Looking for a job? Here are some considerations

Looking for a job? Here are some considerations

When you are looking for a job there are many factors that you take into account to choosing the company, not only the position they offer, but also if the company is good and has good working conditions and a suitable work environment.

Having working conditions in line with our expectations will promote our products and work motivation, so if you are not sure what criteria to take into account when choosing a company to work for, we are going to review those fundamental aspects that you should assess when accepting a job.

Salary is always the factor that is most valued when choosing a company to work for, having an adequate salary for your position and preparation favors the performance of the worker. But there are other determining factors that you should take into account, such as long-term security and prospects. Having a job indefinitely and with the support of the company for a future progression with possibilities for improvement, are situated as decisive decision factors.


What to value in a company?

When you are looking for a job, either for the first time or to improve your situation, you need the remuneration to be adequate. Check with friends or family in similar jobs or look for job offers that indicate the salary to see if what they offer you is in the industry average.

Once the salary has been assessed, you should not be left alone with that, in the job interview remember that as the interviewee you can ask the interviewer questions about the work-life balance, the work environment… or those factors that you consider decisive at the time to decide.

Regarding job security and prospects, first of all, you must know the contractual
conditions, obviously you must negotiate the conditions and characteristics of the contract that they offer you to try to adjust it to your criteria, you must take into account the position to which you aspire and your experience.

Regarding future projection, it is usual for companies to have career plans for their workers, if you are ambitious and seek to progress and get promotions, you must know the possibilities that the company offers you to be so, it can also be another question in the job interview.


What to Consider?

It is clear that these previous factors are decisive, but other options can cause the criteria to vary a little. You must remember that your situation is particular and that each one has different criteria when choosing a company. In the case of having children, family conciliation measures can be decisive, much more than the projection of the future, but without a doubt, time flexibility is something that you should not lose sight of.

Choose those that you consider decisive, during the selection process you should be interested in each one of them and ask the right questions. You can also consult the company website on the Internet and see what its values and corporate culture are, to give you an idea of the type of company it is. If you want to work in the Philippines, we would recommend Lalamove Philippines!








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