Eloiza Luzon

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Eloisa Luzon notches 2nd win at Pasig 2022

After her 12.64 runs into a -5.0 headwind at Imus. Eloiza Luzon 2019 SEA Games gold medalist in the mixed 4×100 relays. This time benefited from a stronger tailwind to again notch another win over Katherine Khay Santos in 12.16. Hurdler Jelly Paragile was 3rd n 12.56.

Unofficial Result 1. Eloiza Luzon 12.16 (SB) 2. Katherine Khay Santos 12.50 (SB) 3. Jelly Paragile 12.56 (SB) 4. Ellah Sirilan 12.93 (SB) 5. Grace Ruto 14.49 (SB)

*No wind readings were reported but looking at the video probably over +2.0 m/s

Pinoy Athletics Track Talk Tuesdays with SEA Games Medalist Eloisa Luzon Time: Jun 2, 2020 02:00 PM Taipei

Eloiza Luzon
also known as ‘Buddy Buddy’

Eloiza Luzon
Eloiza Luzon


100m: 12.10

200m: 24.69 Malaysian Open 2017


Caps (5) ASEAN School Games 2014 ASEAN Uni Games 2014, Hong Kong Summer 2017, Malaysian Open 2017, SEA Games 2017


Career Highlights:

  • 2019 SEA Games Gold Medal 4×100 Mixed Relay
  • 2019 SEA Games Bronze Medal 4×400 Relay
  • 2017 National Open 100m & 400m Bronze Ilagan
  • 2017 Hong Kong Invite Silver 100m & Gold 200m
  • Malaysian Open Bronze 100m Kuala Lumpur
  • 2017 SEA Games Bronze & Philippine Record 4x100m Kuala Lumpur
  • 2014 ASEAN School Games Bronze 100m, Marikina
  • UAAP Champion 100m
  • National Junior Champion 100m Laguna


SEA Games 2017

From an early promising athlete and one of the youngest winners at the Palaro. Eloiza Luzon went onto UST. From there, she was stuck at 12.10 and 24.95 in 2014. However, under American Coach Rohsaan Griffin, she took her times down to 11.99 (wind-aided) and 24.69 within a few months.

Luzon is lined up in the 4x100m squad for the SEA Games, joining 3 Fil-Heritage athletes Kayla and Kyla Richardson, and Zion Corrales-Nelson. A relatively inexperienced athlete at the international competition who is building her confidence and fixing her form. She makes her debut at the 2017 SEA Games.

While not included in the individual events at SEA Games, Eloiza took a Bronze in her very first SEA Games and helped the 4x100m team to a new National Record of 44.81, erasing the 1991 record of 45.29, which included Lydia De Vega.


Eloiza Luzon battled it out for the Palaro 100m Title for four years. After being runner-up for years in a row. Finally, she claimed the prestigious title at Dumaguete in 2013, in her final year of high school.

Born February 3, 1996, from Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao. Luzon had claimed the Palaro Elementary title in the 100m and was runner-up in the 200m in 2009.

In her first year of High school, Luzon finished runner-up to Michelle Loterte 12.75 to 12.83 ht. With Jenny Rose Rosales of Laguna third in 12.87ht and Schrijvers dead last.

Luzon did, however, claim the 200m title beating Rosales 26.0 to 26.4. Unfortunately, it would take her another 3 years to regain this title.

In 2011, a leveled-up Rosales blew away the field to win the girl’s century dash in 12.4ht, beating Luzon 12.8ht  into Silver again. Luzon faded to fourth in the 200m, which Rosales won. Rosales won by more than a second from the silver medalist in a new Palaro Record of 25.4. However, she placed third in the 400m behind Rosales, who set a new Palaro record at 57.4, and 2010 Champion Nelma Insang, who equaled the old record at 58.1. Luzon timed 1.00.0.

In 2012 at Lingayen, Schrijvers, who had placed dead last in the previous two years, beat her daemons to win the Palaro title in her final year. Schrijvers had been running well the whole year, and the only real challenge would come from Eloiza Luzon, whose form was unknown heading into the championships. Luzon, for the third year in a row, finished with the silver medal from 12.5 to 12.6. Schrijvers went on to win the 200 in 25.6, with Luzon finishing third.

The pressure was now on for Luzon. Now in her final year she had been the bridesmaid three years in a row in the century dash. Would History repeat itself? or would it be worth the wait?

Palaro Champion

Heading into 2013, the favorite leading up to the finals was Mary Anthony Diesto, who had the fastest time in the WV Palaro, clocking 12.4, and had equaled that time on 2 other occasions. Luzon, in comparison, had only ever run that time once.

All fears were swept aside when Luzon ran 12.2 in the elimination rounds qualifying fastest into the final. But despite this, the pressure was still on as the conditions were not as good in the final. However, in the rain, Luzon emerged victorious in a slower 12.6, beating teammate Glaiza Salcedo.

The highly favored Diesto faded to sixth place, but like Jenny, Mau, and Luzon before her, she would eventually win the coveted 100m title in her fourth year in 2014.

UST Tigress

After finishing at the Palaro, Luzon, persuaded by her teammates, took up the offer to join the UST team. She finished second behind Rosales in the junior 100m. However, she would win the 100m Dash at the University Games later that year, with Jenny not tying her best time of 12.4 again.

At the UAAP, Luzon finished second to Rosales in 100 and 200 dashes, again tying at 12.4. However, she would anchor her UST Tiger Cub team to victory in the 4×100 relay against Rosales (University of the East).

2014 saw continued success for Luzon, who was having a tough time adjusting to the weight regimen at UST but was gradually making some technical improvements. However, at the National Open, she finished a disappointing fourth in the junior 100m losing to Leah Ann Creer and teammate Glaiza Salcedo who she had beaten at the Palaro 2013.

During the weekly relays, she tied her best time several times to 12.4 and improved her 200m PB to 25.4. Then, in the lead-up to the finals, she blasted out of the blocks to a surprise win over Rosales recording a new PB of 12.2 in the process.

In Weekly Relays’ finals, she won the Junior 100 with a new PB of 12.2, facing off against a lot of the 2013 Palaro field. During the 200, she was behind senior teammate Michelle Loterte and 15-year-old Karen Janario of Leyte. But claimed the gold as the fastest qualified junior in that event in 25.5, just outside her PB.

Luzon will debut for the Philippines in the 100m and 4x100m events at the ASEAN School Games. Although on paper is good for silver based on 2013 results. The start lists indicate a much higher level of competition this year.

Although very keen to join the national team one day, Luzon is being encouraged by her coaches to finish her studies first. For this purpose, the relay goals look more on the horizon for the 2017 SEA Games when she is ready to run against and with the older female sprinters.

At the Nationals in Ilagan, Luzon took Bronze behind a Korean runner and Zion Corrales-Nelson. She also beat veteran sprinter Princess Joy Griffey.


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