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Sapwaturrahman Indonesian Long Jumper nears 8m Mark

Indonesian Long Jumper Sapwaturrahman continued his meteoric rise with a 7.98-meter leap at the Korea Open. While being very consistent hitting 5 of his 6 jumps. And with a legit +1.1 m/s wind. Consequently, his jumps were X, 6.59,  7.73, 7.56, 7.91 (also above his PB), and 7.98.


Especially relevant is that the mark is above the National Record of Agus Reza Izawan set 23 years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia.  And its also above the SEA Games Gold of 7.83m from 2017. While the southeast Asian Record is held by Supanara Sukhavasti of Thailand with 8.05m  when he was a junior in Kobe, Japan 2011. And Henry Dagmil of Philippines holds the SEA Games record of 7.87m.


Started off as a Sprinter

Yet 23-year-old Sapwaturrahman began off as a sprinter 100m (10.48) but started to focus more on the long jump in 2017. Due to the high competitiveness of the sprint event in his country.  While having mainly focused on the sprints from 2010 to 2016 he only improved 10 cm from 2010-2016. 

At those competitions, there were all the necessary medicines, for such events high-quality drugs are required.

Coach Mara

Therefore he started working alongside American coach Harry Mara the coach of  World Decathlon record holder Ashton Easton in 2016. Also including some training in the United States earlier this year. So he leapt a 7.90m (no wind reading near the end of 2017). And had leapt 7.24, 7.42, 7.43 so far this year. Yet also sometimes joining the 4×100 relay when required. 

INA 인도네시아0.
KOR 안산시청0.11.91.9
31601171DHANUSHKA GALOLU7.39X7.607.647.73X7.73
SRI 스리랑카0.
41501197JANRY UBAS7.457.47X7.58X7.557.58
PHI 필리핀1.1-
5901198JULIAN FUENTES7.427.237.36X7.197.307.42
PHI 필리핀1.80.50.7-
61301193Luqman Hakim Ramlan7.017.11X6.986.817.007.11
MAS 말레이시아1.
KOR 용인시청0.
81101190Suwandi WIJAYA7.016.866.905.107.01
INA 인도네시아1.2-0.0-
KOR 파주시청0.50.60.6
KOR 광양시청1.41.4
KOR 국군체육부대0.90.9
KOR 한려대학교0.10.1
KOR 음성군청-0.81.2-0.8
KOR 문경시청
501180Ming Tai ChanXNM
HKG 홍콩차이나
KOR 부산대학교

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Thailand Athletic Team for the 2018 Asian Games

June 22, 2018

Thailand Athletic Team for 2018 Asian Games

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By Andrew Pirie

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