Guhan closes in on Philippine Junior 200m Record, as 150 attend PinoyAthletics Allcomers #3 in Pangasinan

Guhan closes in on Philippine Junior 200m Record, as 150 attend PinoyAthletics Allcomers #3 in Pangasinan

Guhan De Luna Garcia, 18, was the star of the PinoyAthletics Allcomers competition. A new Personal Best of 22.00 in the 200-meter dash marks the start of his 2022–2023 season. The time was only.16 seconds slower than Raul “Bato” Abangan’s long-standing Philippines National Junior Record, which he established with a time of 21.84 38 years ago.

Gio De Vera, who was Guhan’s training partner, came in second with a time of 22.40; Jericho Mendiona, of JD Performance Bulacan, followed in third with a time of 24.10. Mendiona improved on his 54.7 runs from a few weeks ago’s weekly relays to win the 400 meters in 52.99, his second run of the season.

Guhan, who was still in Grade 12 at the time of the National Championships in Pasig in April, finished second in the 200-meter race with a time of 22.16, just behind two-time SEA Games 110-meter hurdles champion Clinton Kingsley Bautista (21.91). Guhan finished third in the Men’s 400m at the Philippine National Open in 49.47, just ahead of Labita (48.58) and Alejan of the national squad (48.68).

As a Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF) student-athlete, Guhan received financial support from the university for his travel to compete in the Malaysian Allcomers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in July. Guhan placed ninth overall in the men’s 400-meter race. The first Tertiary institution in the Philippines to sponsor an athlete for an international athletics competition since the pandemic began in 2020 is VMUF. demonstrating the seriousness with which the administration of the institution takes the assistance of its student-athletes.

Since June 2021 Guhan has been on the PinoyAthletics Elite Program spearheaded by Level 3 Athletics Australia Sprints and Hurdles coach Enzo Wiliams in cooperation with VMUF Sports Director Dante Camaso. Guhan brought his time down from 24.5 at the start of the program to 22.16 within 11 months. The squad includes 2021 National 100m Silver Medalist Rocky Ramos and National School 100m Champion Renier Ranges among Guhan’s training partners.

“He Probably thought I was a bit crazy when I started him off with 10x200m on short rests in 28-30 secs, at the start of the season. But now he is starting to see the output. We are still only in early specific and only have started doing speed work the last week or so. The goal is nationals and we are where we are supposed to be time-wise. Opening the season with a time better than your personal best last season shows we have a great season ahead, but at the same time we need to make sure we don’t over do it as we might be at higher risk of injury” – Enzo Williams

Also impressive was national school champion Renier Ranges (VMUF/PinoyAthletics Elite) who outwitted the men with the fastest 100m time of the meet of 11.13 winning the boy’s youth division (born 2005 and after). But dragging Ganela (Laoag), Neil (Olongapo), and Jolo (Pangasinan /2007) through to personal bests of 11.65, 11.68, 11.69. The times of 2nd,3rd, and 4th almost parallel the top 3 times at Weekly Relays on Sunday 18th September at Pasig were the Top 3 in the Junior Division (born 2002 and 2003) were 11.63, 11.67, 11.69. Ranges also treated himself to a new PB of 22.87 in the 200m, after a somewhat disappointing bronze at the National schools in this event.

The Men’s 100m was won by Gio De Vera (VMUF/PA) in 11.14 (Gio was 4th at the Phi National Open) narrowly ahead of training partners Guhan at 11.16, and Rocky Ramos at 11.25.

While Jeneth Bautista (VMUF/PA) who was 4th in the Phi National Open in 200m, took the 100m and 200m double in the women’s in 13.20 and 26.87 (her second best ever 200m time).

It was a dead heat in the Girls 100m with Venus Macaraeg (VMUF/PA) and Mira Ramirez (Laoag) both clocking 13.63, with the photo finish unable to separate them.

The fastest sprint times in the weekly relays are currently 100m national athlete  Janry Ubas at 11.23, and 200m Sergio Tabornal at 23.35 (FEU) after six weeks of competition.

The event was supported by the LGU of the Provincial Government of Pangasinan who provided dormitory accommodation and a medical team for the guests. And also sponsored by top Filipino sports apparel company Masiv Sports. 150 Athletes attended, from the following team Team United Olongapo, Jayson Diche Performance Bulacan, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Pangasinan II, Alaminos, Laoag Athletics, PAMMA, University of Luzon, and Umingan. 

PinoyAthletics will announce tentative details of its next event PinoyAthlteics A4 this weekend. As we have now had offers from some groups willing to sponsor the next event. Anyone else interested in sponsoring our next event can email us at pinoyathletics@gmail.com.

Please note for reference and to avoid any confusion and clarification of our status PinoyAthletics is in no way, shape or form affiliated or associated with PATAFA or the PSC.

The promotion of regionalization of athletics and moving away from a centralized system is one of the goals of the event.
I decided to concentrate on the Province of Pangasinan because I had limited time.

But I’m hoping that other like-minded people in the provinces can start their own self-supporting initiatives as well as their own leagues and tournaments.

It’s time we begin making greater use of the talent the Philippines possesses in its provinces.


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