Extreme Sports in the Philippines

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Extreme Sports in the Philippines : Every Pinoy Kid Should Try

Contributed by Jane Sandwood First Published 2020

All over the world, Filipinos and half-breeds have succeeded in the world of soccer, golf, basketball, boxing, extreme sports, billiards, and many more.

While from university athletics to global tournaments, enthusiasts will gladly mention the rising number of Pinoy athletes taking over the wide variety of sports.

However, studies from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveal that over 3 million children in the Philippines are obese.

And one of the causes is the lack of physical activity and the increase in gadgets – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hence families can beat the statistics by raising young athletes and introducing them to new sports such as parkour, rock climbing, and competitive swimming.

While playing sports will teach your kids not only how to win but how to lose gracefully.

Whether your child is into team sports or individual activities, these sports can help your child build self-esteem, set goals, and even lower the risk of obesity-related diseases.

Hence there are 3 sports Pinoy kids should try right now.

Extreme Sports in the Philippines : Parkour

As seen in the famous U.S. TV show, “American Ninja Warrior,” the world of Parkour is another growing favorite among Filipino kids. While the Ninja Academy is the first parkour facility in Manila, which provides numerous training programs for all ages.

Hence, due to the popular cartoons, kids can train to run and jump like Naruto, jump and do flips like Ezio in “Assassin’s Creed,” and build Ninja warrior skills.

Extreme Sports in the Philippines : Rock climbing.


Indoor rock climbing is growing as one of the most popular extreme sports in the Philippines today.

While as an alternative to natural rock formations, indoor rock climbing provides safety while instilling discipline and problem-solving skills in children. Hence rock climbing is more complex than just climbing.

And it requires endurance to climb, endurance to continue, and patience to reach the top.

. Hence this sport is a constant decision-making activity that will push your child’s stamina to the edge.


Competitive swimming.


Swimming shouldn’t have to wait for the summer season, as it is a sport that your child can continue to practice and enjoy well into their adult years.

A competitive environment will provide your child with the chance to learn water safety and survival skills, develop proper stroke techniques, and build new friendships in the process.

As part of a competitive swim team, your child will learn the importance of motivation and hard work, along with the opportunity to practice positive sportsmanship.

Remember, children cannot change their levels of physical activity and healthy eating habits alone.

They need the encouragement and support of their family as positive role models.

In addition to including sports into their daily lifestyle, it is important to work with your child to build life-long experiences and develop healthy habits that will affect more than just their physical health.


Pro Extreme Sports Tips: Extreme Fitness Hacks for Extreme Sports

Jun 16, 2019

Pro Extreme Sports Tips: Extreme Fitness Hacks for Extreme Sports

More than the rush of adrenaline and the fulfilled feeling you get after trekking that steep mountain.

And reaching its peak is that being on extreme sports can make you physically fit if you are still working your way towards your body goals.

Then playing extreme sports can definitely help you get there faster. Sports such as mountain biking, mountaineering, skateboarding, motocross, and other extreme sports do not always come naturally to a person.

Like any other skill, they need training and regular exercise to stay fit.

For some specific extreme sports, there is an ideal weight and body structure.

And that is why it is important to keep your body in check. Some people do serious regular training and push their bodies to the limit to determine their strength.

You can also push your body to the limit and reach the level of strength you desire. However, safety and fitness should still be a priority. Here are extreme fitness hacks for extreme sports.

  1. Wake-up and Warm-Up.

Warming up before your daily grind and training is an essential routine to remember.

Warm-ups can brew your adrenaline to be used during training without taking much of your energy away.

Waking up early in the morning is also a good discipline as much of your energy can develop when you start warming up early.

A good warm-up can determine your energy and endurance for the day.

Easy warm-up routines such as breathing exercises or simple stretching are good ways to start your daily regime and grind to fitness.


  1. Let’s Do a Few Stretching Exercises.

Stretching may sound like a simple and often taken-for-granted exercise routine, but this part is actually critical.

Lack of stretching exercises can lead to muscle strains and injury.

Especially for extreme sports that require muscle strength in many cases.

Stretching exercises such as extending your arms, legs, torso, and lower back, and rotating your calves and shoulder blades.

It can warm your muscles up for good training.

It’s always advisable to start your daily exercise routine with stretching.

Because this will keep your muscles in check, preventing injuries and muscle pains after the session.

Stretch away those sleeping muscles and prepare your body for an extreme workout.


  1. Cardio and Cardio and Again Cardio.

After your stretching routine, the next phase should be your cardio workout.

Cardio should be part of your daily or regular workout routine and should be placed before and after your workout sessions.

Cardio is an important form of exercise for extreme sports. Because this can help develop your endurance. While also keeping essential factors in check, such as your heart, lungs, and breathing.

A cardio workout can also be done stand-alone.

For instance, you can jog or go for a run in the morning or the afternoon without the need to follow it up with an intense workout. This exercise can help with your heart’s health.


  1. Strength Exercise.

One of the exercise routines that can become a regular thing when you train for extreme sports is strength exercise.

Many extreme sports such as rock climbing, mountaineering, and other sports that need you to exert strength for your body or other materials will require you to increase and develop your strength.

These exercises are more focused on muscles and muscle development.

This exercise aims to ensure that you have ample strength when faced with a situation in your sport when you need to exert strength.

And to ensure that you correctly exert strength and prevent injury to yourself.


  1. Durability & Flexibility.

Another exercise routine that you will need to include in your regular workouts focuses on your durability and flexibility.

Sports such as parkour, surfing, climbing, many kinds of boarding, and many other lands and water sports require you to be durable and flexible.

These sports can have situations when you will have to stretch your body and muscles to finish your courses.

These exercises can be focused on the muscles, but this time on their flexibility limits.

These exercises also work on bone strength and flexibility.


  1. Running to Increase Stamina


While jogging and cardio exercises work on your breathing, endurance, and general health, running exercise is needed to increase your stamina.

Sprints or running fast are important to develop your core stamina, which can help intense sports situations.

Stamina and endurance are developed when you run, and your body becomes in tune with an intense grind that can be the same exposure to your body during extreme sports.

Running is a good way to identify your limits and know when you are ready to take on your choice’s actual extreme sport.


  1. Meditation to Increase Concentration

Exercise and fitness are focused not only on the physical aspects but also on the psychological and emotional aspects.

Meditation is an effective way to develop and maintain your ability to concentrate and connect with your body.

Being able to concentrate will let you take control of your body’s actions and responses, especially in extreme sports, where your body can be put through intense exposure.

Meditation can also help you clear your mind and relax your body after an intense workout or playing sports.

While exercise and being physically active are key components to achieving your body goals, you can also seek help from supplements to accelerate the process.

However, be careful of fake Phentermine products because they can do more harm than good. Purchase only from authorized distributors.

Playing extreme sports will allow you to know your body more and be in control of your body.

This is a good and healthy way to maintain fitness while also enjoying playing your hobby.

Stay healthy and stay fit; be smart about your fitness goals and achieve them faster.


Why do some people like to do extreme sports?

When you are nearest the death but in control of things, you live to the fullest.

It is the sweet, sweet adrenaline rush and the incredible elation of endorphins.

Experiencing the incredible elation of defying the danger and mastering it, feeling the extreme fear and overcoming it, expanding your comfort zone.

Also incredibly empowering – realizing you can do things most people will never even dream about.

Skydiving is more fun than sex while sober.

Do it; you won’t regret it.

There’s a longstanding assumption behind most of the research on extreme athletes: “Clearly, something’s wrong with them.”

That’s what Eric Brymer, a researcher at Leeds Beckett in the UK, has seen for most of his career.

Why else would anyone willingly participate in an activity that is quite literally defined by its high levels of perceived risk?

What could motivate that kind of behavior? The academic literature suggested that extreme athletes are “adrenaline junkies” with “death wishes,” Brymer says. “They’re crazy people, not like normal people.”


Motivation is a curious thing, especially when it comes to pastimes, which much of society thinks are dangerous. George Mallory’s response to that tired question—Why climb Everest?—is as telling as it is inscrutable.

Many of us don’t have a better answer for why we want to conquer those rapids or nail that slab or bag that peak than Mallory’s “Because it’s there.”

For the “normal people” who have no interest in paddling down waterfalls, it’s easy to see how the “death wish” narrative took hold.


Brymer was finishing his master’s in sports psychology from the University of Liverpool 10 years ago and working at an adventure camp when he realized this view dominated the field.

“I knew quite a lot of people participating in high levels of extreme sport—most people were cautious and took years to develop their skills,” he says.

“I knew people who were highly, highly skilled at white water, but they stuck to Class IV.”

Of all the mountain climbers and free divers and base jumpers he knew, he didn’t see much recklessly tempting fate.

“There are many easier ways to die,” he says.

“Why would you do these things if you were trying to die?”

Check out Globosurfer.com for sports reviews on water sports.


Brymer has since made a career out of studying what drives extreme athletes.

He’s an expert in the field and in his new book, Phenomenology and the Extreme Sport Experience.

Debunks many of the clichés behind what makes adventure athletes tick.

Extreme athletes don’t get off on taking risks or that rush of adrenaline, he says.

From interviews with dozens of athletes.

Brymer and his co-author Robert Schweitzer discovered that, instead, extreme sports helped participants feel closer to nature, more self-aware, at peace, and even transcendent.

“There’s an ineffable aspect people find very difficult to describe,” Brymer says, “a feeling of coming home.”

This “ineffable” nature may explain why it’s been so hard for researchers to nail down why we participate in so-called risky sports. Psychologists developed a “sensation-seeking scale” in the early 1970s.

Ever since it’s been easier for researchers to concentrate on the thrill-seeking aspect of extreme sports.

Researchers have dived into the genetics of extreme athletes.

Examining whether exposure to high testosterone levels in utero promotes risk-taking or if we’re born with an “adventure” genotype.

But searching for what differentiates extreme athletes from “normal folks” ignores a key trend line: in the last thirty years, adventure and extreme sports have become more and more popular.

Participation in traditional team sports declines, climbing and surfing, and kayaking have all seen record growth.

Still, the motive has been little studied, says Emma Barrett, a researcher at Lancaster University and Extreme’s author: Why some people thrive at the limits. “There is a lot of stuff out there about sensation-seeking and risk-taking, and it’s all interesting stuff, but motivation is such a complex and multifaceted thing.” That’s what makes Brymer’s research “terrific” and “unique,” Barrett says.

So what drives us to keep doing these sports, despite the inherent risks? Brymer’s work—and similar research done by John Kerr out of the University of British Columbia and Susan Mackenzie from the University of Idaho—suggests one of the most powerful motivators is something any athlete knows: these sports are hard, and much of the satisfaction comes from the grind, and the satisfaction that comes from nailing that backside cutback on the wave after a hundred failed tries.

Another interesting response that researchers heard from athletes again and again.

They don’t consider their “extreme” sports risky.

Wingsuit fliers and pro climbers spend a huge amount of time trying to minimize risks. They “learn everything possible about the sport; learn about weather conditions, learn about wind.

Learn about what wind does in and around buildings and structures and cliffs. However, you know what you can do and what you can’t do,” one BASE jumper told Brymer.

Although they’re under no illusions about the risks—“Imagine if every time you missed a basket, somebody would shoot you in the head,” one extreme skier said—they believe they have done all they can to mitigate them through hard work and focus.

Of course, the risk is real.

The parade of obituaries for pro climbers and top-level BASE jumpers shows this with frightening frequency.

Barrett says that some people are likely motivated by that dopamine rush or the thrill of risk.

For Alex Honnold, perhaps the most impressive, unflappable solo climber to ever live, it depends on how you define risk. “If the risk is defined as anything with an uncertain outcome, I’m certainly taking risks, yeah,” he says, but “I don’t think that I have a death wish. I’m not trying to go out and kill myself.”

So, why does Honnold do it? “It’s hard to define” he says.

“Ten years ago I’d just say because it’s rad or badass to sound like a hero, but now I can give a slightly subtler interpretation.

I typically define it as deep satisfaction.

A sense of well-being. I’m searching more for that feeling of having done something well and being deeply content—it’s more than the quick hit of adrenaline. It’s personal.”

**Please note pinoyathletics.info does not condone Parkour without or any risky sports without the appropriate training. Please consult an expert.




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