Half Marathon Philippines All Time Lists

Half Marathon Philippines

Half Marathon Philippines Women All Time List

Here is our draft list for Women’s Half Marathon we will be auditing it soon. please email corrections to [email protected]

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Half Marathon Philippines All Time Lists 4

Crowd Sourcing So far these are my Top 10 for Philippines Mens Half Marathon  All Time.
I have compiled data that was kindly provided to me by Stephen NewtonTalking Chinoy‘ mainly and other sources.
I consulted my contact in the Asian Athletics Association Chief Statistician Mr. Hubbeling he providing some insights although it’s very hard to come up with accurate all-time lists for Men’s Half Marathon in the Philippines.
He doesn’t really deal with this event as its non-Olympic event.
The Top 4 performances on the below list have been ratified and are acceptable on the All-Timelists.
#5 to #7 have been added since and are viewed as achievable type results based on the athlete’s 10K Times.
We need to consider some courses that might be short like 21k instead of 21.1k  actual Half Marathon (100m makes around 20-sec difference at most so that was also taken into consideration.
This has now been reflected in my composition.
This list is still considered a work in progress.
Note  Wikipedia that claims the Phi Record of Buenavista is 1.02.52 this is incorrect as this race was not sanctioned or measured correctly.
Pinoyathletics, Mr. Hubbeling databases, and the World Athletics formally IAAF database all agree that the National Record is 1.03.42.
Not the 1.02.52 reported by Wikipedia.
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This is the list I have so far

Half Marathon Philippines Men All-Time

*Meaning more data is required. Or it was held at an event with measuring needing checking if they were certified by IAAF.

We are missing performances of the following 10k and 42k athletes who rank in the top 10 in those events for Phi All Time.

  • Leonardo Illut
  • Herman Suizo
  • Arturo Alimbuyao
  • Romulo Manara
  • David Carmello
  • Nelson Encabo
  • Bernardo Desamito
  • Hector Begeo (Unsure of times was asked)
  • Juniel Languido
  • Jimmy de la Torre



  2. EMAIL CORRECTIONS TO [email protected]



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