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Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports

Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports

Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports

I have been getting a lot of queries by athletes of what they need in order to represent the Philippines. This article will save me a lot of time from having to relay repetitive generic information.

This compulsory requirement has been endorsed by our National Sports Association, Philippine Track and Field Association (PATAFA).

To make the system transparent Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports now the criteria for rankings, records, and representation.

Furthermore, the representation of the Philippines is up to the selection decision of the PATAFA. Just obtaining a Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports will automatically mean the athlete will be selected to represent the Philippines at International meets.

Please forward a scanned copy to [email protected]

Fil-Heritage athletes must present a Filipino Passport to be eligible for the following.

  1. Any Filipino Record or Filipino Junior Record that they surpass.
  2. Representation for the Philippines, if they meet the performance qualification criteria
  3. Inclusion into the 2013 Ranking Lists if they exceed the standards required.

Anyone who is serious about representing the Philippines will obtain a Filipino Passport in order to do so. It takes around 3-6 weeks and costs around $100-200 USD/AUD. I do not guarantee that all overseas Fil-Heritage athletes will be eligible for a Filipino Passport.

Please note the times below are the minimum performance if you will contact [email protected] to be on the Ranking List.

Ranking List Criteria (top 20)


  • 100m 12.98et/12.7ht
  • 200m 26.35et/25.9ht
  • 400m 1.00.7
  • 800m 2m26.3
  • 1500m 5m07.0
  • 3000m 11m16.8
  • 5000m 20m39
  • 10000m 44m32.94
  • 3KSC 13m36.56
  • 21k/Half Marathon 1h43
  • 42k/Marathon 3h59
  • 100H 16.04et/15.8ht
  • 400H 1m07 ht or et.
  • HJ 1.55m
  • LJ 5.21m
  • TJ 11.20m
  • PV 2.60m
  • JT 37m (600 grams)
  • DT 31.10m (1kg)
  • HT 30m (4kg)
  • SP 10m (4kg)
  • 4×100 52.2
  • 4×400 4m17
  • Hepta 3000 pts
  • Walks (TBA)


  • 60m 7.2et
  • 100m 11.10et/10.8ht
  • 200m 22.60et/22.3ht
  • 400m 50.00et/ 49.8ht
  • 800m 1m57
  • 1500m 4m10
  • 5000m 16m00
  • 10000m 34m30
  • 21k/half marathon 1h16
  • 42k/marathon 2h47.47
  • 3ks 10m00
  • 110mH 15.85et/15.5ht
  • 400mH  57
  • HJ 1.90m
  • PV 3.80m
  • LJ 6.85m
  • TJ 14.00m
  • SP 12.50m
  • DT 37.00m
  • HT 36m
  • JT 52m
  • Deca 5000
  • 4×100 43
  • 4×400 3m26
  • Walks TBC

Fil-Heritage Program

At the last SEA Games Fil-Heritage (athletes of Filipino blood), two new faces ended two very long droughts in athletic events.

Eric Cray wins the Asian title in 400 Hurdles in the pouring rain.
Photo Credit: Asian Athletics Association

Olongapo is born Eric Shauwn Cray a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Became the fourth Filipino to ever win the SEA Games title in the 400m Hurdles. He ended a gold-medal drought of 28 years restoring the historic 400m Hurdle title made popular by Renato Unso in the 80s to the Philippines.

Jess Barnard
Jess Barnard

Cebu born Jessica Lyn Barnard a graduate of Long Beach State in Los Angeles became the first Filipina ever to medal in the Women’s 3000m Steeples in the process jogging to a new national record of 11.04.84.

The success of Barnard, 23, and Cray, 25 brought honor to the Philippines. In 2013 we saw the emergence of a new breed of athletes both local and Fil-heritage. These fresh faces through the ranks helped fill the void left by the Athletes of the famous ‘Go Teng Kok’ army who are one by one retiring due to age.

While the contribution of Fil-Heritage athletes in athletics is nothing new. Some of the names listed below brought the sport to milestones.

Miguel White one of only two olympic medalists in Philippines Track and Field history.
Miguel White one of only two Olympic medalists in the Philippines Track and Field history.

Fil-American Miguel White 400 Hurdles (1936 Olympic bronze medalist one of only two Olympic medalists in athletics). White even died fighting for the Philippines against the Japanese in World War II.

Josephine Dela Vina still holds the national record in the Junior Women’s 1965 and Women’s 1971 Discus.

Fil-Mexican Josephine Dela Vina (1966 Asian Games Champion and 1973 Asian Track and Field Champion, one of only 3 athletes to win both, and the longest serving record holder since 1965 junior record Discus and 1971 senior record in Discus). Dela Vina throws are still good enough to win the SEA Games today and they were done over 40 years ago.

Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports
Neighbors Ed Lasquette and Bruce Ventura from San Jose both medalists at sea games in pole vault and shot put

Fil-American Edward Lasquete an Olympian and three times SEA Games gold medalist from 1991 to 1995 in the Pole Vault is the most successful in recent memory.

Perona Sacrifices his 400 spots to help the Team

Fil-Heritage Athletes Philippine Passports
Fil-American Kashus Perona helped beef up the Filipino Relay squad to win the Gold in the 2005 SEA Games.

Kashus Perona also of Long Beach state helped the Philippines win the gold medal in the 4x400m in 2005, he teamed with what the arguably the greatest all-round 4×400 relay team in the countries history. He teamed with three athletes who were SEA Games 400m Champions Ernie Candelario (2001, 2003), Jimar Aing (2005) and Julius Nierras (2007). Perona could have been a SEA Games champion himself but in true sportsmanship ended up conceding the spots in the individual events to the others. Perona had actually beaten Candelario and Aing at the 400m in the 2004 National Open and had the best time of 46.21 which ranks second on the all-time lists.

Deborah Samson won silver for the Philippines in the Pole Vault in 2007 and still holds the national record.

While many Fil-Heritage athletes since have expressed interest it’s a meticulous process that requires thorough analysis making sure they can at least win a medal at SEA Games. In the past, there have been Fil-Heritage athletes who were sent and failed to bring back any medals at entry international level aka.

SEA Games level and some who gave much higher expectations than they ended up capable of.

Now Another athlete has emerged who can win an event we have never won before at SEA Games. Stay tuned more on this athlete tomorrow……………..

Fil-Heritage athletes that currently hold Phi Records





  • Princess Joy Griffey  (60m indoors)
  • Kaya Richardson 100, 400m
  • Marisa Kwiatkowski (Triple Jump)
  • Josephine Dela Vina (discus)

Some memorable achievements from the Fil-Heritage Group in the last few years (not updated).


Eric Cray – SEA Games 400 Hurdles Gold Medalist (broke a 28-year drought), NR in 110 and 400 Hurdles, NIR 60m, 60 Hurdles and 200m, Asian Champs Finalist, Asian Indoor 60m 5th place, qualified for Asian Games & SEA Games 400H, National Champion 2013 110H, 2014 100m


Jessica Lyn Barnard – SEA Games 3K Steeples Bronze Medalist (first ever in this event), NR in 3000m Steeples, considering event change for SEA Games.


Princess Joy Griffey – Qualified for Asian Games & SEA Games 100 and 200m dash (silver std), National Champion 2014 100m & 200m dash.


Kayla Richardson – Qualified for World Juniors 100 and 200m dash (first Filipino athlete ever to hit IAAF std for this meet), finalist Asian youth games 100m. SEA Games silver and bronze standard in 100 and 200m.


Zion Corrales-Nelson – Qualified for World Juniors 200m and 400m dash (second Filipino athlete ever to hit IAAF std for this met), 400m National and National Junor Record (youngest athlete currently to hold a senior NR at age 15), Bronze for Philippines Asian Olympic Youth Festival 200 and 400m dash.


Tyler Ruiz – National Champion in the High Jump 2014. Played SEA Games. His best performance prior to getting phi passport is equal to the NR in this event. 2.11m so far this year. Needs 2.13 for SEA Games High Jump.


Paris Pijuan – Improved to 4.90m. Qualified and participating at the Asian Juniors. Needs 5.00m for SEA Games Pole Vault.


Donovont Ariola – has registered windy 7.54 this year. requires 7.53 for SEA Games Long Jump.


Cerah Moren – improved Javelin to 42.09m at 15 the youngest member of the Fil-Heritage group. Phi

JR Record is 45.43m.


Alyana Nicolas – 3.39m this year. 3.47m last year. Vault.


Jonelle Halog – came off injury 11.08s so far this year. 10.90s last year.

I think that’s all out of the group that has passports.

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By Andrew Pirie

Andrew was elected Vice President of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians in 2020 after being a member for 7 years. He has worked as a PSC Consultant and Research Assistant from 2013-2015, Consultant, and Sprint Coach at Zamboanga Sports Academy from 2015-2017. Current editor and chief of, and has recently done consultancy work for Ayala Corp evaluating the Track and Field Program. Coaches Sprints, Middle and Jump events he is working towards his Level 3 Athletics Australia Coaching Certification in Sprints and Hurdles. He can be contacted on [email protected] You can find more information on Coaching here

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