16 Amazing Steps on How to Use Track Starting Blocks?

How to use starting blocks in track – Positioning the Blocks

16 Amazing Steps on How to Use Track Starting Blocks? 1

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This is the absolute best way to set up and properly use athletics starting blocks.



Setting up the Starting Blocks

  1. Hold the unit in your hands.
  2. Face the opposite way that you are going to run.
  3. Put your heel on the inner edge of the start line.
  4. Stamp on them to avoid slipping
  5. Find your strong foot: it’s the foot you kick a ball with. This is the foot that will drive you out of them—the one closest to the line.
  6. Adjust the strong foot block angle using the spring-loaded thing on the back so that it is at either its lowest or second-lowest incline (personal preference)

 Positioning the Starting Blocks

1. Begin with the strong foot block: face away from the direction you’re going to run.

  1. Then put your heel on the line. Also, put your other heel on your toe. Hence it would help if you were two-foot lengths out now.
  2. Then place the block so the part of your spikes with pins is resting flat on the block’s tartan surface. If you sit into your blocks at this stage, your front leg’s knee should touch the line.

Weak foot block: do the same. Only instead of two feet out, you are going 3 feet out from the line.


2. Know how to sit into the blocks properly.

  1. Your toes should not touch the ground- they should be well up the blocks.
  2. And make contact with the complete block with your foot for maximum power transfer.
  3. At the “on your marks,” you should be in a kneeling position, with your hand’s shoulder-width apart, on the tips of your fingers just behind the line.

3. Lock your elbows straight until you hear the gun.

  1. This will help your arms leave the blocks as fast as possible.
  2. Then twist your arms outwards, so your palms and elbows are facing outwards.
  3. Then twist only your hands back, so your palm is now facing inwards. Your elbows should still be facing outwards.

4. Set Position

  1. Lean forwards and shift most of your weight onto your hands.
  2. And be sure not to bend your back too much as you want a straight line through your body at all times to maximize energy transfer.

5. Listen for “Set.

  1. When you hear it, raise your backside as far as you comfortably can while
  2. remaining “coiled” while inhaling sharply.
  3. And hold your breath in anticipation, and when you hear the gun.
  4. Also, forcibly exhale as you explode off the blocks.
  5. Yet it would help if you were aiming for long powerful strides, rather than quick, short ones.

On your first stride, swing your arm straight back, extend your other arm right over your head in an exaggerated fashion, and make sure your lead knee comes right up as far as you can. This will ensure a long, powerful first stride. This leads to my article about the first 3 steps in a sprint start after clearing the blocks.



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