execute properly. The author goes into detail to show you how to market and promote a sport or event to the media and to train personnel and recruit members to aid in promotion. He also gives specific promotional strategies, such as having athletes promote the sport in their own community or country.

In addition, Dr. Acosta provides you with the skills needed to set and meet short-and long-term goals for your sports management organization. 

Managing Sports Organziations Summaries

Chapter 1 gives a historical overview and uses specific examples to explain current trends in sport organizations.

2 The best strategies for establishing a new sports management organization for sports

3 While offering tips on communicating with important people within sports management. As well as the media.

4 And details how to project the right image to the press and the public.

5 It also teaches how to establish a leadership style and manage and motivate staff.

6 For instance, offers tips on setting goals and putting plans in place to achieve them.

7 And explains the budgeting process and the best strategies for planning an organization’s future.

While utilizing the author’s 30-plus years in sport leadership, Managing Sport

However, Organizations provide you with the tools needed to develop contemporary sport management skills and sell your organization to sponsors, the press, and the public.

And with this unparalleled reference, you can successfully shape your sports program.





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