Is Milo drink Healthy? Comprehensive #1 Guide


Is Milo’s drink Healthy?

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The nutritional value of Milo’s drink isn’t as high as you may think.

  • Do you prefer Milo over other drinks?
  • Or perhaps it’s your breakfast beverage on the go?

I think you ought to start considering having different drinks for breakfast on the go.


Milo Drink  Drops its 4.5 Star Rating.

Is Milo Drink HEALTHY?
NESTLE was forced to remove Milo’s 4.5 health star rating in 2018 after health experts criticized the company for “deceiving” consumers into thinking Milo is a sports drink.
Because consumers only use three tablespoons of Milo per glass of skim milk, Nestle calculated a
4.5-star rating.
Because many people don’t eat Milo depending on their condition, the general well-being experts and consumer group Choice suggested that Milo receive a 1.5-star rating instead.
Despite the facts stated above. Milo still advertises as an Energy Drink and still encourages people to drink it every day. Is Milo HEALTHY


Is Milo HEALTHY? Too Much Sugar!

Milo Composition Is Milo HEALTHY

Did you realize that it contains more sugar than different fixings like malt, cocoa, and milk?

Expanding a ton of sugar content nourishments is awful for our well-being. Besides, drinking drinks that are high in sugar will fall apart from our bodies.

It is alright if you are savoring control; however, on the off chance that you are drinking it without fail, at that point, I propose you drink refreshments that are either sound or non-improving.


Indeed, even the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has exhorted their kindred Malaysian individuals to drink Milo modestly as in the 100 g serving of chocolate drink, 40g originates from sugar. That is a great deal as it is almost 50% of the 100g.


Not simply that, do you realize sugar is awful for you?

It is because it has calories. Regardless of where sugar originates, it will generally increment the triglycerides and fat levels in your blood, and higher triglycerides increase your danger of coronary illness. (Triglycerides are a sort of fat in the blood.)

In this way, sugary refreshments don’t control your appetite. Instead, it is making it simple to expend a high number of liquid calories.

Research has reliably demonstrated that individuals who drink sugary refreshments, for example, pop and squeeze, gauge more than individuals who don’t.

Weight gain has been connected with the danger of coronary illness, diabetes, and kinds of malignancy.

Likewise, drinking a great deal of sugar-improved refreshments is connected to an expanded measure of instinctive fat, a sort of profound midsection fat related to conditions like diabetes and coronary illness.

Devouring a lot of sugar, especially sugar-improved refreshments, has been connected to atherosclerosis, a condition portrayed by greasy supply routes obstructing stores. It will build your danger of Type 2 Diabetes.

Is Milo HEALTHY? = Coke

There have been discoveries that Milo’s glycemic record is equivalent to Coke’s. The glycemic list is a general positioning of starch nourishments as indicated by how they influence blood glucose levels. Is Milo HEALTHY


  • Milo broken down in water has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 55, and it must be brought somewhere around utilizing milk rather than just water.
  • Milk drink has a lower GI of 30 – 33, so if you blend Milo in a limited quantity into a milk cup, it will have a general GI of more like 33.

Be that as it may, if you blend a lot of Milo into a cup of milk, the GI level will shoot up to nearly 55. So expending an excessive numat are nourishments in GI should attempt to avoid or keep with some restraint.


Basically, it could possible be healthy if – and only if – you only have only have three teaspoons and pair it with 200 ml of skim milk. It certainly should not be advertising itself as a health or energy drink.


Is Milo HEALTHY? Risky nourishment added substance

Other than sugar, there is a fixing in Milo called Maltodextrin.

It is a fix that causes your glucose level to spike due to its high glycemic record.

It is a white powder produced using corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. That is generally bland and breaks up in the water.

It is an added substance in a broad scope of nourishments, as it can improve their surface, flavor, and period of usability.

Even though the powder originates from these everyday items, it experiences handling.

The Maltodextrin smothers the development of probiotics by stifling and changing gut microbes organization, produced using GMO corn that may toxically influence a few real organs and frameworks that may cause a hypersensitive response or reactions additionally no supplement incentive in it.


Is Milo HEALTHY? Maltodextrin is linked to diabetes.

Maltodextrin may cause a sharp increment or spike in individuals’ glucose soon after eating nourishment containing it. As a result, blood glucose levels can be hazardous for individuals with diabetes and insulin obstruction.


Is Milo HEALTHY? Gut issues

The gut is an essential piece of our body. So whatever goes in our body may influence the parity of gut microorganisms.

  • Salmonella. An examination found that there are high dosages of Maltodextrin given to mice. It turns out; that it smothered their invulnerable framework’s capacity to battle off this and other microscopic organisms; step by step, it prompts gastroenteritis.
  • Escherichia coli. Researchers accept that it might improve Crohn’s malady and other provocative entrail illnesses because of E. coli blossoms with handled nourishments containing Maltodextrin.


Is Milo HEALTHY? Weight goes up


Because of Milo’s high sugar content, it will do little to satisfy your yearning. Instead, it will simply animate your feeling of appetite and get you to continue eating. In this manner, you’ll wind up gaining more weight on the off chance you are devouring a lot of sugar.

Whether you need to expand your weight, devouring a lot of sugar isn’t the best approach. There is likely a connection between sugar and weight, yet that doesn’t imply that you should utilize this strategy to expand your weight.

Expending a lot of sugar won’t just increase your weight; however, you will also be in danger of getting ailments.

I Eat Milo to make me run faster: how the Use of Sport in food marketing may influence the food beliefs of Young Australians

This paper reports on a series of studies exploring the marketing strategies utilized by leading Australian food companies that produce and distribute foods predominantly consumed by children and consumer responses to these practices.

The focus is on using sports and sporting celebrities to promote food products and influence young people’s food attitudes and preferences.

The qualitative research with children (6-12 years) and teens (12-14 years) supports previous research that branding may influence food preferences.

It also suggests that associating particular foods with sports may influence young people’s food beliefs, including their ability to accurately judge foods’ nutritional value and perceptions regarding the types of foods eaten by those undertaking physical activity.


More concerning, however, are promotions which link high sugar foods with sport and sports stars, implying they are needed for energy to boost performance.


Does drinking Milo make me gain weight?

Milo is chocolate and malt powder that is mixed with hot water and milk.

It can make you gain weight ONLY if it helps you create a caloric surplus. This means, that if you consume more calories than you need in a day, you will gain weight.

Usually, liquid calories are easy to consume. However, if you want to gain weight but don’t want to eat, you can have some liquid calories.

If you want to lose weight, it’s best to stay away from liquid calories because they are not very filling.

Use this Calorie Calculator to find out how many calories you need.

For example, if you need 2500 calories to maintain your weight, your weight will go up slowly if you consume 100–200+ calories over that regularly. The opposite is true for weight loss.

As you can see in the pic below, one serving of Milo has 120 calories. If you add milk to it, that’s another 120+ calories.

Or if you consume this over your maintenance calories, you will gain weight. If not, you won’t. It’s all about energy balance.

Additional Tips:

  • Use an app such as MyFitnessPal to track your daily calories
  • Use a Calorie Calculator
  • Measure your body weight regularly and observe changes regularly.
  • Consume most of your calories from whole, minimally processed foods, and consume liquid calories if you are not able to eat enough
  • Make your smoothies and shakes using protein powder, fresh fruit, peanut butter, etc. This way, you also get micronutrients.

Does Milo Contain Caffeine?

A chocolate and malt powder designed to be mixed with milk as a beverage contains small amounts of caffeine and contains theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine. Both derive from the cocoa used to make the product.

The exact formulae of Milo appear to differ from country to country where it is sold; one study measured about 2.8 mg of caffeine per gram of Milo and 62 mg of theobromine per gram.

For comparison, Nescafe instant coffee contains 94 mg of caffeine per gram, though the amount of Milo vs. Nescafe used to make a cup of the finished beverage could differ.

Does Milo’s drink help you sleep?

Like another bedtime, malted drinks contain some magnesium.

It’s this that relaxes you so that you fall easier asleep.

However, warm milk with a spoonful of honey achieves the same effect.

A warm drink sipped slowly warms you up, then later cools your body temperature down, which is ideal for sleep. Sweet dreams!


Nestle Milo is advertised as a health drink. Unfortunately, although we go into the details of the pack’s ingredients, it’s not a healthy product.

For quite some time, Nestle has been manipulating systems and the quality of its good items. According to Choice, Nestle Milo with skim milk might have 4.5 health stars. But Nestle Milo only has 1.5 health stars. Nestle was accused of manipulating the system and “health washing” the sugary product. On its own, Nestle Milo scored a paltry 1.5 stars.

Milo is full of sugar, and as we know, sugar is not suitable for health. Apart from that, there are the worst kinds of preservatives to increase their shelf life. One of them is Maltodextrin. This component is like glucose but is very dangerous and is responsible for raising cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

The below video beautifully features why Nestle Milo is not suitable for your health.





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