Isang Smith

Isang Smith

Isang Smith

Unheralded Isang Smith shakes off a miserable start to the season

A few months ago Marisa ‘Isang’ Smith made it her goal to qualify for the SEA Games in the women’s 1500m. The most unlikely of ALL candidates in the Fil-Heritage program is the 28-year-old Massage Therapist from New York who had last year acquired a Philippine Passport and contacted me via the POC. Smith had been a 56.01 400m runner several years ago in College (like six years ago in fact). She had also a time of 61.41 for the 400 Hurdles before.

However, it was the gutsy risk to move up to an event she had never tried before the 1500m which raised hairs on the back of my neck. Still, I was willing to see how things panned out. Her first run in January in the mile she had only timed a 5:27 in the mile having several leg problems.

It was a rather miserable start to the season and only the bravest of the brave would have carried on after this setback. However last weekend at the Boston University Scarlett and White meet Smith improved her performance significantly to 5:07 indoors (which converts to 4:45 but maybe a bit faster on an outdoor around as much as 4:42). A significant improvement.

Her journey will continue at the national open where she will compete, she must hit a time of 4:32.33 to make the team.


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