Jesson Ramil Cid
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Jesson Ramil Cid

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Our the newest inductee to the Legends of Track and Field is Jesson Ramil Cid. The 2013 SEA Games Gold Medalist and previous national record holder in the Decathlon. Cid was nominated for the PSC Sports Hall of Fame but unfortunately, his performances were too recent to be included.

MANILA, Philippines – Jesson Ramil Cid (born 1991) looks back at the soil field in Dingras, Ilocos Norte where he first tried the high jump. Unlike in the UAAP or other major tournaments, you can only do the scissors jump here since there is no foam to land on. It all began here 7 years ago for the man now recognized as Southeast Asia’s best all-around athlete.

Discovered while playing basketball at age 13, Cid was persuaded by coaches from Dingras to try the high jump so he could represent the Ilocos region in the annual Palarong Pambansa. It was not all roses as he only placed 3rd in the 2007 Palaro as a high school junior. Even worse, he did not even get a medal during his senior year.

Jesson Cid
Jesson Cid during UAAP Playing days

Despite his Palaro shortcomings, he was spotted by the Michael Keon, former director of Gintong Alay, which produced the likes of Lydia De Vega and Isidro Del Prado. Keon immediately recommended Cid to former Gintong Alay national coach and FEU mentor Rosito Andaya

Cid immediately became known in the UAAP circles as the iron man of athletics. He competed in so many events that the UAAP even changed its rules to limit the number of events an athlete could join. His potential was breathtaking and Andaya felt he could be the next best FEU athlete since De Vega.


Decathlete Jesson Cid Iron Man UAAP

Jesson Cid
Jesson Cid

Quite often clumped into Multiple events including the Decathlon (10 events on its own) at one UAAP Cid competed in 17 events total. 10 including the Decathlon. Cid still holds the National Junior Record for the Decathlon at 6094 points at the 2010 National Open. He still holds the 200 Record of UAAP 21.82 (+0.2), 2012. He had the UAAP Decathlon record up until 2014 when it was broken by another FEU Athlete Janry Ubas.



July 12, 2013

2012 UAAP 200 FINAL
Cid Centre running with Pach Unso (left) and Soriano (right) in the UAAP 200 finals.

One of the rising stars the past few years in the Decathlon has been one of Run for Change’s priority athletes:  Jesson  Cid and also a member of the FEU Track and Field Team.

Most noteworthy is that the 21-year old from Ilocos has shown tremendous improvement this year over the 400m. While Cid Improved his best time to 48.44 and ranked third this year on the Ranking Lists, Hence putting in contention for the Men’s 4x400m Relay team at this stage. While the fourth fastest team member is currently 48.51.

As we are not here today to talk about his 400m, we are here to talk about his prospects in the Decathlon.

The Decathlon is the original event of Jesson Ramil Cid, he holds the Philippine Junior Record at 6094 set at the 2010 National Open. Cid also holds the UAAP Record at 6137 set at the 2011 UAAP. His best score is 6287 from the 2011 PNG. The hard-working Cid during his first two UAAP actually participated in the Decathlon and at least seven other events.

As the Decathlon is only worth a certain amount of points, yet is a grueling ten events. While Cid’s college coaches decided they could utilize him better by putting him in more individual events and leaving out the decathlon. Hence in 2012, he took a break, if that’s what you want to call it from the Decathlon. Also during this type of tapering off period, he actually improved his 200m and 400m times. Cid Initially a hurdler has had more success in the sprints this year.


Comparisons of Cid versus the SEA Games Standards


Looking at Cid’s Best Individual Scores How Close is he to qualifying for the SEA Games?

It is important to note that Cid has improved after taking a year off Decathlon. While if he was to equal his best performances. Furthermore then how close to the SEA Games standard would he be?  While for hand timed performances I have added +.24 seconds for 100-400 distances and .14 for distance where necessary. Also, I  have used the Standard IAAF Decathlon point scoring system chart for multi-events. While this is different for individual events.


  1. 100m 11.04 (10.8): 852 points
  2. Long Jump 6.76m: 757 points
  3. Shotput 9.19: 437 points
  4. High jump  1.86m:  679 points
  5. 400m 48.44: 888 points
  6. 110 Hurdles 15.09: 839 points
  7. Discus 31.95:  503 points
  8. Pole Vault 3.90m: 590 points
  9. Javelin 40.42: 448 points
  10. 1500m 4:40.7: 676 points

= 6669 points total which would be above the bronze medal standard of 6602 for SEA Games.



Bronze becomes Gold

Cid took the Gold Medal in the 2013 SEA Games with 7038 points. Breaking the record of Fidel ‘Toto’ Gallenero the 2001 SEA Games Gold Medalist who had held the record with 6974 points.

IRON MAN in Action

Jun 23, 2014

SEA Games Decathlon Gold Medalist Jesson Ramil Cid (right) with his coach ‘Boar’ Sean Guevarra

SEA Games Champion 23-year-old Decathlete Jesson Cid will be participating at the Malaysian National Open on June 25-27. Consequently, Cid broke the national record of 2001 SEA Games Champion Fidel ‘Toto’ Gallenero (now a Brunei coach) (6963 pts) with 7038 pts at the SEA Games. While he improved on his own record with 7069 pts at the National Games last month.

Also, Cid will be accompanied by Coach Sean Guevarra (National High Jump Record Holder).

Meanwhile, in Italy National Indoor and Junior Record Holder Ernest John Obiena will have a few attempts before the deadline of entries close on July 7 to qualify for Boys Pole Vault at the World Junior Champs which will be held at Oregon near the end of the month. Ernest is in Italy with his father National Coach Emerson Obiena in a 3-month training stint under coach Vitaly the former coach of Sergey Bubka.

Jesson Ramil Cid: From FEU to the Southeast Asian Games Cid competes in so many events that the UAAP even changed its rules to limit the number of events an athlete could join

Phi Athletics June Week 4 2014 – Cid gets Gold in Malaysian Open Cid does enough to win Gold in Vietnam

Jun 29, 2014

Jesson Cid
Jesson Cid Malaysian Open champion also. Not BAD FOR A PANDA. Photo Credit: Sean Guevarra

Jesson Ramil did enough to add the Malaysian Decathlon Open Championship title to his extensive resume. Hence Cid the SEA Games champion and Philippine Record Holder with 7069 pts. Done at the recently concluded PNG last month bet all the Malaysian athletes to score

After the 8th event of 10 in the Decathlon where our lone decathlete and lone entry Mr. Cid Jesson Ramil taking part here at Perlis, Malaysia. While Jesson manage to take a lead from the start of the first event yesterday until this morning with a big margin of around 500 points.

In spite of knee pain he fell on his left knee since during the long jump yesterday, he still determined to finish the event for the glory of our country. 100m-10.56s, Long Jump-6.82, Shot put-11.41m, High Jump-1.83m, 400m-48.20, 110h-15.41, discus throw-30.15, pole vault-3.80m..

The last 2 events has been so tough for our athlete Cid Jesson Ramil having knee pain, it is a heart attacking action in javelin where he got fouled in the first 2 throw but still manage to set a good mark on his last throw with a distance of 40+ meters,

In 1,500m he did all the energy he left and made a 4.41.16s. taking a GOLD Medal and setting a total points of 6,736, Malaysia got the SILVER with 6276 points.


-excerpt from Coach Sean Guevarra (Cid’s coach)

Decathlete Jesson Cid joins the Adopt an Olympian Program
Aug 6, 2014

Jesson Cid
Jesson Cid

SEA Games Decathlon Champion and Philippine Record Holder Jesson Cid, 23 has joined the Adopt an Olympian program of Jim Lafferty. The Former UAAP standout and his Coach Sean Guevarra (who still holds the National Record for High Jump) answered several questions the media fired at them at the Club Filipino Function room in San Juan.

For the next two months, Jesson Cid’s target is to improve his upper body strength so he could better his personal record of 7,069 to the 7,300-7,500 range.  Jesson Cid will participate at the Incheon Asian Games from September 19 to October 4. While he is currently up with the top five Decathletes in Asia.

So in attendance were Head of the Adopt Olympian Program Jim Lafferty, the new PATAFA President Dr. Philip Ella Juico, and PSC Commissioner Jolly Gomez.

While Cid would be funded by Wong Chu King Foundation. And around 160,000 pesos a month would be invested into him leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Backing from the private sector

“The PSC [Philippine Sports Commission] and Patafa are doing great in supporting the athletes but they can’t rely much more on the tax money. That’s why we need the help of private sectors to finance our elite athletes,” said Lafferty.

So far three Olympians have agreed to follow the program with Olympian Long Jumper Marestella Torres her husband Shot putter Eleazer Sunang and now Cid being the third to accept the offer.


It’s all about attitude

“There are three steps to success in life: determine what you want, determine the price and you have to pay the price. It’s incredibly simple. The problem is not many people are willing to do those steps. They don’t know what they want and they don’t want to pay the price,” Jim Lafferty said during a press conference of Adopt an Olympian program at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City on Tuesday.

Many candidates have been considered for the Adopt an Olympian program. While not all the candidates were willing to comply with the strict requirements it entails. PATAFA indicated that 13 athletes in the current PATAFA pool have been shortlisted. While he was not willing to disclose names at this point in time as they are still being evaluated.

“The sobering news is we have some works in progress. We need to make sure the athletes are passing the standards. We have some athletes that have said, ‘I am not prepared to give up all of those foods to do this.’ And we tell them ‘Okay, then we’re not going to bring you into the project,’” he said.

“It’s really an opportunity as a young athlete to get support like this for the Rio Olympics. Sa akin po, inisip ko na magandang pagkakataon ito, so grab ko na po,” remarked Cid during a press conference yesterday at the Club Filipino in Greenhills.

Among the changes an athlete has to agree to is a very strict diet where rice and bread will be eliminated. While highly regimented training guidelines and constant observation and measurements. And even their sleeping patterns will be monitored. Also, the athletes must be willing to relocate from their existing quarters. And to residences nearer to their coaches to facilitate training. And remove all possible distractions while training full-time for six days a week.


Tinkering here and there

Coach Sean Guevara explained at the National Open. Cid could have actually got around 7250 points at the National Games if he had done better in the discus. What Mr. Lafferty said made a lot of sense.

For those who don’t know there are ten events in the grueling decathlon. 100m,400m,1500m,110 Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Discus, Shot put, and Javelin.

While Cid is competitive in the running events, his weaknesses are the lower body events Discus, Shot put, Javelin, and Pole Vault. Hence it is the goal of Mr. Lafferty and his team to increase his upper body strength through diet. And rigid training so he can score around 7400 points and challenge for a medal at the Asian Games.

Mr. Lafferty, who has Fil-New Zealand Oxford College, educated Nutritionist Harvey De Baron assisting with this project has put Cid on a diet of Kimoah. An African imported Grain which will substitute Rice as Cid’s staple. While Cid bench press is at 85kg. And Lafferty is aiming to get him to 100kg bench which would see dramatic increases in his throwing ability.

Last Major Success and Retirement

2017 SEA Champion ‘Rondo’ Toledo and 2013 SEA Champion Jesson ‘The Panda’ Cid

Jesson Cid’s last major medal was the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore. By this stage, he was unable to defend his title against the Vietnamese athlete Nguyen Van Hue who tallied 7232 points. Cid let in a valiant effort with 7065 points, just 4 points off his then-national record. And Janry Ubas another FEU alumni took the bronze in the Decathlon in 6796 points.

Cid had ongoing knee problems that required surgery and was never fully able to recover. He was removed from the national team by around 2017 and this ended his athletic career. He did, however, carry on in some capacity in 2017 as the training partner to Aries Toledo who also hailed from the northern part of the country and was able to break Cid’s SEA Games record and win the gold back for the Philippines at the 2017 SEA Games.




By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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