Joshua Cheptegei 5k and 10K World Record

Joshua Cheptegei adds 10,000m to his 5,000m World Record.

October 8, 2020

Joshua Cheptegei (Uganda), 24, smashed Bekele’s 10k world record with a 26:11.02 run in Valencia.  Joshua Cheptegei had taken Kenenisa Bekele (Kenya) 5000m world record now he adds the 10,000m the previous record set in 2005 of 26:17.53

The next might target Daniel Komen’s 2k Mile record (which has stood since Joshua Cheptegei was 1 year old). It is even possible one day, if he is in prime condition for the event, he might one day take down the world’s half-marathon record.


PLEASE do a 2 mile and smash the 8 minute barrier- run 7:50-7:55! That would give amazing popularity to track and field (the average person sadly doesn’t understand or care about 5K/10K- but understands 2 miles). It would also in my opinion make him the GOAT of track distance running (he probably isn’t that already due to Bekele getting his Olympic Golds- unless Cheptegei was able to get a WR that Bekele didn’t have). –

Joshua Cheptegei is the current world record holder in 5000 on the track and road. And today was no different when he outclassed the field to add a third world record to his resume.


What an insane level of conditioning and poise! Went half the race in a league of his own! Threw a 62.5 in there?!?! What? Astonishing! What an absolute machine! Congratulations Joshua Cheptegei!!! This is your year! Reddit.

Cheptegei’s 1000m splits = 2:39, 2:37, 2:37, 2:37 2:38, 2:37, 2:37, 2:37, 2:37, 2:34. (source:

Monaco, August 14.

Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei rests on the field after breaking the wold record in the men’s 5000-meter final during the Diamond League athletics meeting in Monaco Friday, Aug. 14, 2020. (Matthias Hangst /Pool Via AP)

Joshua Cheptegei of Uganda battered the world record in the Men’s 5000m at the Wanda Diamond League.

Cheptegei stopped the clock at 12:35.37, almost a full 2 seconds faster than Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia set 16 years ago ta 12:37.35. 

Joshua Cheptegei, who turns 24 next month, is the World Champion over 10,000m.

He had previously set the 5000m road record in July of 12:51.

To indicate how fast the world record, it is an average of 60.5 per lap for 12.5 laps (400m per lap).

Cheptegei was impressive splitting 2:31.9, 2:31.9, and 2:13.4 for the first 1, 2, and 3km segments of the 5000m. He went through 4km at 10:05.46 with a 2:30 split faster than the 10:07 of Bekele when he had set the world record. He hit 11:35 with 1 lap to go and finished his last lap in a planned 59.9 seconds. 

When he finished, Cheptegei checked his own stopwatch before raising his hand in victory. 

A delighted Cheptegei posted on Twitter.

The question is how much faster can athletes go.

Is it even possible to break 12 Minutes one day? (11:59)

Joshua Cheptegei

Name Nat Date of Birth Order Result

1 CHEPTEGEI Joshua UGA 12 SEP 1996 12 12:35.36 WR
2 KIMELI Nicholas Kipkorir KEN 29 SEP 1998 7 12:51.78 PB
3 KROP Jacob KEN 4 JUN 2001 10 13:11.32 SB
4 FOPPEN Mike NED 29 NOV 1996 4 13:13.06 =NR PB
5 OUMAIZ Ouassim ESP 30 MAR 1999 11 13:13.14 PB
6 McSWEYN Stewart AUS 1 JUN 1995 9 13:13.22 SB
7 GRESSIER Jimmy FRA 4 MAY 1997 5 13:15.77 PB
8 SVELA Per NOR 19 MAR 1992 1 13:23.97 PB
9 HASSAN Suldan SWE 1 JAN 1998 2 13:31.62 SB
10 WANDERS Julien SUI 18 MAR 1996 3 13:49.85 SB
CRIPPA Yemaneberhan ITA 15 OCT 1996 8 DNF
KISSA Stephen (PM) UGA 1 DEC 1995 14 DNF
RAMSDEN Matthew (PM) AUS 23 JUL 1997 13 DNF

Intermediate times: 1000m 2:31.87 HOORNWEG Roy (NED)
2000m 5:03.77 RAMSDEN Matthew (AUS)
3000m 7:35.14 CHEPTEGEI Joshua (UGA)
4000m 10:05.46 CHEPTEGEI Joshua (UGA)


Is it physically possible to run an 11 minute 5k

August 15, 2020

With the recent breakthrough of Eliud Kipchoge running a marathon in 1:59:40 (sub 2 hours), let us hesitate to say something is impossible. So Is it physically possible to run an 11 minute 5k? Having said that, a 3:32 per mile pace (or 16.91 mph sustained) for 11 minutes seems highly—highly—improbable.

The men’s outdoor 1-mile world record is 3:43:13, and that was set in 1999. The men’s indoor 1-mile world record is 3:47:01, set in 2019. There have been some interesting studies hypothesizing that track athletes aren’t necessarily faster than their predecessors.

The difference is in technology. The shoes are better; the track surface is better; the training regime is more sophisticated. If you were to bring Jesse Owens forward in time, odds are, he would perform on par with today’s elite runners. 

The Stats

The 5000-meter world record is 12:37.35, set in 2004 by Kenenisa Bekele. The 5K record (not sure the technical difference between 5000 meters and 5K, but meh)…13:29 set in 2019.

Here is a progression of the World Record in the Men’s 5000m. From 12:37.35 to 11:59 would be a 38-second jump. To improve by 38 seconds, it has taken 23 years. Before that, 26 years.  Before that, 16 years.

Since the 1-mile world record is slower than the pace needed for an 11 minute 5k and hasn’t meaningfully budged, it seems like there is a physical barrier to sustaining that speed without any significant enhancement.

5k is 12.5 laps. That is less than 1 minute per lap. Let’s assume 11:59. Using  Speed Calculator – Calculate Now to calculate.

That is sustaining 57.52 avg per lap for 400m for 12.5 laps. The World Record for the 1500m is 3:26, which is 54.92 per lap on avg. If we continue at that pace, it’s 11:26.52 for 5000m.

Let’s move up to 3000m; the world record is 7:20.67, which is 58.76 and gives a 5000m time of 12:14, continuing at that pace. So the 5000m would have to be run faster than the 3000m world record pace, but not faster than the world 1500m pace for a sub 12 min to happen.

Times of 3:35 for 1500 and 7:11 would be required. 3:35 is a very decently world-class strong 1500m time. But it would have to be sustained for more than 3x the length of that distance. 

Greatest 1500m Race ever in Monaco (video)

Jul 21, 2015

1500 Metres – Men

1 Kiplagat, Silas                 KEN    3:27.64          4
2 Kiprop, Asbel                   KEN    3:28.45          2
3 Kwemoi, Ronald                  KEN    3:28.81          1
4 Souleiman, Ayanleh              DJI    3:29.58
5 Iguider, Abdalaati              MAR    3:29.83
6 Wote, Aman                      ETH    3:29.91
7 Willis, Nicholas                NZL    3:29.91
8 Manzano, Leonel                 USA    3:30.98
9 Centrowitz, Matthew             USA    3:31.09
10 Ingebrigtsen, Henrik            NOR    3:31.46
11 ÖAbilene, Ilham Tanui            TUR    3:33.10
12 Cronje, Johan                   RSA    3:33.69
13 Carvalho, Florian               FRA    3:35.68
Magut, James Kiplagat           KEN        DNF
Rotich, Andrew Kiptoo           KEN        DNF


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