Rizal Memorial Stadium

Rizal Memorial Sports Complex Declared a Historical Treasure The City of Manila will not be selling the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. Under the administration of Mayor Isko Moreno. The city’s Public Information Office posted on its social media account. The agreement between Manila and the Philippine Sports Commission followed a meeting at the city hall. … Read more

Rotator Cuff Injury overcoming pain

Overcoming the Pain of Rotator Cuff Injury Article by Jane Sandwood Rotator cuff injuries are among the most common causes of shoulder pain in people of all age groups. And they cause a dull ache in the shoulder that often worsens when weight is placed upon it. To counter the pain, some avail products from … Read more

Managing Arthritis Athletes What to do?

arthritis athlete

A former athlete’s body has been trained to function at a higher level. And because of these demands, it may be even more difficult to stay fit as a retiree because of issues like arthritis, muscle fatigue, and injury. Motivation can be difficult to maintain as you age, and prioritizing exercise daily. It is a vital key to staying fit as a retired athlete.

For Sprinters what are some good Hip Flexors Exercises?

hip flexors exercises

How do develop Hip Flexors exercises for Sprints? Your hip flexors consist of your iliacus and psoas major muscles.  This muscle group is often referred to as the iliopsoas, and its main function is to flex your hip. You perform this motion when you move your thigh toward your stomach. Strengthening these muscles helps improve your sprinting power … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To 14 Great Running Movies

Great Running Movies 14 Great Running Movies l Great Running Movies: Starting Line (Tagalog) ; This movie looks very similar to Thelma (starring Elma Muros and Maja Salvador). It introduces Cebu athlete ‘Pearl’ Angeline Abellar in her first acting role. However, Information on this movie is very limited. However I found this on IMDB In … Read more

5 Great Sports Management and Analysis Books

Sports Management   1. Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta  2. MATHLETICS 3. Adidas History Pitch Invasion: Adidas Puma and the Making of Modern Sport 4. The Lords of the Rings Power, Money, and Drugs in the Modern Olympics This book was referred to me by international volleyball coach Raphael Lloren. The world of modern … Read more

Athletics Grassroots Program in the Philippines

Genuine Grassroots Program vs. Poaching Decentralization of Developmental Athletics in the Philippines Originally from 2016 In the column of Mr Joaquin “Qunito” Henson at the Philippine Star on 21 February 2016, he had the opportunity to interview Mr Michael Keon, the head of Project Gintong Alay, during the administration of Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos. (See: … Read more

Stretching Warm-up : Alin ang tama? 1

Flexibility Exercises

stretching Warm-up at Stretching: Alin ang Tama? Isang review article Airnel T. Abarra MS Human Movement Science (Candidate) University of the Philippines Diliman [email protected] First Published Oct 13, 2017, or before Kung tatanungin ang isang ordinaryong atleta o recreational runner na wala masyadong background sa Sports Science, sasabihin nila na ang warm-up ay ang pag-stretching … Read more

Race Walking Coaching Books x 3 Reviews

Excellence in Training: A Race Walking Specific Training Log ; We all know we should keep a training log. Some of us do, and others don’t get beyond the new season’s resolution to keep better track of our workouts. Those that do keep track often do so inconsistently. Now let America’s premier team of clinicians … Read more

Unique Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape is a flexible and adhesive tape that has gained popularity among athletes and individuals seeking pain relief and support during physical activities. It is designed to mimic the elasticity of human skin and works by lifting the skin to create space for improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and provide stability to muscles and joints. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking to enhance your athletic performance, Kinesiology Tape can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. Its breathable and waterproof nature allows for comfortable and long-lasting wear, making it a trusted choice for many athletes and active individuals.

Hamstring Injuries Comprehensive #1 Guide

Hamstring Problems and Injuries Part of being an athlete? Prologue by a Friend of Pinoyathletics Regarding a coach stating that Injuries are part of being an athlete. And should training for the athlete to adapt to the load then should be adequately progressed to achieve overload. The objective of the training is to improve the … Read more

Coach Philippines Website Directory 1


Coach Philippines Website Pinoyathletics Coach Philippines Website Directory of Coaches Airnel Abarra (Sprints) (Head Coach of Ateneo De Davao) Currently doing Ph.D. in Hungary Andrew Pirie (Sprints) Level 2 Athletics Australia (Sydney) (Former coach of Zamboanga Del Sur Sports Academy has also had good results in Middle Distance. Beney Andresio (Sprints) (Coach of Miriam College) … Read more