‘Spanish’ Fly John Cabang lowers own Philippine 110 Hurdle Record


‘Spanish’ Fly John Cabang lowers own Philippine 110 Hurdle Record John Cabang continued to lower his Philippine Record clocking 13.53 +0.4 at the Spanish Championships in Torrent. Cabang running for Real Sociedad took the silver medal behind Enrique Llopis of Playas De Castellon who timed 13.40. The mark erased his 13.56. Which saw him in … Read more

2023 World University Games Athletics

2023 World University Games Standards

2023 World University Games Athletics  Standards (July 28-Aug 8) Chengdu China       List of Athletes that have made the Qualifying Standards for the World University Games Please note as well as this list there is a B-List of Non-Qualifiers. Rule is a Maximum of 2 athletes in each event, or 1 unqualified athlete … Read more

Brandon Martinez lowers Philippine 100m Junior Record twice in one meet

Brandon Boyd Martinez

Martinez lowers Philippine 100m Junior Record twice in one meet 16th July, Kagawa Japan Brandon Boyd Martinez continued to lower the Philippine Junior Record he set on May 3 at 10.59. The 17-year-old clocked 10.57 +1.7 to win heat 3 at the 2023 Kagawa Rikukai Record Meeting and 77th National Sports Festival. In the final … Read more

Looking Ahead: The Future of Hip Thrust for Sprinters in 2024

Hip Thrust for sprinters

Hip thrust exercises have become increasingly popular among sprinters as a means to unlock explosive power and maximize their performance on the track. By targeting the gluteal muscles and hip extensors, these exercises improve hip strength, stride length, and acceleration. Strong hip muscles contribute to greater power output, enhanced stability, and reduced risk of common sprinting injuries. Incorporating hip thrusts into a comprehensive training program can help sprinters achieve their full potential, unleash their speed, and propel themselves to new heights. Whether you’re a professional sprinter or simply aiming to improve your sprinting abilities, mastering the proper technique and incorporating hip thrust exercises into your routine can make a significant difference in your sprinting performance.

Diet for sprinters

diet for sprinters

A sprinter’s diet is designed to provide the necessary fuel for intense workouts, optimal performance, and efficient recovery. It typically consists of nutrient-dense foods rich in carbohydrates for energy, lean proteins for muscle repair and growth, and healthy fats for overall health. Emphasizing whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources is essential for meeting nutritional needs. Hydration plays a crucial role in a sprinter’s diet to maintain proper fluid balance and support optimal performance. Pre- and post-workout nutrition, timing of meals, and appropriate portion sizes are also crucial aspects to consider. A well-designed sprinter’s diet ensures that athletes have the energy and nutrients needed to excel on the track and reach their full potential.

2023 PATAFA Performance Trials Results

Philippine Athletics Performance 2023

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