Legends of Philippines Track and Field

Philippines Track and Field: Legends Series

(articles on famous Filipino athletes in track and field by

Pinoyathletics.info recognizes Legends of Track and Field’s sacrifice and perseverance in the Philippines Track and Field History.

While these dynamic individuals brought honor to the country with exceptional feats. Hence creating legacies that will never be forgotten.

And will forever live among the stars. But, at the same time, many great over the last hundred or so years have been included here.

We look to continue to expand our collection of famous Filipino athletes in track and field.

Legends of Track and Field

Yet must fulfill all three category criteria to be a Legend

  1. At least a medal at SEA Games, Asian Track, and Field or Asian Games / or are an Olympian.
  2. Has held or still holds a National or National Junior Record
  3. Is retired from the sport

Also, we always welcome more information and contributions from others considered worthy of joining this prestigious group.

While thanking contributors for providing us this valuable database of information on famous Filipino athletes in track and field.

Hence the Group contains athletes from the 1920s right up to the modern day.

Consequently spanning nearly one hundred years in the Philippines Track and Field.

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