Cerah Moren 2019-2020

Cerah Moren 2019-2020

Cerah Moren 2013-2017 Junior Years

Cerah Ellen Moren Stats

100 Metres 13.67 -0.1 Stockholm (SWE) 02 AUG 2015 688
Discus Throw 37.45 Salinas, CA (USA) 28 MAY 2016 658
Javelin Throw 48.11 Tucson, AZ (USA) 27 APR 2019 858
Javelin Throw (500g) 46.15 Lisle, IL (USA) 01 JUL 2015 0

Outdoor Progression Javelin Throw

Performance Place Date
2019 48.11 Tucson, AZ (USA) 27 APR 2019
2017 45.74 San Mateo, CA (USA) 11 JUN 2017
2016 44.36 Turlock, CA (USA) 30 APR 2016
2015 39.16 Turlock, CA (USA) 28 FEB 2015
2014 42.34 Philadelphia, PA (USA) 24 APR 2014

Cerah Moren Interview

Cerah Moren – Aiming for  Geralyn Amandoran Senior Javelin Record


After her first taste of international competition at the World University Games last year in Formia, Italy.

Despite a disappointing performance and her first time representing the Philippines, Cerah Moren hasn’t been deterred Cerah Moren from chasing after the long-standing National Record of Geralyn Amandoron.

Amandoron, a silver medalist at SEA Games, has held the National Record of 53.75m since 2001. Cerah was 2 years old back then. Amandoron, now retired, is in the Philippine Army.

Phi Junior Record Holder (45.74m, 2017) Cerah Moren is getting ready for the US NCAA season’s Javelin. Moren represented the Philippines at the World University Games last year.

Now 20 years of age, She was ranked #2 in the Philippines last year behind Palabrica Evalyn with a throw of 48.11m.

However, she opted not to join the SEA Games, giving way to national high school champion Katherine Ann Quitoy.

As well as the National Junior Record. Moren holds the records for 10-15-year-olds and 18-year-olds in Javelin. 11-17-year-olds in Hammer. 10-11 and 14-15 in Discus.

Still at 20 years of age. Throwers do not usually peak until they reach their 30s. Moren represents Arizona State in the US NCAA Div 1 competition.

In conclusion, despite PATAFA officials claiming she didn’t have a Filipino passport, I had sent it on many occasions. Above all, this Asian Athletics has recognized Moren’s 45.74m National Junior Record and ‘NOT’ Ann Quitoy’s 44.81m as reported by the PATAFA Website.

Cerah Moren Hits SEA Games Bronze Mark in Javelin The Sky is the Limit

Cerah Moren

After returning from injury after nearly two years out of the sport, philippine Junior Record Holder Cerah Moren dished out a 46.11m PB at the Baldy Castillo on March 15 at Tempe, Arizona.

After yoyoing around with inconsistent performances, it was thought Cerah was slipping back into the injury that sidelined her from the sport two years ago.

But father Thad assured pinoyathletics.info this was because she was adjusting her throwing style. 

At the Desert Heat Classic in Tucson, Arizona, 20-year-old Moren added a further 2 meters onto her Personal Best with a new PB of 48.11m.

Dispelling all doubters that she wasn’t heading in the right direction toward SEA Games qualification. 

Moren placed 4th and, in a surprise twist beat her stronger-rated teammates from Central Arizona University.  The mark was the #4 best in her school’s history, which she has now done as a freshman.

Cerah’s performance sees her leapfrog past Maricris Gammag on the All-Time Filipino list from #6 to #5.

This puts her behind National Record Holder Geralyn Amandoran, Former SEA Games Champions Rosie Villartio, and Erlinda Lavandia. And 2017 SEA Games Bronze medalist Evalyn Palabrica has thrown 48.34m this year at the Singapore Open.

Cerah Moren Interview

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Javelin Throw
1 53.75m Geralyn Amandoran
2 52.34m Rosie Villarito
3 49.94m Erlinda Lavandia
4 48.34m Evalyn Palabrica
5 48.11m Cerah Moren
6 46.12m Maricris Gammage
7 45.72m Anne Katherine Quitoy
8 45.52m Narcisca Atienza
9 44.41m Daniela Daynaata
10 43.44m Efrelyn Democer











Consequently, Cerah now ranks 2nd Behind Palabrica in the Philippines for 2019.

She is ahead of Villarito, who took silver at nationals behind Palabrica. Villarito recently was removed from the national team (almost 40) and has thrown 45.92m so far this year but has other meets to bounce back this year, including the PATAFA performance trials.


SEA Games

Moren is ranked #5 in South East Asia for 2019. Natta Nachan, the SEA Games Champion, leads with 56.01m. She has already exceeded her gold medal mark of 55.04m in 2017.

Both Palabrica and Moren have met the qualifying of 47.21 Bronze (Palabrica of 2017), 48.34, and 48.11 leading candidates for the 2 spots. Evalyn and Cerah are the only two who have passed the PATAFA 5th place criteria of 46.13m.


Cerah has passed the qualifying mark of 48 meters. We would like to go to the World University Games in Napoli Italy even if we have to self fund. said Thad, Cerah’s Father.

Back on Track Moren, just 2cm off the SEA Games qualifier after 2 years of the sport

Philippine Junior Record Holder Cerah Moren set a new Personal Best. And came out only 2cm away from the 5th place (46.13m) set as the criteria by the Philippines Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) for the 2019 SEA Games.

Moren hurled the Javelin to 46.11m to take 2nd place behind schoolmate Jessica Barierra. Barierra set a new school record for Arizona State. The throw qualified Barierra and Moren for the Western NCAA USA Finals.

Meanwhile, Moren improved her PB of 45.74m set on June 11, 2017 (also the Philippine Junior Record). Moren threw 46.11m but is no longer a junior as she was born in 1999. Moren’s first throwback in the competition after tearing her shoulder nearly 2 years ago, when she was rumored to be throwing close to 50 meters in competition.

Moren’s height, build, throwing style, and gym strength is reminiscent of Geralyn Amandoran, who 18 years ago set the National Record at 53.75m.

Only Evalyn Palabrica, the SEA Games bronze medalist, has hit over the 46.13m qualifier.

Having won nationals in 47.82m.

Moren (46.11m) is 5 years younger than Evalyn, whereas former SEA Games Champion Rosie Villarito (45.92m) is also eyeing up the other 2 spots.

Moren acquired a Filipino Passport in 2013 and renewed it in 2018.


Philippines All-Time List for Javelin (600 Grams) Women’s

1 53.75m Gerlayn Amandoran
2 52.34m Rosie Villarito
3 49.94m Erlinda Lavandia
4 48.25m Evalyn Palabrica
5 46.12m Maricris Gammag
6 46.11m Cerah Moren
7 45.72m Anne Katherine Quitoy
8 45.52m Narcisca Atienza
9 44.41m Daniela Daynaata
10 43.44m Efrelyn Democer

*I do enjoy covering Womens Javelin as it’s an inspiring event with lots of young talents emerging with 7 of the top 10 all-time athletes still active.



Cerah Moren Make’s a Comeback to Competition

March 16, 2019

Above all, a torn shoulder prevented Fil-Heritage athlete Cerah Moren from improving our Philippine Junior Record (45.74m) 2 years ago.

Moren, at Arizona State, will compete in her first college competition at the Baldy Castillo in Tempe.  

However, this setback forced her out of the competition. Moren quickly setbacks to rehabbing herself and will make a comeback to the competition later today.

Moren was throwing 50m in training before her injury. 

Turning 20 soon, an upcoming young thrower held a Phi Passport since 2013 and just renewed it last year.

She is looking at getting one of the three qualifying spots for the 2019 SEA Games Javelin

Correction to National Junior Women’s Record in Javelin

March 8, 2019


As per listings, PATAFA decreed the 44.71m of Ann Katherine Quitoy set on 7 March 2019 at the National Open was a new National Junior record surpassing the 44.54m mark of Rosie Villartio Arr de Thrower.

List of National Records

My Article requesting PATAFA President for Unified Record system  (scroll down)



Noted that the national record of 44.54 set in 1998 has already been surpassed twice, first by Palabrica Evalyn in 2012 at the ASEAN University Games, which is an open age meet where they would use 600 grams with a throw of 45.43m and then by Cerah Moren who threw 45.74m at a USTF permit meet in 2017. Moren has already submitted her Phi Passport to PATAFA on a few occasions.

Cerah Moren sets a New Philippine Junior National Record in the Javelin.


But in saying that nothing against Quitoy, she has shown she can break 45.74 in the past.

While Heck 44.81m is not even Quitoy PB. But at the same time, we should not take away and disregard the hard work of the previous record holder and current record holder. 

Hopefully, PATAFA will give Quitoy some meets overseas to help her reach over 45.74.

Rosie Villarito


Javelin All-Time Junior List

600 grams 
1 45.74m Cerah Moren 22-Jul-99 2 USTF Meet San Mateo 11-Jun-17 Dual Citizen/US 600 grams
2 45.72m Anne Katherine Quitoy 2001 1 Palaro Vigan 16-Apr-18 
3 45.43m Evalyn Palabrica 22.07.94 1f ASEAN University Vientiane, Laos 15-Dec-12 
4 44.54m Rosie Villarito 8-Oct-79 Manila 8-Jun-98 
5 44.41m Daniela Daynaata 1999 National Open Ilagan 4-Jun-18

Cerah Moren closes in on 50 Meter Mark

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