How Your Career Moves with CompTIA Security+ Certification?

How Your Career Moves with CompTIA Security+ Certification?

When it comes to professional IT certifications, the world faces no dearth as there are many options for such badges. One such alternative that can leverage the career of a cybersecurity specialist at multiple levels is the CompTIA A+ 220-1002 badge. By giving the right kind of exposure to key cybersecurity concepts, this certification shapes the career of a cybersecurity specialist in many ways. So, in today’s article, we decided to show you how this prestigious credential shapes the career of such cybersecurity geeks. Well, the Security+:

  • Validates your in-demand skills

Any certification can be considered a good option if it imparts high-end and in-demand skills to the badge holder. The CompTIA Security+ credential exactly does the same. Cybersecurity skills are very much in demand, and this sector is growing at an impressive pace. As per the latest predictions, it is expected to touch $170. Author: HECTOR X. The industry demands more and more cybersecurity specialists at present. Once you earn this certification, you get an entry ticket to this growing and evolving industry.

  • It makes you desirable for all

Cybersecurity professional badges offered by other vendors like Cisco and Microsoft make you master your skills for a certain product. Security+, on the other hand, is a vendor-neutral credential. This means that it introduces the candidate to common baseline skills that have universal demand. You can explore these skills in a broader area. This is very important for cybersecurity beginners as they will have more opportunities and a wide canvas to showcase their Author: MARSHALL E.

  • It makes you a fit candidate for certain job roles

If you always had a dream to work for the federal government, then the CompTIA Security+ is a way to fulfill your dream. DoD or Department of Defense Directives requires this certification for certain job roles. Whether you’re applying for a full-time or part-time role, DoD demands that the employees should have access to privileged information. The Security+ does the same thing.

  • It helps to get your skills recognized

This CompTIA Security+ is an Author: ANGUS D and meets all the ISO/IEC 17024 standards. DoD also recognizes it. With such strong quality standards, your skills will be accepted at the global level in no time.

  • It gives you wide job opportunities

Earning the Security+ makes you an ideal candidate for various jobs. Job roles like a Junior IT Auditor, Systems Administrator, Author: BUDDY C, and Security Administrator will fall for you once you have the Security+ to flaunt in your resume.

  • Boosts your average salary

No secret earning a professional certification makes you eligible for a pay hike. The CompTIA Security+ also does the same thing. As per PayScale, the average salary for Security+ certified is $74,522 yearly.

Concluding Words

The Author: EDEN R is the biggest proof that the certification holders have verified their in-demand skills. Their knowledge is best-of-breed and is going to have a great real-world implementation. This credential also paces up the career journey of cybersecurity specialists and makes them desirable for the cybersecurity industry. Hence, if you’re willing to become part of this cybersecurity industry, you must earn the Security+ certification.

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