Athlete Poaching: Philippines’ Development Challenge

Athlete Poaching

In the world of athletics, talent is a prized commodity. Countries, institutions, and organizations constantly search for the next big star who can bring them glory on the international stage. The Philippines, with its rich tapestry of diverse talent, has been a nurturing ground for many such prodigious athletes. However, a phenomenon that has been … Read more

Jonelle Halog is strong at 28!

Halog clocks 10.67 Davao Born Jonelle Halog has improved his Personal best from 10.72 to 10.67 (+0.8).  Placing third at a meet in Ottawa. The 28-year-old is now ranked 3rd in the Philippine Rankings behind 16-year-old Brandon Martinez (10.53) and Anfernee Lopena (10.55).   Halog is strong at 28! Davao Born sprinter Jonelle Halog clocked … Read more

2023 PRISAA Records and Schedule in Athletics


Welcome to PRISAA, the premier organization dedicated to promoting collegiate sports excellence. We are passionate about providing a platform for student athletes to showcase their talents, inspiring camaraderie, and fostering sportsmanship. With our diverse range of sporting events and unwavering commitment to fair play, PRISAA offers unforgettable experiences and a vibrant community for athletes to thrive. Join us on this thrilling journey as we raise the bar in collegiate sports and create memories that will last a lifetime.

‘Spanish’ Fly John Cabang lowers own Philippine 110 Hurdle Record


‘Spanish’ Fly John Cabang lowers own Philippine 110 Hurdle Record John Cabang continued to lower his Philippine Record clocking 13.53 +0.4 at the Spanish Championships in Torrent. Cabang running for Real Sociedad took the silver medal behind Enrique Llopis of Playas De Castellon who timed 13.40. The mark erased his 13.56. Which saw him in … Read more

Eric Cray – World Champs is within range for Bearded Master

Eric Cray

Eric Cray – World Champs is within range for Bearded Master Let’s not forget the Bearded Master Eric Cray. Is only 12 pts away from getting enough points to qualify for World Championships in 400 Hurdles. He is ranked 43rd in the World Rankings. The 6x SEA Games Champion and 2017 Asian Champion. Finished 6th … Read more

Brandon Martinez lowers Philippine 100m Junior Record twice in one meet

Brandon Boyd Martinez

Martinez lowers Philippine 100m Junior Record twice in one meet 16th July, Kagawa Japan Brandon Boyd Martinez continued to lower the Philippine Junior Record he set on May 3 at 10.59. The 17-year-old clocked 10.57 +1.7 to win heat 3 at the 2023 Kagawa Rikukai Record Meeting and 77th National Sports Festival. In the final … Read more

2023 EVRAA Athletics Results Partial

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