Lianne Diana Pama

Lianne Diana Pama – 2022 PA Junior Female Athlete Year

Last Updated on April 15, 2023 by Andrew Pirie

Lianne Diana Pama – 2022 PinoyAthletics Junior Female Athlete of the Year

Article by Enzo Williams

  • Association of Track and Field Statistician Vice President
  • Co-Founder of PinoyAthlteics
  • Consultant Coach for Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation.

After her recent success at the UAAP with two new UAAP Records; with an astounding 100m performance that captures the hearts and minds of the Filipino People. It is of great honor for PinoyAthletics to bestow upon Lianne Diana Pama the prestigious 2022 PinoyAthletics Junior Female Athlete of the Year award.

This a testament to the diligent smart coaching of long-time University of Santo Tomas (UST) head coach Emmanuel Calipes and his team of coaches. Pama is a first-year college student at UST. She hails from El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao Region (near Cagayan De Oro City and Villanueva City).

Pama’s performance has beaten out former winner Mia Guillergan (distance) Erica Ruto (Sprints), Abcede Agamanos (Jumps), and Kira Ellis (distance).

2022 UAAP Century Dash Record

Lianne Pama wins Heat 1in 11.83. Photo Credit: The Advocate

The UAAP made its return after 4 years out due to the Pandemic, surpassing the longest hiatus previously during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines Second World War (1942-1945). Capturing the awe of the crowd was the 5’4 Lianne Diana Pama, whose smooth-flowing running style has not been seen in the days of the late Great Lydia De Vega-Mercado. Pama clocked 11.83 easily topping Heat 1 in the Women’s 100m Dash, almost a full second ahead of Palaro Record Secondary Girls 100m Holder Samantha Gem Limos (University of the Philippines/UP) and Diana Rysiamie Hurano (Adamson University/ADU). Her time broke the UAAP Record of 11.90 from Jenny Rose Rosales (University of the East/UE) set in 2013 UAAP in Pasig. 

“The Ultra Conservative” Pama went on to clock 11.74 in the final which further lowered the record. Jessel Lumapas (De La Salle University /DLSU), a national team member, took silver in 12.17, and millimeters behind in bronze was Angel Ann Pranisa (National University / NU) at the same time. 


2022 200m Record added

Lianne Dian Pama
Lianne Diana Pama wins the 200m Dash in a new UAAP Record of 24.35

Pama continued in the heats of the 200 Meters with a new personal best of 24.78 topping the qualifiers for the finals. She then clocked 24.35 to break the UAAP Record of Jenny Rose Rosales of 24.49 set in the 2013 UAAP at DLSU Dasmarinas, Cavite. While the 100m may have been more impressive, the margin of victory was significantly more in the 200m. Bulldozing national athlete Jessel Lumpas (DLSU) who was a full second behind in 25.52, Pranisa of NU took bronze in 25.63.


Lianne Diana Pama 3rd Fastest Filipino Junior All Time 100m

Statistically, Pama’s 11.74 in the 100 Meters is the third fastest-ever time recorded by a Filipino Junior. Only Fil-Heritage athletes Kayla Richardson (11.65) (2015, 2022 SEA Games 100m Champion and 2015,2022 PinoyAthletics Female athlete of the year) and Zion Corrales-Nelson (11.67) (Former National Record Holder in 200 and 400) have ever run faster. Her time was also ahead of Princess Joy Griffey (11.75) (Former National Junior Record Holder) and even Lydia De Vega herself (11.76).

100m/auto All-Time Filipino Junior Womens

1 11.65 1.0 Kayla Anise Richardson
2 11.69 1.2 Zion Corrales-Nelson
3 11.74 0.4 Lianne Diana Pama
4 11.75 0.7 Princess Joy Griffey
5 11.76 ok Lydia De Vega-Mercardo
6 11.85 0.0 Kyla Richardson
7 11.99 1.0 Samantha Gem Limos
8 12.10 0.8 Eloiza Luzon
9 12.11 Elma Muros
10 12.11 0.9 Karen Twiste Janario

The performance also ranked Pama 10th in the Filipino All-Time List, even against Fil-American Athletes. Currently, Knott, Kayla Richardson, Kyla Richardson, and Zion Nelson hold 4 of the top 10 spots. Princess Joy Griffey who was born in the Philippines but is a dual citizen of the United States also is in the top 10. The locally trained athletes on the list were Lydia De Vega, Elma Muros, Lerma Gabito, and Rhoda Sinoro-Capistrano.

100m/auto All-Time Filipino Womens

1 11.27 1.5 Kristina Marie Knott
2 11.28 0.9 Lydia De Vega-Mercardo
3 11.41 1.0 Zion Corrales-Nelson
4 11.52 1.9 Kyla Richardson
5 11.57 0.8 Kayla Anise Richardson
6 11.58 1.4 Princess Joy Griffey
7 11.61 1.4 Lerma Buluitan-Gabito
8 11.67 1.3 Elma Muros-Posadas
9 11.73 1.5 Rhoda Sinoro-Capistrano
10 11.74 0.4 Lianne Diana Pama

200M Also Ranks All-Time

While not as impressive as her 100m time. Pama’s time ranks her 8th on the Women’s All-Time list of the Philippines and  5th on the Women’s All-Time list of the Philippines. As Pama has no more competitions in 2022, and this is her last year in the Juniors she, unfortunately, will not be able to climb higher up this list.

200m/auto All-Time Filipino Women

1 23.01 0.0 Kristina Marie Knott
2 23.18 1.5 Zion Corrales-Nelson
3 23.19 -0.4 Kayla Anise Richardson
4 23.35 -2.8 Lydia De Vega-Mercardo
5 23.50 1.6 Kyla Richardson
6 23.93 0.7 Princess Joy Griffey
7 24.00 -0.6 Elma Muros-Posadas
8 24.35 -0.3 Lianne Diana Pama
9 24.47 -0.7 Jenny rose Rosales
10 24.49 nwi Elena Ganosa

200m/auto All-Time Filipino Junior Womens

1 23.54 1.2 Lydia De Vega-Mercardo
2 23.67 0.3 Kayla Anise Richardson
3 23.74 -0.7 Zion Corrales-Nelson
4 24.15 -1.1 Princess Joy Griffey
5 24.35 -0.3 Lianne Diana Pama
6 24.47 -0.7 Jenny rose Rosales
7 24.57 0.3 Kyla Richardson
8 24.62 1.1 Decerie Niala
9 24.81 Jessel Luampas
10 24.95 -0.5 Eloiza Luzon

A bit late for World Juniors

Pama’s performances at UAAP of 11.74 and 24.35 fall below the 2022 World Junior qualification standards of 11.90 and 24.40. Unfortunately, they came a bit late with Qualification for World Juniors closed on July 18, 2022, and the event was held back in August in Cali, Colombia. Regardless of the impressive performance 11.74 would have just missed out on passing the heats with 11.72 the slowest qualifying time to break out of the heats.


Pama and the Pandemic

A very young Lianne Diana Pama was featured in Rappler back in 2015. First entered athletics at 11  years of age back in 2014 and won easily her first regional competition. In the 2015 Palaro, she was 4th in the elementary girls, before being overshadowed in her early secondary school years by the older female high school sprinters.

‘When I won in the regionals, my mom was with me. She hugged me and said she was proud of me’

Pama first burst onto the scene representing Northern Mindanao (NMRAA) as the Palaro Silver Medalist in both the 100m and 200m Dash with best times of 12.10  (wind-aided +2.3) and 25.04 at the 2019 Palarong Pambansa. She was then behind Decerie Niala of Leyte Sports Academy (EVRAA) at 11.98 and 24.62. Hoping for two more Palaro. It was not to be Pama was robbed of this chance by the Pandemic. 

Pama’s next event came thanks to the efforts of PinoyAthletics first in the Virtual Dash for Cash where she tied in the 60m winning cash and prize c/o of PinoyAthlteics Masiv Sports and Emerson Obiena. Tying with schoolmate Karen Janario.

Next, she ran at Cagayan De Oro SprinTopia during the pandemic in early 2021 where she took the overall win in the 100m Dash on the cement track at Cagayan De Oro in 12.36 seconds. 

Lianne Pama
Lianne Pama with meet director Mr. Dennis Scott.

Butuan Mindanao Track League

She then joined the PinoyAthletics Mindanao Track League ‘Battle at Butuan’, managed by Mr. Dennis Scott where she won the gold in the First Leg in 12.50 seconds. After skipping the second leg Pama returned to rule the third leg at Butuan 3.0 on December 4, 2021, in 12.66 seconds.

Pama next came onto the scene in the PATAFA weekly relays at Pasig lowering her personal bests to 24.82 in the 200m Dash (later improved further at UAAP). But UST skipped the weekly relay finals to focus on the UAAP.


SEA Rankings

Pama’s recent performance was faster than the winning time of Suphanich Poolkerd of Thailand 11.85 at the Thailand National Open (Dec 1), the SEA Games Bronze medalist. Her time of 11.74 ranks her tenth in the SEA Rankings for 2022. Shanti Veronica Pereira leads the list with 11.48 from Singapore. Kayla Richardson won the SEA Games in 11.62. The SEA Games Bronze Medal standard is 11.66.

24.35 does not rank Pama in the Top 10 of the 200m Dash.


Rankings Domestically Top 5 Ranked Women all with nonnational coaches.

The Top 6 Ranked National Women in the 100m from the Philippines are all from Non-National Coaches. Fil-Heritage athletes Kyla Richardson (11.52), Kristina Marie Knott (11.60), Kayla Anise Richardson (11.60), and Zion Corrales-Nelson (11.71) each with their respective coach. It might be time for PATAFA to rethink its coaching composition. Pama at 19 is the baby of the bunch with Knott the oldest at 27, and the other 3 at 24.

With the Top 5 all bunched up right now, it will be interesting to see in the next few months who secures the slots for the 100,200 and 4×100 at the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia.

Lianne Diana Pama
Lianne Diana Pama with Coach Manny Calipes of UST

Staying with Coach Manny

In the meantime, Pama a first-year college student at UST will be staying with ‘her coach’ Emmanuel Calipes who has guided her since 2019. And she did make the right choice despite offers from the national coaches which she wisely turned down, as her performance of 11.74 at UAAP demonstrates that she made the right choice.

Meanwhile, others have all complained about the influx of Filams making it harder for athletes to qualify to represent the Philippines in international competitions. Coach Calipes just patiently developed a female sprinter that can match the performances of the four Fil-American girls that dominate the local scene in the sprints.

Acknowledging those who made this possible

First off the hard thing for Pama was the loss of her dearly beloved Maria Paz Pama’s mother a few years ago. While others would have broken down Pama dug deep to find her strength from her mother’s memory. Pama’s mom was always very supportive of her in her early days and chaperoned her to all her events.

This one is for you Mom. Pama wipes away tears as she takes the UAAP Records.

Other people Pama would like to, especially thank

•Her late coach, Alfonso Busgano (grade school)

•Rose Labadan (her coach in grade school)

•Hamilton Banaag (her coach in grade school)

•Conielyn Zate (her coach in junior high school)

•Cherry Cabiluna (her coach in the n region)

•Vicente del Puerto (coach in region)

•My high school friends, Ericka Arances and Kisha Asequia.

•My 3 coaches at UST coach manny calipes, Coach Joey Ming Lao, coach aya Andrade

•Pama family and Abellanosa family

•Coach Enzo Williams

•And my dogs (if can be) Buffy and Kokrang


2022 UAAP Records

Complete 2022 UAAP Results Can be found here




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