Enoch Adegoke wins Nigerian National title in PB 10.00 (video)

Enoch Adegoke 10.00 (+1.2 m/s) at the 2021 Nigerian National Track and Field Championships

The Men’s 100m finals for 10.00sec from Enoch Adegoke *rounded up to 10.00 from 9.97. HE HAS DONE IT! ENOCH ADEGOKE has just qualified for #TokyoOlympics running a new Personal of 10.00s! (+1.2) It was coming, and quite fitting that he gets.

Adegoke becomes the 12th Nigerian athlete to secure qualification after winning the men’s 100m final. What a performance!

After being denied in the semi-finals after the clock decided to round itself up from 10.05 to 10.06, Usheortise Iteskiri took the silver in 10.07, and Sean Ogulenwe clocked 10.11 take the bronze.

Divine Oduduru, who has the top qualifying time in the 2 years Olympic bracket period, was not ace.

Oduduru Still has a 9.86 from June 2019 within the Olympic Qualifying period of May 2019 to 5 April 2020 1 December 2020 to 29 June 2021 100m Olympic Qualifying Based on that longer qualifying period. 


This is who has qualified

1. Divine Odurudu 9.86 (June 7, 2019, has also run a 10.05 this year)

2. Raymond Ekevwo 9.96 (August 27, 2019, 10.26 this year)

3. Enoch Adegoke 10.00 (8 March 2021)

4. Usheortise Itsekiri 10.02 (10.07 in the trials 2nd)

So for Olympics Odurudu, Adegoke and then choose between Ekevwo and Itsekiri for 3rd spot on individual 100m All of the above in the 4×100 along with Ogulenwe and Brume in relay pool.

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