Home Workouts with Equipment and Best Home Workout Apps

Home Workouts with Equipment

Home Gym Workouts for Athletes during COVID-19 

Article by Jane Sandwood

We will cover Home Workouts that can be done at home some may need equipment some will require minimal or no equipment.

This article was published by our Guest Writer Jane Sandwood on January 9, 2020. Now with the COVID very rampant and people home isolating we are now bringing this up again. We also invite our members to share their home workouts in the comments and on our Facebook Page and Group.

Boosting Your Home Exercise Routine During COVID-19

Whenever UAAP season comes around.

Most people in the Philippines turn their attention to the top university athletes in the country.

Watching some of the most impressive young athletes deliver outstanding performances every year can lead us to wonder how to train at their level. In addition to improving nutrition to be more athletic.

There are other at-home exercises you can do to boost your fitness and manage to perform in the sport just like the nation’s top athletes.

On a global scale and in the Philippines, more people are moving away from going to a gym and are opting for home workouts. Thanks to all of the fitness programs offered online, it is easy to invest in your health from the comforts of your own home.

If you are an athlete looking for specific exercise ideas to incorporate into your at-home routine, look no further.

With these ideas, soon you‘ll be training just like the top competitors in the UAAP, effectively enhancing your fitness regimen and your athletic abilities.

Your New Favorite Machine: Stationary Bikes

It can be difficult to choose the best exercise machine to add to your home, especially if you have limited space. Buying a stationary bike is a great option that’s not only space-saving but is a fantastic way to burn a lot of calories in little time.

As a result of the many advantages to this exercise, including its low-impact, cost, and space, it is also an exercise utilized by all types of athletes–from the most elite to those just beginning.

By learning a stationary bike workout plan, you will never get bored and will strengthen your core muscles in the process.

One stationary bike workout routine you can try is circuit training. For a moderately intense routine, you can start peddling and warm-up for five minutes at low resistance. Then, increase the resistance of your bike by a few levels and cycle for 10 to 20 minutes. After, reduce the resistance to the lowest level and peddle for five more minutes to cool down.

Cardio Interval Training

In addition to using a stationary bike.  Another great way to train at home that will result in you being in tip-top athletic shape. 

Is to add cardio interval training to your exercise routine.

Much like circuit training. Interval training combines exercises of high intensity with periods of cooling down. Which is crucial for burning calories. To remain competitive with the nation’s top athletes, interval training can give you the edge you need.


Normally, interval training involves numerous exercises. Each done for a certain period of time and then with a period of rest in between. Choose your five favorite cardio exercises, like jumping jacks, burpees, or high knees. Do one minute of each exercise and then rotate.

You will quickly discover that interval training is a challenging, difficult exercise that will spike your heart rate.

By integrating exercises on a stationary bike and interval training. You can get in shape at home and compete on the same level as leading athletes in the Philippines. While enhancing your strength and physical fitness.

21  Home Workouts for athletes

Below are the Home workouts for athletes. They are going to go in order from the easiest to the most difficult approximately so if you are a newbie or more advanced there should be something here for you. A word of warning some of the later workouts are difficult and will test you mentally and physically. That said only you know your limits and you should not overdo it if you are not ready.

There will be some running in the workouts so you may technically have to venture out of your home and into the neighborhood, whether or not it is still technically a home workout is up for interpretation but let’s not split hairs. Chin up bar required for some workouts also. Let’s get to it!

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Best Workout Apps:

If you’re in need of a more structured workout routine, an app might be the best way to go. Below, is a list of the best workout apps to download, according to the Good Housekeeping Wellness Lab:

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