Periodization in training for Better Athletic Results [Updated 2022]

periodization in training

  Periodization in training Periodization in training Athlete Development for Athletics PowerPoint Presentations Originally Published 25 October 2016. 1. Summary Presentation on Athlete Development for Athletes Dinas Zamboanga Del Sur  from 2. Training by Age 3. Sprints Phases 4. Teaching Drills 2.   is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.  The aim is to … Read more

A Deeper Dive into the Nike Vaporfly Ban Controversy

Nike Vaporfly Ban

Nike Vaporfly Ban Reason for the Ban: The Nike Vaporfly Next shoe is said to give wearers an unfair advantage due to its technology. There have been varied opinions on this matter.   Alternative to Shoes: The author suggests that controversies like these wouldn’t arise if top athletes returned to running barefoot, which was a … Read more

2022 Palarong Pambansa Qualifying Standards in Athletics

2022 Palarong Pambansa

2022 Palarong Pambansa Palarong Pambansa 2019 – Athletics Results and Truthful Reports May 29, Iloilo City Qualifying standards required to join the event PinoyAthletics will not condone any poaching from the National Academy of Sports or other parties. Recruiters should be asking the athlete who is currently coaching them. And then talking to not just … Read more

PinoyAthletics Invitational and Palaro Final Qualifier at Pangasinan & Butuan (May 7)

PinoyAthletics Invitational

PinoyAthletics Invitational  Pangasinan – The Millionaire dqed in epic 200m. It was an epic men’s 200m with ‘The Millionaire’ Jaymark Estrada (Dagupan) after having been crowned double 100-200 champion of the 1st Elyu Championships at La Union disqualified after. With the race not being recalled. With the Top 2 VMUF/PinoyAthletics Elite sprinters having a rest … Read more

The ‘Crispy Man’ Nolan Crespo 10.47

Nolan Crespo

Filipino sprinter Nolan Crespo clocks a new PB of 21.41 (+0.0) improving on his PB of 21.42 (+1.8). He took first place in Heat 3 at the Titan Tune-up at Fullerton. Crespo started off with a 21.88 PB in 2019 as an 18-year-old high schooler and has run twice both times it’s been a PB … Read more

Kyla Richardson

Kyla Richardson

Don’t “Rule out” Kyla Richardson after Top 2 out of SEA Games Kyla Richardson 11.31 (+2.3) and 23.12 (+2.5) last weekend.Times that saw her to a victorious double at the 2022 Pac West Championships in San Diego on April 28-29. As well as this Kyla ran 11.52 (+1.9) and 23.50 (+1.6). While wind-aided times these … Read more

2022 Calabarzon Regional Meet Athletics Results

National School Trials Athletics Iloilo

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PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Invitational and Special Qualifying for Palaro – First time 100m ran in reverse

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Invitational

PinoyAthletics Pangasinan Invitational and Special Qualifying for Palaro The first time it’s ever been done in Philippine Athletics events. Due to a massive headwind blowing down the 100m. We opted to turn the track around and start at the Finish line of 100 and finish at the start line. Thus getting a 3.0 to the … Read more