Consultancy Services

consultancy services

Over the past few months I have been getting requests mainly from people in the PSC regarding provision of Data. I have created this page/post to save myself time and productivity in repeating information given.


I already provide a lot of valuable information on this website free of charge. However any data not provided on this website which is being requested will incur a fee. I am not a charity, and preparing data can take a great deal of my time. My time is not free. 


This is my standard procedure i charge a consultancy fee of $25 Australian Dollars per hour (after tax) as I have clients from different countries whatever this converts into. I can be contacted by [email protected] I can do sports data and analysis for a variety of sports. Including graphs, trends, spread sheets, ranking lists, records, improvement trends and i have access to a large number of results.


  1. Basically you email me the outline of a project and elements to complete
  2. We can arrange a Skype or Video Call if need be.
  3. We both agree on the number of hours required for the project. Additional Skype/Video calls must be factored into time taken to complete project.
  4. I am paid in full for the project in advance into my pay pal account [email protected]
  5. If the project takes longer to complete than what is agreed on i will not charge extra fees. However if elements are added which are not in the original outline it will incur extra fees, unless i deem additional elements reasonable requests which will not take significant increases in time on the project.


I am a certified ATFS Statistician for 6 years. I worked for the PSC as a Research Assistant and Consultant for nearly 2 years. Dealing with team collections and analysis. I have done some projects for Ayala Corp accessing the Track and Field Program in the Philippines. And I have been the editor of since 2012. I also did quite a fair bit of grass root coaching in the Philippines.


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