2014-2020 Cebu City Exclusive Marathon Results

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Cebu City

Cebu Marathon 2020

Cebu City Marathon 2020 (Jan 12)

A COUPLE of GOALS. Elite runners Ruffa Sorongon and Azlan Pagay, who have been in a relationship for six years, topped the men’s and women’s division of the Cebu City Marathon.

It was the fourth time the two swept the men’s and women’s divisions in a race. (Sunstar Photo / Amper Campaña)

In Cebu City, domestic partners Azlan Pagay and Ruffa Sorongon, a power duo in the running community, did this rare feat as they bagged the men’s and women’s titles in the 42-kilometer category of the 2020 Cebu City Marathon on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020, at the Cebu Business Park.

Cebu Marathon 2020
Azlan Pagay and his long-time girlfriend Ruffa Sorongon will join over 6 000 runners in the SM2SM Run 10 held on Sunday, February 16, 2020. | CDND File Photo


“It’s a blessing from God that he gave us this talent. Another blessing was this championship for both of us,” Pagay told SunStar  in Cebuano after the race.

“Our relationship started because our runner friends teased us,” Pagay said in jest.

“We’ve been in the relationship for seven years now and to have the same sport and interest has helped us to really understand each other,” said Sorongon.


The next stop for the two athletes is the Milo Marathon National Finals on Jan. 19 in Tarlac City.

Sorongon aims to improve her fourth-place finish, while Pagay looks to get a good time on his first national finals in three years.

NB. 2017 SEA Games Champion Mary Joy Tabal did not join the Marathon as she is resting for the Milo Marathon in Tarlac on January 19.


Cebu City Marathon 2020 RESULTS

  • Denotes Performance is strong enough for National Ranking List of 2020


Cebu City Women’s 5K

Cebu Marathon 2020

  1. Marielle Estreba 19:50*
  2. Asia Paraase 20:35*
  3. Moira Frances Erediano 20:56*
  4. Abigail Odelmo 21:02
  5. Artjoy Torregosa 21:26


Cebu City Men’s 5K

  1. Alfrence Braza (Iloilo) 16:36
  2. Florencio Lapiz 16:49
  3. Jaymar Magdaleno 17:07
  4. Rin March Gonzaga 17:13
  5. Hanny Tigaw 17:18

NB. Braza Palaro 1500m Champion


Cebu City Women’s 21K

  1. Cherry Andrin (Lapu-Lapu) 1h40.21*
  2. Engiel Estillore (Lapu-Lapu) 1h50.24
  3. Jenefer Paloma 1h56.15
  4. Lucita Fernandez  1h56.22
  5. Danielle Anderson 1h58.09


Cebu City Men’s 21K

Cebu Marathon 2020

  1. Eric Chepsiror (Kenya) 1h15.42
  2. Prince Joey Lee (Cebu) 1h18.02
  3. Downs Fabian 1h20.01
  4. Romulo Balinas Jr. 1h22.13
  5. Ruel Algufera 1h25.28


NB. None of the local performances make the 1h17 required for National Ranking Lists for 2020


Cebu City Women’s Marathon

  1. Ruffa Sorongon (Sultan Kudurat) 3h25.34*
  2. Evamie Villarin 3h34.00*
  3. Lizanne Abela 3h41.42* (newspaper reported 3rd as 3h31.42, which is faster than the #2 typo)
  4. Kaye Razel Cundangan 3h49.51*
  5. Sandra Soliano 3h56.29*


Cebu City Men’s Marathon

Men’s 42k Winners1st: #795 Azlan Pagay (Davao City) 2h53.45 *
2nd: #392 Joseph Arnel 2h54.54 *
3rd: #235 Michel Largo 3h05.57
4th: #1245 Paul Zafico 3h07.02
5th: # 397 Engbino Desederio 3h10.38


Paul Jumamil also proposed to his girlfriend and fellow triathlete En Torres at the Cebu City Business Park

Cebu Marathon 2020



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Cebu City Marathon 2019 Results

Results: Cebu City Men’s Marathon

  1. Joseph Moruri -2:39:44 (Kenya)
  2. Bryan Quimco – 2:40:06 
  3. Noel Tillor – 2:40:07 
  4. Azlan Pagay – 2:44:45 
  5. Takumi Tamura – 2:48:16 (Japan)

Women’s Marathon

  1. Ruffa Sorongon 3:29.30
  2. Sandra Soliano – 3:52:25
  3. Kay Cundangan – 3:58:24
  4. Rona Lacanlale – 4:01:00.

Mens 21K

  1. Joseph Emia – 1:14.51 (Kenya)
  2. Agustin Ychon – 1:18.09
  3.  Keenan James Lou Caburnay (1:18:18)
  4.  Florendo Lapiz (1:19:39)
  5.  Soeren Palshoej (1:20:13)

Women’s 21K

  1. Melody Perez –  1:35:36 
  2. Marie Stephan Jayson (1:40:51)
  3. Cherry Andrin (1:43:20)
  4.  Jelma Monsanto (1:43:43)
  5. Jona dela Torre – (1:52:41) 

Mens 5K

  1. lfrinz Braza
  2.  Earl Pionela
  3. Ren del Corro
  4. Ruel Algofera
  5. Jovan Bensig

Women’s 5K

  1. Karen Manayon
  2. Moira Erediano
  3. Joan Alisunod
  4. Princess Borneo
  5. Abigail Delmo

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2018 Cebu City Marathon Results

The 2018 Cebu Philippines Marathon was held this morning on January 14, 2018. Below Are

partial results. We will post Full Results when they become available.

Cebu Philippines
Tabby makes a new friend at the Cebu Marathon.


From CebuMarathon.ph

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Cebu Marathon 2018 official results

42k men’s open
1. Eric Chipsiror 2:28.50
2. Kojo Shinizawa 2:37.56
3. Rafael Pescos 2:42.54


5k female 
1. Mary joy loberanis
2. Karen Manayon
3. Moira Erediano


2014 Cebu City Half Marathon – Delos Santos and Tabal begin 2013 with PB over Half Marathon

(Jan 18) Mary Grace Delos Santos continued her superb seasonal form at the Cebu Marathon with a second-place to Kenyan Jackeline Nziza, who won in a time of 1:18.28 over 21 km.

Delos Santos, the Milo Marathon champion, clocked a personal best of 1:20.28.

Improving on the season lead, she established last year in the Half Marathon timing 1:24.14.

On the move was Cebu local Mary Joy Tabal, the fourth-place finisher at the Milo Marathon, who improved her personal best from 1:25.29 to 1:21.44 to secure third place.

As expected, the top five to six places in the Men’s were dominated by Kenyan athletes in both the 21k and marathon, as were the top three places in the Women’s Marathon.

Full Results are available here





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