April 18, 2021


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How pet dog is ultimate running partner

How pet dog is ultimate running partner 7

How Pet Dog The Ultimate Running Partner

How Pet Dog The Ultimate Running Partner

Article by Jane Sandwood, Guest Writer


Over a million people in the Philippines own a pet dog.

These loyal animals make wonderful companions and can also be the ultimate running partner for you.

A survey done by Runners World found that having someone to train with can boost your mental motivation and makes you more likely to train regularly.

If this is your pet, then you don’t have to make arrangements with him for a certain time or date.

You wouldn’t even have to discuss long term goals.

You can simply put on your running shoes, put your dog on a leash and get out there for a run.

Check-in with your veterinarian first

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Not all dogs are going to be suitable for running, just based on size and stature.

The common breeds in the Philippines, such as the Aspin and Malinois Dog are fairly well built for quick running over a long distance.

However, the Bandog, Pug and the Tibetan Mastiff would not make good training partners.

You should also get your canine checked over with a vet to make sure that they are physically fit and there are no underlying health problems.

Start with leash training

Before you even consider your first long run with your dog, make sure you get an appropriate leash.

You need to be able to run and still be in control of your dog.

Around the nose, the head collar is often a good idea, along with a fairly short rope leash.

Alternatively, try a full-body harness.

Using an extendable leash if you are running with your dog isn’t a good idea. Start training with your dog for very short distances at first.

Make sure that you always have an exciting treat as a distraction in your hand.

Getting a monthly doggy subscription box means that you will always have some new, carefully chosen doggy treats for your running buddy to try.

You are using the treat to prevent your dog from making any sudden stops to smell things.

Your dog’s focus needs to be solely on you and the motion of running, not on external influences.

As your dog starts to get the hang of this, then you can gradually increase the distances that you are running with him.

Your dog needs a warm-up too

Just in the way that you will start your training routine with stretches, your dog will also need a warm-up.

You shouldn’t start running at full speed from the outset. Instead start your training session with a brisk walk, gradually building up the speed as you go.

Make sure you take regular water breaks as well, or your dog will get tired and dehydrated very quickly.

Timing your run

Don’t forget that most dogs have a fur coat and the weather is generally hot.

Never start your training in the midday sun, instead if you are planning on running with your dog, opt for early morning, or early evening when it is cooler.

Before you set out, place your bare foot on the pavement.

If the ground is too hot for you to tolerate, then it is certainly too hot for the pads of your dog’s paws.

Running with your dog can be a fantastic motivation.

In turn, they will thoroughly enjoy the exercise with you, and you will have some great company.

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