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Baseball Training

IBaseball Training: Complete Conditioning for Baseball – Ultimate Baseball Training Today’s players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. So a focused baseball training conditioning program has become essential to on-the-field success. Therefore Complete Conditioning for Baseball Coaching features a comprehensive training approach that builds players’. Physical abilities and the baseball-specific skills their positions require. … Read more

The Sports Gene : David Epstein Comprehensive #1 Book

The Sports Gene

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extra-Ordinary Athletic Performance David Epstein’s “The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance” is a fascinating book that discusses the most recent genetic findings as they apply to peak athletics. David Epstein takes the readers on a tour of sports and tries to determine how much … Read more

Youth Development for Athletes

youth development

Youth development working with young athletes  This collection of posts is a continuation of our previous collection of posts on Talent Identification, a nearly 5000-word long post; please check it out. For coaching inquiries, please email [email protected]. Words of Advice to young athletes Words of Advice to young athletes A friend of mine published this … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To 14 Great Running Movies

Great Running Movies 14 Great Running Movies l Great Running Movies: Starting Line (Tagalog) ; This movie looks very similar to Thelma (starring Elma Muros and Maja Salvador). It introduces Cebu athlete ‘Pearl’ Angeline Abellar in her first acting role. However, Information on this movie is very limited. However I found this on IMDB In … Read more

5 Great Sports Management and Analysis Books

Sports Management   1. Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta  2. MATHLETICS 3. Adidas History Pitch Invasion: Adidas Puma and the Making of Modern Sport 4. The Lords of the Rings Power, Money, and Drugs in the Modern Olympics This book was referred to me by international volleyball coach Raphael Lloren. The world of modern … Read more

Race Walking Coaching Books x 3 Reviews

Excellence in Training: A Race Walking Specific Training Log ; We all know we should keep a training log. Some of us do, and others don’t get beyond the new season’s resolution to keep better track of our workouts. Those that do keep track often do so inconsistently. Now let America’s premier team of clinicians … Read more

New Zealand Athletes of the Century – awesome stats book

The book is by the late athletics statistician Peter Heindenstrom. New Zealand Athletes of the Century Peter Heidenstrom, who died in 2007, aged 77. He was New Zealand’s most perceptive and widely published writer on athletics. And he put his extensive records and encyclopedic knowledge into the most comprehensive book on 100 years of New … Read more