Jeremiah Malonzo

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UP close with Jeremiah Malonzo (video) conducted an online interview with newly-crowned UAAP 100m Women’s Champion Jeremiah Malonzo.

The pint-sized Malonzo took the UAAP 100m in the most emphatic victory over powerhouse UST 2015 Champion Eloiza Luzon, with last year’s champion Karen Janario well back in 5th place.

Malonzo’s time of 12.21 was a big improvement on her personal best. And she also secured a bronze in 25.31 in the 200m behind Janario and Luzon of UST.

To my knowledge, in 20 years, UP has failed to win a medal in the Women’s Sprints at UAAP.

Malonzo, who was only in twelfth place last year, was an unexpected champion. Malonzo is coached by Jolo Rivera of the University of the Philippines.

We had an interview with a very down-to-earth and humble girl via Facebook.

Jeremiah Malonzo
Jeremiah Malonzo with her coach Jolo Rivera



Pinoyathletics would like to interview you.
if u have any photos
would be appreciated from UAAP etc
Hello! Is it okay if I send it mga 1 pm? Photos are with my sister daw kasi. ? I have a few here
yeah sure
I want to start by saying
in 20 years I followed uaap
I haven’t seen UP women win once.
Were u surprised to win? Did u expect it? I mean, you only finished 12th in 2016 uaap
I didn’t expect to win. Haha! At first, I thought I finished 3rd, but then when my teammates told me I won, I was shocked, lol.
Where did u study hs? are u from manila?
From St. Paul College, Pasig
I think
that your win is the first-ever win in at least 20 years for women’s sprints.
for UP
in the UAAP
I followed UAAP since 2000
and I never saw a UP girl win
were u nervous going up against the bigger names
of Luzon and Janario
Of course!!!
two former UAAP Champions
I idolize them so much
Especially Karen!!!

Part 2

what are ur plans after this
do u hope to be a national or sea games athlete one day
If given a chance, then yes
will u be competing at the national open
in Isabella
Not yet sure. It depends on our head coach, coach Rio ?
I see I see
how old ru
20 yrs old
what are u studying
BS home economics po
what do u want to do when u graduate
Have my own business, hehe
what about the 200? I’m guessing 12.21 and 25.31 doesn’t quite add up
Also, when ur in high school, who coached u then, and were u in athletics at that point?
U looks like quite a small sprinter. What is ur height?
My run was more than I expected
The time did not matter; I just tried to execute my technique perfectly
and weight
My coaches were Arnie Julian, Jollibert Limas & Dan Verano. Yes, I was. I also made it to the palarong Pambansa 2014 but did not make it to the finals
Height is 5’3″, weight is 47kg
Chat Conversation End




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