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How to use foam rollers ?

Why Do Foam Roller Exercises?

I would recommend Foam Rollers Before and after a workout. To help release muscle tension.

Best Foam Rolling is after a light jog.

Also foam Rolling is especially useful for athletes who can’t afford the costs of regular massage.

It decreases muscle density to help the athlete feel more relaxed so they can warm up better.

As the Great American Coach Bud Winter said the more relaxed and warm you are during the warmup the better you will perform.

And this means better performance also in competition.

How long an athlete roll is also determined on a case-by-case basis.

While usually allowing five to 10 minutes for soft tissue activation work at the beginning of the session prior to warm up.

Yet if my athletes roll after their workout, it is done for the same length of time.

A foam roller is simply a cylindrical piece of extruded hard-celled foam.

Think swimming pool noodles, but a little denser and larger in diameter. And they usually come in one-foot or three-foot lengths.

Also find the three-foot model works better, but it obviously takes up more space.


Are Muscle Rollers Good ?

Foam Rollers

12 Reasons to Use Foam Rollers

  1. Release Muscles
  2. Increase Flexibility by reducing Muscle Density
  3. Improves Mobility e.g Doing Drills
  4. The athlete feels more relaxed in Warmup
  5. Reduces Injuries
  6. Cheap if Cant Afford Massage
  7. Performance Enhancement in Competition
  8. Break up Scar Tissue
  9. Speed up Recovery between sessions
  10. Removes Lactic Acid
  11. Better Blood Circulation
  12. Reduces Stress


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