Jomar Udtohan 2014-2020

Jomar Udtohan

  • Born: 06-August-1996
    College: San Sebastian Recoletos, Manila (Previous) / University of the Philippines (Current)
  • Coach: Jec Gando (Previous) / George Posadas (Current)
  • Philippine Team from 2014 onwards

Jomar Udtohan Profile:

Personal Bests

  • 100m – 10.56 +0.4 PRE-Asian Games Jakarta Indonesia, 11 Feb 2018
  • 200m – 21.52 Weekly Relays Pasig, Philippines, 3 Dec 2017
  • 400m – 46.95 Singapore Open, Singapore, 29 Mar 2019 


  • San Sebastian 2013-2018 (NCAA)
  • University of the Philippines 2018- (UAAP)


  • Palaro Record in 100m,200m, 400m (current 200m and 400m 21.8 and 48.7)
  • NCAA Junior Record in 100, 200, 400
  • NCAA Record in 100


Jomar Udtohan


A Tremendous weekend for Jomar at the Singapore Open.

Which saw several milestones. Jomar went into the competition with a PB of 47.81 from last year’s Weekly Relay Finals in Pasig on November 30.

Jomar is coached by the mustache man himself, Noel George ‘Jojo’ Posadas. And is currently a student-athlete at UP. Took his time down to 47.17 in the heats, already a SEA-leading time in the 400.

He then went even further in the final, getting silver with 46.95, just finishing behind Rikuya Ito of Japan (Ito just ran 46.66 on 23rd March in Australia).

Jomar became the 8th Filipino athlete ever to break 47 seconds, and it now puts him at #8 on the all-time list.

Ahead of him are 6 Former SEA Games 400m Champions.

Does this bode well for the 2019 SEA Games for Jomar and his coach Jojo? Can he hang onto the season lead for South East Asia?

With the SEA Games Champion Trenten Beram having not competed since August of last year at the Asian Games, Jomar is stepping up for the country right now. 

Can everyone guess which 400m athlete Jomar knocked off the all-time top 10 lists? His recent performance brought him into the top 10. Here is a hint the athlete is still active.



One of the most exceptional finds through the ranks of Junior Men’s Sprints in the Philippines was Jomar Udtohan.

Born August 6, 1996, in Bulacan. Is a graduating student from San Sebastian High School who will be moving to San Sebastian College of the Philippines NCAA. 

Since emerging in 2012, Palaro Udtohan took the silver behind Jonas Etuille (now of Mapua) in 11.1; he also finished 5th in the 400m in 51.8.

Hence, Jec Gando of San Sebastian noticed he was quickly recruited and mentored to some good improvements by the veteran NCAA coach.

Jomar Udtohan


At the NCAA, he broke the 100m High school record with 10.99. Also won the 200 with 23.00 and 52.24 in 400, completing the treble

.In 2013, moving up through the ranks of the Palaro, he was Bronze in the 100m behind Lirazan and Nor and silver behind Lirazan in the 200m in 22.4.

At the PNG, he won the treble in the youth division the PNG in the 100 (11.15), 200 (22.72), and 400 (50.41); he took the scalp of 2011-2012 PNG JR Champion Romnick Nor in the 100.

Most noteworthy, Jomar experienced his first international meet, finishing seventh in the Junior Final at the prestigious Thailand Open.

Hence lining up against some of the best Juniors in  Thailand in a time of 11.04.

Yet it was a record-breaking 2014 for Udtohan, who timed 10.88, 22.05, and 50.18, all NCAA high school records.

Furthermore, his time of 22.05 was faster than the Philippines NCAA College record (22.15).

However, the Ultimate dish came in Laguna when he broke all three records in his final year at the Palarong Pambansa; he timed 10.8 in the 100m breaking a record shared between Daniel Noval and 3 other previous champions.

Also, 21.8 in the 200m, a record held by Noval and one other former champion, broke the long-standing record of Jimar Aing (2005 SEA Games Champion) in the 400m with a time of 48.7.

Unfortunately, at the PNG, the hard work took its toll, and after qualifying in the 100 Meter heats, he suffered a quadriceps tear in the 100m finals about 15 meters out from the finish and limped home last.

Finally, after intensive therapy, he returned to the Weekly Relay Finals clocking 11.0, very close behind Romnick Nor in the Junior Division.


After Injury

An incoming alternate for the men’s 4×100 and a member of the training pool. Are idols other members of the relay squad Anfernee Lopena and Daniel Noval, who are a few years older than Udtohan?

Also, Udtohan’s goal is to be a senior national champion one day. He certainly has a good batch of older sprinters to help lead him to that eventual goal one day.

Udtohan showed a fine return to form in 2015 with a win at the National Open in the Junior 100 (10.93) and 200 (21.86); he was just .02 seconds off the Junior Record Raul Abangan set in 1987.

Jomar claimed the weekly relay Junior 100/200 titles with runs of 10.5 and 21.8.



Jomar had several meets in 2016. In February, his first February was the NCAA; he clocked an NCAA record of 10.66 (0.4) in the heats.

Breaking the mark Anfernee Lopena set the previous year in 10.73. In the final, he went on defeat Lopena with 10.59 (2.4); this was not allowed as an NCAA record due to the wind reading.

Udtohan broke his best time from the 2014 Palaro getting silver in the 400 in 48.76 behind Reymond Alferos of Mapua; this time also surpassed the previous record of Archand Bagsit at 48.82.

Jomar clocked 21.94 in the heats (0.8) and then 21.89 (nwi) to win the finals.

His time of 21.94 tied the electronic record of Henry Dagmil for the NCAA.

Jomar missed the PNG in March due to injuries. In the National Open in April, Udtohan was a very credible fourth place in the Final with a new personal best time of 10.65 behind Top Asian Juniors Manap 10.38 & Jantan 10.41 of Malaysia and Fil-Heritage sprinter Brandon Thomas (Phil Airforce) 10.60.

He went on better this time again at the Manila Open with 10.62 (0.8), finishing a close second behind Fil-Heritage sprinter Bryan Mercado (10.59).


Due to injuries. Jomar was not selected in the final lineup for the SEA Games 4×100. He had helped the National team clocked 40.29 at the National Open in Ilagan, Isabella, in March breaking the National Record.

Jomar transferred from San Sebastian College to the University of the Philippines to train with Noel George Posadas.

He further improved his 100m time on August 6 to 10.60 at weekly relays.

Jomar Udtohan wins the 400m Trial 


Udtohan’s winning streak continues at Weekly Relays in 200M

Dec 4, 2017

Udtohan continued his winning streak at the Weekly Relays in 2017.

Jomar has been undefeated in the 100, 200, and 400 throughout the whole series.

The weekly relays had begun back in June, after 2 months off due to the venue’s renovation resumed 5 weeks ago.

We want to note that PATAFA has not supplied results for 5 continuous weeks. So official results are not available as of yet.

Jomar time has been reported as 21.52 (there was a wind reading but not been reported yet) on December 3.

The last weekly relays before the Final which is scheduled for December 8 and 9.

Jomar finished ahead of national 100m champion Anfernee Lopena and Joan Caido, a 2015 SEA Games silver 4×400. 

Jec Gando originally coached Jomar at San Sebastian.

Before moving to the national coach with the best time of 21.87, Noel George ‘Jojo’ Posadas improved his time to 21.81 2 weeks ago and then 21.52 on Sunday.

Jomar was not lined up in the 4×100 at the 2017 SEA Games as a hamstring injury had sidelined his readiness to compete.

He will not be eligible for the next UAAP as he must undergo 1 year of residency transferring from a UAAP school.

“I haven’t done any training the last 2 weeks as I decided to focus on my studies buddy. I didn’t expect to run this fast so early said the 20 year old.”

The time moves Jomar into #8 on the

Philippines All-Time List for the 200m Dash

1 20.84 0.1 Trenten Beram 01-Apr-96 1 SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 23-Aug-17
2 21.17 1.6 Ralph Waldy Soguilon 02-Oct-83 2r2 Mt Sac Walnut 15-Apr-17
3 21.25 0.1 Eric Shauwn Cray 12-Jun-88 UTEP Springtime El Paso 25-Mar-17
4 21.35 1.4 Bryan Mercado 10-May-92 Mt Sac Walnut 17-Apr-15
5 21.44 -0.7 Isidro Del Prado 15-May-59 2 Manila 02-Dec-84
6 21.50 0.7 Jimar Aing 09-Jun-78 4h2 Manila 22-Sep-03
7 21.50 -0.6 Archand Christian Bagsit 23-Dec-90 1f SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 23-Aug-17
8 21.52 ok Jomar Udtohan 06-Aug-96 1 Weekly Relays Pasig 03-Dec-17
9 21.59 ok Julius Felicismo Nierras 14-Jul-79 1 National Open Lingayen 04-May-09
10 21.60 0.5 Paulino Coloma Jr. 10-Oct-73 4 Singapore 16-Jun-93

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Udtohan with coach Jec Gando
Udtohan throws his hands out in victory after winning the boys bi-centenial dash - Airnel T. Abarra
Jomar Udtohan, who ruled the 100-meter dash in the 2014 Palarong Pambansa, suffered leg cramps while running in the junior men's 100-meter dash in the Philippine National Games on Saturday. Earl Victor Rosero, GMA Newsmore
Jomar Udtohan during Palaro relays.
Udtohan in his final stretch in 200m crafting grand slam in Palaro sprints.
Jomar Udtohan of NCR wins the 400m at the expense of his team mate Jaime Mejia.
Udtohan's Strong Finish




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