How to Improve your Arm Swings in Sprints 4 Tips on a Free Video

Arm Swings in Sprints

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Provided below is a video given to my group on Arm Swing Instructions.

Several runners have technical fixes to allow more efficient arm swing. Arm swing is important as the faster and more efficient the arms are moving the quicker the legs will turn over.

Teaching Arm Swings in Sprints


1. Brush hip pocket with hand, keep arms close to the body

2. Bend Elbow as much as possible.
3. Hands to eye level for 100 and 200. For 400 just below chin level.
4. Fingers should be pointing forward like arrows.


Teaching Arm Swings More Tips

  • Moving your arms correctly while running helps propel your body forward.
  • Train your arms in the proper movement by standing with your feet together and alternating your arms forward and backward as if you were running.
  • Focus on proper positioning; hold your elbows at a 90-degree angle.
  • Start with your right arm forward, swinging it forward until the biceps is nearly level with your shoulder and your relaxed fist about eye level.
  • At the same time, swing your left arm back so that the biceps are almost parallel to the ground and your forearm points straight down.
  • Try this exercise seated as well to add intensity and train your arms to move at the right level, making sure your hands don’t brush the floor as they move.
  • Add light weights to work the shoulders.


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How to Improve your Arm Swings in Sprints 4 Tips on a Free Video 1

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